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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at


Published Friday, October 21, 2005

PARIS, 21 Oct. (IPS) “You don’t understand. These non turbaned men like the Iranian President Mahmmoud) Ahmadi Nezhad and others like him are the real believer in Shi’a scripts, not most of the akhound, who are aware of the theatre their ancestors have written and they continue to play. Have you ever heard of an akhound going to war or commits suicide except some crazy like Moqtada (al Sadr, the Iraqi rebel cleric manipulated by the Iranians)?” my friend, probably one of best Iranian connoisseurs of the mollah’s mind system told me.

We were talking about this unbelievable news that the ministers, at a recent meeting, on suggestion from the first Vice President, had written a “misaq”, or Promise or Pact” with the hidden imam Mehdi, (the Shi’a’s twelfth imam who went into hiding at the age of eight centuries ago) and thrown it into the Jamkaran well, near the city of Qom, by the Islamic Culture and Guidance Minister.

First Vice President proposed that a misaq, or Pact must be passed with Mehdi, the Imam of All Times.

According to some Shi’a superstitions, Mehdi is supposed to come out from that well and anyone with any wish can help advancing the time of his apparition by writing to him and recite one thousand times “Mohammad is the Prophet of God and Ali is His Representative”.

The well has now a big hotel and other modern amenities to receive thousands of pilgrims who flock there, mostly by tours that brings them to the place usually on Wednesdays for a 24 hours “wish filling” holiday that included also a visit to Qom (the cradle of the militant Shi’ism), where is buried Ma’soumeh, the sister of Reza, the eighth imam of the Shi’ites, who has his shrine in Mash-had, the Capital city of the north eastern Khorasan Province.

Entekhab (Choice), an internet news site that first reported the incredible event, said the misaq, with the “Imam of All Times”, that is the hidden imam Mehdi was drafted and signed by all the ministers.

“At the start of the meeting”, Entekhab reported, “First Vice President (Parviz Davoudi) proposed that the same as a misaq had been signed between the ministers and the President, one such promise letter must also be passed with the Imam of All Times. The proposal was greeted by all the members of the cabinet who, after discussing the terms of the Pact, they signed it.

“However, the report continue, ”as any pact has two sides, therefore the question aroused of what will happen to the Imam’s signature?”

“The members then devised an arrangement and Mr. Saffar Harrandi, the Islamic Culture and Guidance Minister was entrusting to take the Letter to His Eminency the Imam of All Times. On the next Friday night, he took the Letter of the Cabinet members to Jamkaran and threw it into a well in which worshippers and pilgrims put their demands”.


It was after this report that Mr. Ali Zadsar Jirofti, a conservative deputy from Jiroft and Anbarabad wrote a letter to the President, asking him to spell out “clearly” his and his government positions to questions raised recently in the press, like:

A) Ahmadi Nezhad considers himself as chosen by the Imam of All Times

B) Ahmadi Nezhad take order from Mesbah Yazdi

C) Ahmadi Nezhad favours the fossilized (dogmatists)

D) Ahmadi Nezhad helps and encourages panegyrists and eulogists etc.. questions that are aimed at indulging the people to believe that their hope in the President is the best, since linked to the highest Authority.

Iranian observers says that since the arrival to power of Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad, there an “escalation” on religious superstitions and adds that “extremist personalities” around the President are “unabatedly” tell him about the signs pointing to the resurrection of the Mehdi, going as far as “convincing” him that the controversial issue of Iranian nuclear activities is “in direct relation” with the appearance of the Imam of All Times.

Some influential hard line clerics had ruled that Ahmadi Nezhad is the “chosen” of Imam Mehdi and therefore it is a religious duty to vote for him.

“In private and public meetings, these figures insists that the Government must stand firm to international pressures over the legitimate and natural right of Iran to have nuclear technology for the question is one of the ways to prepare the re apparition of Mehdi”, one source close to the President told Iran Press Service on condition of not being named.

Before his surprise election, some influential hard line, orthodox clerics like Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi used to propagate that Ahmadi Nezhad is the “chosen” of Imam Mehdi and therefore it is a religious duty for the faithful to vote for him.

It was no surprise to see the new President devoting half of his precious speech time at the last General Assembly of the United Nations in New York to explain the so-called “doctrine of Mehdi”, or the principle of Waiting, telling the leaders of the world that they should first learn and then do “their best” to help paving the path for the coming of Mehdi in order to establish peace and justice on earth.

Going back to the beginning of this story, I was telling my friend about my astonishment to understand how is it possible for a Government that has plenty of urgent difficulties both at home and abroad spending its time to draft a pact with some one, in this case an eight years old boy who, for unknown reasons, took refuge in a well centuries ago, asking him to help solving the problems the nation faces?

“May be this is the reason of hate between the leaders of the Islamic Republic with those ruling in Washington and Tel Aviv”, my friend said, adding: “don’t forget that all of them claim to be the sole envoy of God. Peace be on all of them”. ENDS JAMKARAN 211005


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Some influential clerics had ruled that Ahmadi nezhad is the Chosen of Imam Mehdi.



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