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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Operation Free Iran

Published Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Mexican standoff has begun. Despite the ongoing warnings from the West, it is of no surprise that the Islamic Republic has defiantly responded by breaking UN seals at a uranium processing plant in Central city of Natanz.

Even when the matter is officially referred to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and UN Security Council, in which the five major nuclear powers, US, UK, France, China and Russia are permanent members with the right of veto, the mollahs are unlikely to change their policy on the matter. One must also keep in mind that if the conditions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty “NPT” are to be properly enforced, then a great deal is also dependant on the remaining UN member states.

The mollahs have never been bothered with winning the popularity contest both domestically or internationally.

Economic sanctions are indeed a hindrance for any government and would for a short period challenge a country’s commercial enterprises, but at the same time would make little difference to the Iranian people who are already living a life full of economic ills. Despite living in a country, which is OPEC’s second largest oil producer, there is gross unemployment, particularly amongst women and youth where 40% of the population lives below the poverty line, high drug addiction is endemic, -- heroin is cheaper than a packet of cigarettes -- thus leaving a population that consists of 70% under the age of 35 extremely frustrated and disillusioned.

The mollahs have never been bothered with winning the popularity contest both domestically or, as the world can clearly witness, internationally, and they certainly will not be starting now. So the real test will be the course of events that will take place when referrals to the UN Security Council and sanctions prove to be unsuccessful. This is the real outcome the US, EU and UN should be preparing for and questioning, because a country who’s tyrannical government has arrogantly challenged the world about its uranium enrichment and has boisterously bragged about wiping Israel off the map will unequivocally not be changing its attitude for the sake of diplomatic peace, but instead will be determined in its direction to develop W.M.D’s and has geared itself up for the approaching cat and mouse play which they know will simply buy them more time to achieve their defiant goals.

In the meantime the world’s attention has been focused on diplomatic relations and little else has been given to the events that take place inside Iran. The Iranian people do not and never have shared the rhetoric’s of Ahmadinejad and his ilk. For quarter of a century they have been courageously fighting their own daily battles with the brutal regime in an effort to defend their basic human rights.

Herein lies the real key that would unlock the fundamental solution to the problem and has astonishingly been glaring the world in the face, with little credit.

Operation Free Iran-Body

Almost daily the Iranian people are risking their lives demonstrating, striking and challenging their oppressors, enduring brutality, imprisonment, torture and death all in the name of liberty and human rights. Last December despite official warnings, hundreds of Tehran’s bus drivers went on strike and created roadblocks. Eventually the security forces attacked the strikers and made many arrests. Two days later, Tehran’s subway workers cut off electrical power lines in solidarity with the arrested Tehran bus drivers. They too were arrested.

On December 28, in the Ahvaz capital city of oil producing province Khouzestan, two men known only as “Na’im-Abdollah” and “Jalil” were hanged. Their “crime” being they were the “Enemy of God”. On January 4, in Shahrood city, North Iran, two female students were seriously injured when the brutal Basiji splashed acid in the girls’ faces because they were "non-observant of the Islamic dress code". This is the Iranian people’s modus vivendi and a clear sign that they are hungry for an end to this evil and medieval regime.

The international community should act with the knowledge that the Iranian people are pro-democracy and that every time the regime reacts with such brutality only further proves that the government is extremely vulnerable and frightened of its own people as the only way they have managed to stay in power is through violence.

The international community should act with the knowledge that the Iranian people are pro-democracy.

Some might argue that the option of a much harsher treatment such as military air strikes would weaken the regime, but for the Iranians who consider themselves an ally of the west, this would only be perceived as exceptionally unfriendly behavior, because it would surely cost lives. Such an excessive maneuver would be highly unnecessary, costly and ineffective.

The country is ripe for a democratic revolution. The easiest and most efficient way to stop the establishment is for the US, EU and UN to support and help the Iranian people in their struggle to overthrow the current regime, to be replaced by a democratic and secular state and to create the dream of Operation Free Iran into a reality. ENDS IRAN NUCLEAR 2206

Editor’s note: Miss Nicole Sadighi is a journalist and an advocate of non-violent movement for democracy in Iran.

She wrote the above article for Iran Press Service, which made the highlights


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Operation Free Iran-Main
IAEA's Board of Directors discussing Iran's referral to the UN Security Council



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