By Professor Sadeq Ziba Kalam

TEHRAN 3RD Apr. (IPS) "The roots of the (failed) assassination of Mr. Sa'id Hajjarian are not in America or Israel. Nor are the Monarchists or the Mujahedeen Khalq behind it. One has to look for them here in our society and in the discourse that encourages violence and proposes it as a sacred religious duty", says Dr. Sadeq Ziba Kalam, a prominent and outspoken political analyst and Professor of Political Sciences at Tehran University.

In an article published Monday in the reformist daily "Asre Azadegan" in connection with the attempted murder of Mr. Sa'id Hajjarian, the Publisher of "Sobe Emrouz" (This Morning), Mr Ziba Kalam blame the shooting on the present climate of violence fanned by hard line clerics and conservatives who considers and presents reforms as being contrary to Islam.

A close friend and adviser to President Hojatoleslam Mohammad Khatami, Mr. Hajjarian was shot on 12th March by a gunman whom the conservatives says he acted on his own but the reformist press charges that he and his 4 accomplices belongs to the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence organisation.

"In the past two decades, and for the sake of our own peace of mind, we are used to blame imaginary foreign enemies for all our difficulties instead of searching for the real roots. We have created an America and an Estekbar (imperialism) to impute on them any event that happens here", Mr. Ziba Kalam points out in his article entitled "America, Violence and the terror of Hajjarian".

"We denounced the provisory Government (of Mr. Mehdi Bazargan, the first post revolutionary cabinet) as an American project. We presented (the first elected President Abolhasan) Banisadr as a CIA product. Rejecting the advise of all foreign nations, foes or friends, to accept the cease-fire with Iraq, we continued the conflict until we reached the end of the line, forgetting the fact that after the liberation of Khorramshahr, we would readily accuse of treason and collaboration with the US any voice that would call for ending the war.

"When we sell oil at between 20 to 30 dollars, we keep silence but as soon the prices goes down, we quickly denounce world imperialism plots against the Islamic revolution. Twenty years of (political) investment and billions of Toumans were wasted in Afghanistan because of our foreign diplomacy without ever asking ourselves what role we played in this debacle, incriminating instead America and other foreign enemies.

"Seventy, eighty of our best writers, journalists, intellectuals and political dissidents were assassinated in the most savage and inhuman way and again, we put it to the account of foreign enemies even as explained by (hard line Hojatoleslam Ruhollah) Hosseinian, considering themselves as true servants of Islam, the killers believed every murder they commit is a service rendered to Islam while in fact, the responsibility lies with those who had placed such fanatics and dogmatic men with unlimited power in such a sensitive position without the slightest control.

"The responsibility is with those who created such an atmosphere where nationalists like Dariush Foruhar (the leader of the Iranian People's Party murdered in November 1998 alongside his wife Parvaneh Eskandari and three other intellectuals by senior agents of the Intelligence Ministry) who all his life fought for freedom and democracy were tagged as apostates and heretics who must be eradicated from the earth.

"In the tragedy of students dormitories, we showed exactly the same reaction by incriminating foreign enemies plots for the savage attack on the students by uniformed and plain clothes personnel of the Law Enforcement Forces and other pressure groups without ever asking ourselves who are those who have educated and formed those who perpetrate such an inexcusable and unimaginable crimes unseen even under the rule of the Shah against the students?

"Same sad story was repeated in the case of Mr. Hajjarian although he was shot while some people would openly and in broad daylight encourage violence, considering it a necessity for the preservation of the religion.

"For months, we are witnessing that some people expresses concern about Islam, accuses the second Khordadi (reformists) press of ruining religion, believes and sacred principles. For months, political reforms are pronounced as anti-revolution and anti-religious. There are months that second Khordad is presented as opposed to the faith, weakening people's religious believes. There are months that some say relentlessly "we shall not allow", "we would not tolerate", "we would not authorise".

"Is it therefore not natural that in such a climate, some reaches the conclusion that they are duty-bound in eliminating whoever they think is insulting the Faith's sacred fundaments?

"Why then look for plots hatched by world imperialism?

"In an atmosphere where fanatism is propagated and encouraged as religious honor, indulgence as atheism, respect of others opinions as heresy, tolerance as insult to religion and violence and blood shedding as a religious duty, in an atmosphere where one rules out that those who questions religion's canons could be killed without any court's judgement, it is not strange to see some people aiming at Sa'id Hajjarian, the very symbol of reform and tolerance.

"Have we forgot that high ranking officer who wowed to apply personally the law of God on the students responsible for the play in Mowj whenever the come out of jail even if it takes 20 years? (a reference to Revolutionary Guards General Mohammad Reza Naqdi speaking about 3 young students who wrote and published a controversial short play named "Resurrection in Time of Examination" in a students bulletin named Mowj

"The roots of Hajjarian's assassination are not in America or in Israel. Nor Monarchists or Mujahedeen Khalq are behind it. One has to find them out in the discourse of violence, in it's dissemination and in it's description as a religious duty in our own society", Mr. Ziba Kalam concluded. ENDS HAJJARIAN ZIBA KALAM 3400