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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Iranian President Hints At Leaving NPT

Published Saturday, February 11, 2006

PARIS, 11 Feb. (IPS) Once again, the Iranian President went on the offensive, menacing the “middle aged West” world with his arms, without spelling out what are his “so dreadful and dangerous” weapons with which he menaces the whole word.

“My recommendation to the world is: don’t abuse of our patience or we shall call the shots and change our policy”, President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad said during the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution on 11 February 1979, without saying what course the Islamic Republic would take if faced with sanctions by the United nations Security Council.

if you continue trying to prevent us from this technology, be sure that the Iranian people would review its policies.

To stir public support, he did not hesitate to call on Iranian people and nationalism, repeating more than 30 times in his speech the word “Iranian or our people” and though that as a fervent Muslim, he must know that lying is one of the cardinal sins, he did not hesitate to indulge in gross lies, such as accusing the Europeans and Americans of trying to deny “the Iranian people” of nuclear technologies.

“After more than 2/5 years of negotiations, when they (Europeans) realized that the Iranian people are not after the nuclear weapons but want to benefit from the nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes, they said we don’t want Iranian people possessing nuclear technology and fuel”, he told a big rally organized by his Government.

However, he deliberately avoided to tell the crowd that the Europeans did in fact proposed Iran last November a package that included advanced nuclear technologies.

Continuing with his diatribes, he said further: “they tell us you don’t need nuclear technology” and warned “if you continue trying to prevent us from this technology, be sure that the Iranian people would review its policies”, stopping short of saying what would be his new strategy concerning the controversial Iranian nuclear activities that many countries in Europe, but most especially the United States and Israel suspects hides a military programme aimed at building atomic bomb.

Iranian President Hints At Leaving NPT-Body-2

“The West wants to have the monopoly of this technology. America and Europeans must be thankful that the Iranian people have been indulgent and magnanimous with them. Don’t abuse of the patience of Iranian people and realize that Muslim people are not afraid of anything”, the former Mayor of Tehran went on.

For some Iranian analysts, this passage of his speech might be an indication that in line with the wish of the radical wing of the clerical leadership, in case the Iranian nuclear issue is referred to the United Nations Security Council, as demanded – and obtained – by the five permanent members of that body from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of directors on 4 February 2006, Tehran might leave the international nuclear watchdog and the Non Proliferation Treaty.

Until now, all our nuclear activities have been c0onducted in accordance with the NPT regulations. But in case we come to the conclusion that you want, on the basis of the same regulations and safeguards deny the Iranian people of its basic right, you have to know that the Iranian people would change its policies”, he told the crowd.

“If nuclear technology is good, why denying it to us, if it is bad, why you have it”, asked Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad, a former Revolutionary Guard officer, adding: “Be sure that the Iranian people would never accept to be prevented from his absolute right. This is the voice of the Iranian people which says loud and clear that we want to have this technology and we shall get it by our own means”.

For his part, Foreign Affairs Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told the semi-independent Students News Agency “ISNA” that Iran has informed the IAEA about his intention to resume activities at the uranium enriching plant at Natanz, in central Iran.

As small mobs continue in Tehran and some other Arab and Muslim capitals to protest violently the publication of cartoons in European press considered as blasphematory and insulting to the Muslim’s prophet Mohammad, Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad called on all the Christians and the Jews to join hands with the Muslims to “rise up, stopping a few Zionists defeated in Palestine and some governments in the order of the Zionists to insult the prophet”.

“How one can ignore, or doubt and challenge the open and declared principle stated in the charter of both the Party and the Army of Nazi Germany concerning the cleansing of Europe from the Jews?

The incriminated cartoons were first published some four month ago in a Danish newspaper, but after Saudi Arabia called for a boycott of Danish foods and products, other Arab and Muslim governments, including Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iran jumped in the bandwagon, organized, or authorized anti Danish demonstrations.

In reaction, and in defence of freedom of expression, other European newspapers started to reprint the cartoons, one of them showing the prophet with a turban in form of a bomb ready to explode, or another Mohammad telling fellow customers that “there are no more virgins in stock” etc…

In less than a week, while the tide of protests in Arab-Muslim world included, beside Danish embassies, those of Austria, Norway and France, a “war of civilizations and cultures” had erupted between the western democracies and Muslim radicalism.

“Those who insult the prophet of Islam are neither Christians nor Jews, but a few hostages in the hands of Zionists. I tell them don’t throw dust to the face of the sun, for it would continue to shine, regardless of your action”, he told the crowd chanting “death to Israel, death to America”.

Touching then on his favourite them, that of Holocaust which he stubbornly denies, Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad said: “You claim your regimes are free and democratic. If this is so, why then it is not possible to talk about Holocaust but it is possible to insult the prophet of more than one billion Muslims?”

Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad’s denial of the systematic eradication of the Jews by the Nazi regime of Germany under Adolf Hitler was first made a month ago following a wave of international outrage triggered by his public statement to “wipe off Israel from the face of the earth”.

“Yes, he said, Holocaust is a myth with which the Zionist entity (Israel) for the past 60 years has milked the world”, he repeated.

Iranian President Hints At Leaving NPT-Body

The Iranian president’s anti-Semitic outbursts drew an unprecedented protest from the leader of the small Iranian Jewish community --, which, at 25.000 compared to some 80.000 before the Islamic Revolution, is the largest in the Middle East --, denouncing both his statements the special programmes aired by the State-owned, leader’s-controlled Radio and Television “denying and challenging the Holocaust, one of the most tragic and sinister events in the history of mankind during the last century, surprising and frightening both the international public opinion as well as the small Iranian Jewish community?”.

“How one can ignore, or doubt and challenge the open and declared principle stated in the charter of both the Party and the Army of Nazi Germany concerning the cleansing of Europe from the Jews? Can not one read again Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler or the collection of speeches by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler Minister of Propaganda or Heinrich Himmler, the commander of Nazi Police?”, Mr. Haroun Yashaya’i, the Head of the Tehran Jewish Association wrote to Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad.

Last November, Mr. Maurice Mo’tamed, the representative of the community at the Parliament had made a similar protest against anti-Semitic programes and serials produced by Radio and Television.

Recognised officially by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, the Iranian Jews have one representative at the Majles and like the Christians and the Zoroastrians, the other two accepted religious minorities, enjoy freedom of their faith, even though it is very difficult for them to leave the country and frequently some of the members of he community are arrested accused of espionage for Israel.



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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Iranian President Hints At Leaving NPT-Main
"If you deny the Iranian people rom nuclear technology, the Iranian people would change its policy", said President Ahmadi Nezhad, repeating more than 30 times "Iranian people".



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