Mr. Manouchehr Mohammad
Manouchehr MohammadiThe Islamic authorities of Iran disclosed Sunday that they had arrested Mr. Manouchehr Mohammadi, the secretary general of the National Association of Iranian Students and his deputy, Mr. Qolamreza Mohajeri-Nezhad

In a third communiqué issued during the day, the Information (Intelligence) Ministry said "one of the arrested persons was a Manouchehr Mohammadi who in the past few years had organised unlawful groups such as the Organisation of Iranian Intellectual Students, Students Defence Committee For Political Prisoners, and National Union of Students and College Graduates".

In a call to Iran Press Service late Sunday night, Mr. Mohammadi's brother said that his life was in danger and considering the charges the authorities have brought against him, he could be executed without appeal.

According to the Intelligence Ministry, Mr. Mohammad and Mr. Mohajeri Nezhad had travelled toTurkey, and to the United States in the autumn and winter of 1998, "with the help of the counter-revolution and of the so-called human rights circles".

Mr. Mohammad Mohazeri NejadMohammad Mohazeri Nejad

"The two persons stayed abroad for four months during which they had frequent meetings with the counter-revolution in those countries, and were offered new directives as to how they should proceed with their activities in Iran.

The Ministry said the " counter-revolution had "ordered" them to engage in a series of operations that includes organising a National Students Union with the idea of leading student sentiments towards certain goals and exploiting the situation, to provoke the young generation towards a reconciliation with pro-monarchy feelings, to legitimise violence and violent encounters with the idea of creating a political and social crisis in Iran. their roles in the encounters in Ahmad-Abad and also in Laleh Park of Tehran was ascertained beyond doubt, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Mr. Majid Roshan Zadeh of the Berlin "Frei Universitaat" told IPS that according the information they have received, Mr. Seyyed Javad Emami and Mr. Hsan Zare'zadeh Ardeshir, of the Central Committee of the Student's Islamic Association and Mr. Mohammad Salamati, the secretary of the Student's United Front have also be detained by security forces.

In an earlier statement, the Intelligence Ministry had informed that several people it described as "saboteurs and trouble-makers, agents paid by foreigners to set fire and cause destruction were also arrested.

However, the authorities did not identify any of the arrested people except for Mr. Mohammadi and Mr. Mohajeri-Nezhad, nor did they say how many people had been detained.

Commenting the latest official communiqués, Mr. Sadeq Saba, the senior BBC commentator of Iranian Affairs noted that the policy of rejecting on others all the problems the officials face in Iran has been experienced several times in the past without ever producing any useful result.

The clampdown on students protest movement started last Wednesday after both the leader and the president of the Islamic Republic ordered security forces to stop all demonstrations and arrest protesters. ENDS STUDENTS KILLED 18799

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