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Iran’s “Last Word” on the Nuclear Crisis is a Flop

Published Sunday, March 5, 2006

TEHRAN, 5 Mar. (IPS) The Islamic Republic once again deceived the international community by repeating earlier threats that in case its nuclear case is referred to the United Nations Security Council, it would resume uranium enrichment on industrial level.

"If our case is referred to the Security Council we will resume (large-scale) uranium enrichment", Mr. Ali Larijani, the Secretary of the Supreme Council on National Security (SCNS) told reporters on Sunday, ahead of the crucial meeting of the international nuclear watchdog’s Board of Directors on Monday 6 October 2006 to whether report Iran’s controversial nuclear case to the Security Council.

No matter we are referred to the Security Council, or menaced with sanctions or even a war, we shall not step back.

Insisting that that both enriching uranium and nuclear research and development are matters of “national interest” and Iran’s “legitimate right”, he said going to the Security Council “will certainly not” make Iran abandoning these activities.

“No matter we are referred to the Security Council, or menaced with sanctions or even a war, we shall not step back”, Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator reiterated.

Mr. Larijani rejected flatly demands by the Europeans, Americans and Russians that the Islamic Republic must suspend all nuclear activities for building confidence, saying, “At present, we don’t see any reason for suspension. Not only we shall never suspend research and development, but we would continue them. So far, the progressing very well, showing that Iranians have mastered nuclear technologies know how and we hope that we can complete them”.

“They must present sound, logic and reasonable arguments why we must suspend our research and development activities. Some nations like the Americans are concerned that we might produce nuclear weapons, but every body, any scientist, any technician knows well that one can not make atomic bomb starting from research and development step”, he explained.

The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 35 members Board agreed on 4 February 2006 to a call by the Security Council’s five permanent members plus Germany to report Iran to the Security Council after Tehran resumed research and development programmes at the central city of Natanz, where are situated installations for enriching uranium, a key step in the long process of producing atomic weapons.

Iran’s “Last Word” on the Nuclear Crisis is a Flop-Body-2

Political analysts said Mr. Larijani’s latest declarations were a typical exercise of futility, since he provided no concrete initiatives helping the Western negotiators to give Iran the benefit of the doubt.

“What did Larijani was to formulate old Iranian rhetoric put in different way, changing the order of phrases”, one Iranian journalist close to the dossier told Iran Press Service after the press conference, speaking on condition of not being named.

Mr. Larijani, a former Revolutionary Guard officer, did not rule out the clerical-led theocracy to use oil as a dissuasive weapon, saying "We are not interested in using oil as a weapon. But if the conditions change, it could affect our decision".

"We have no interest in using oil as a weapon because we respect the psychological security of the international community. But naturally if they (Westerners) change the situation that will automatically be affected too", he warned.

He reserved large part of his remarks to attacking and denouncing and criticising the United States, the country that, according to Mr. Larijani, is “determined” to torpedo Iran’s talks to both the European Troika and Russian “in order to prove that no other than they can solve the issue. What they did with India falls in that framework”, he stressed, referring to the nuclear cooperation agreement signed last week in New Delhi between President George W. Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Iran is already the region’s dominant power and this is why it does not need atomic bomb.

“The Americans wants absolutely to report us to the Security Council. They exaggerate our referral to the Security Council in order to hide their misfortune in Iraq. Just think were not the Iranian nuclear problem, who many questions they would have to answer about what they are doing in Iraq, where the situation is getting worse. What happened at Abou Qoraieb prison, which is an example of the American democracy for Iraq”, he said, ruling out any talk with the Americans.

According to Mr. Larijani, Iran does not need to have atomic bomb for the simple reason that it is “already is the region’s dominant power and everyone knows that”.

“Iran is a regional noble power doing never harm to anyone. Instead, it is the others who have come to the region from far away, occupying”, he said referring to American-British military intervention in neighbouring Iraq.

Taking cue from French philosopher Rene Descartes principle of “cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore, I’m), Mr. Larjiani, who once accused the West of applying “nuclear apartheid” on the third world coined another expression, saying America’s policy today is “I harm, therefore I’m”.

Describing Tehran-Moscow’s talks on the Russian proposal for enriching uranium for Iran in Russia as “positive” and “constructive”, he nevertheless repeated that in case Iran’s nuclear issue is referred to the Security Council, the Russian project would also end.

Iran’s “Last Word” on the Nuclear Crisis is a Flop-Body

However, Mr. Larijani reminded that one of the stumbling blocs in the proposal – that has the support of the United States, France, Britain and Germany – is Iran’s insistence that the project must give Iran the right to also enrich uranium in its soil, a point that is rejected by the European negotiators, as well as by Washington and Moscow.

“We have gone our way to satisfy the IAEA. We have opened to inspection all our nuclear sites. We have even authorised international inspectors visiting 23 military sites while no other country would make such a gesture. Our expectation is that our case would remain within the IAEA and let the Agency’s Chief Mr. (Mohammad) ElBaradei do his job", he said, adding:

“We have put on the table all the ways that can help getting out of the crisis. This is our last word”, Mr. Larijani concluded without saying what Iran would do in case its nuclear issue is referred to the Security Council. ENDS IRAN NUCLEAR 5306


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Iran’s “Last Word” on the Nuclear Crisis is a Flop-Main
If our nuclear case is referred to the Security Council, we shall immediately resume enriching uranium on industrial level



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