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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

The IRI and The West

Published Sunday, April 8, 2007

PARIS, 9 Apr. (IPS) While it is believed that the Bush administration is completing military preparations in the region for an attack on Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the West may spend a large portion of their future playing cat and mouse. Regarding many economic and political equations, they shift the tone and behaviour from one position to another. During a press conference on 14 February in Washington, President Bush constrained his hostile opinion toward the IRI, saying: "What we don’t know is whether or not the leaders of Iran ordered the Qods force to do what they do in Iraq".

The standoff between the IRI and England calmed down when the IRI somehow ended up saving the face. The IRI abandoned the idea to exchange the 15 captured British sailors against its captives held by the US in Iraq. The IRI and England have both given signs of a diplomatic resolution of crisis over the capture of the UK sailors and marines by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The standoff between the IRI and England calmed down when the IRI somehow ended up saving the face.

As a part of IRI's recent manoeuvre in the Persian Gulf, the capture of British was a created occasion for the regime to rise a few eyebrows to the US /UK in the region and wag the finger to IRI's inner opponents.

The IRI also attempted to divert the international community from its nuclear programme by stirring up the priorities.

On the twelfth day of the seizure, both governments seemed to progress through bilateral dialogue towards a negotiated settlement. Responding to an earlier reconciliatory statement made by Ali Larijani, the secretary of Iran's National Security Council, Blair said that Britain was "not looking for confrontation and the most important thing is to get the personnel back safe and sound".

If war is a matter of Bush Administration, economic sanctions on Iran seem to be a political tool in the hand of the E.U. France, Germany, and Italy, with the large trading relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, cover about 40% of Iran’s needs. EU trade with Iran has even expanded since Iran's secret nuclear programme was exposed.

The IRI is so sure about the E.U that according to Iran's central bank, the regime has decided to trade the sale of its oil in euro and not dollars. The decision is “to protect the Islamic Republic from mounting U.S. pressure”, Iranian state television reported just one week after the escalation of tensions with the E.U over Iran's detention of British naval personnel.

Iran's shift out of oil sales in dollars considerably accelerates a fall in the dollar portion of Iran's foreign reserves. Oil represents 80% of Iran's total exports. Under such economic factors, the perspective of economic sanctions can always be a polemic bargaining counter and seem not to be serious

From the other part, in a conciliatory move, the West does not plan to boycott 40 percent of Iran’s gasoline needs even though it is a vulnerable point to paralyse economic life in Iran. Despite accepting the last UN resolution, India continues refining and exporting Iranian oil.

Although, the IRI tries to present its nuclear programme as a peaceful issue, it is clear that such a programme is not a status symbol, as seen by average Iranians. It is an aura of divine power, a duty for global jihadi preparation that comes easier with nuclear weapons. In a conference in Berlin, June 26, Mr. Mohammad ElBaradei, the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog, warned that terrorist groups could resort to nuclear weapons. ElBaradei, himself from a Muslim country, warns that terrorist groups could gain access to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons may be built in appropriate devices for jihadi attacks.

Iran's resumption of uranium conversion is suspected to manufacture enough non declared centrifuges capable of enriching uranium to weapons grade. Under any condition, including economic sanctions, the IRI continues its nuclear programme which is in direct harmony with its “divine” universal jihadism.

Resolution 1747, adopted by the 15 members of Security Council co-sponsored by Britain, France and Germany and further UN sanctions cannot stop the IRI’s nuclear programme.

The IRI and The West-Body

Also, roaring drum of war or rising a few eyebrows to the mollahs do not make what is depicted as admission of IRI’S anti-humanity.

Today, the world must finally know when Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad talks about a world without Israel while dreaming of an atom bomb, his regime during the last IRI’s 28 years, especially in the first decade after the IRI usurped the anti-Shah revolution, stoked up the flames of violence by inciting hatred in the society. The regime massacred thousands of political opponents. However, the UN has not yet officially condemned the massacre.

The “civilised” West, which would loudly lament respect of human right when a foreigner bothers their citizens, is largely responsible for the wave of massacre in Iran. For years the western politicians fed the public opinion the fairy tales of what they called a "human rights" between Europe and the rest of the world. The tales went something like this: If we are nice to mollahs, and occasionally wag our fingers at them when they have been naughty, they will stop oppressing their people and they will stop building the atom bomb. However, idea of nuclear weapons and crimes against Iranian people are always carried by the same mollahs, the West, by closing the eyes, let the masters of these large scale crimes free of charge.

In my point of views, the solutions are not the threat of military attack, tug-of-war, or economic sanctions on Iran, but the issue of human rights which can reach to the question of legitimacy which in turn can finally reach to an international recognition of IRI’s illegitimacy. This is the easiest way to reach a world without the IRI. Therefore, it is wisely that the Security Council highlights political legitimacy of IRI’s senior officials instead of playing cat and mouse with them.

The UN's highest court at The Hague, is now expected to take the command by trying to clear many IRI’s crimes, especially the notorious genocide of political prisoners of summer 1987. Besides systematic crimes under the IRI, evidences show IRI’s tortures, rapes of women in the political prisons, stoning, amputation, violation of women rights, persecution and escape of millions Iranians in exile.

The Hague is expected to interrogate both culprits and reminders of IRI’s victims abroad then after its presentation of evidence, The Hague is consequently expected to issue summonses for IRI’s officials and their collaborators for their 28-year crimes against humanity. (See Mr. Farrokh Negahdar’s acknowledgements of his part in IRI’s massacre. Apparently, he has not yet been interrogated by any judicial authority since he lives in England)

The main idea is to target IRI itself, as the perpetrator of crime against humanity. The UN must consider in form and action that defence of human dignity and freedom is its main responsibility. Therefore, if it avoids loosing credibility by being victim of politics, it can never be a fair institution for oppressed peoples.

Also, roaring drum of war or rising a few eyebrows to the mollahs do not make what is depicted as admission of IRI’S anti-humanity.

Democracy teaches us about the rightful limitations to the power of the heads of state. In Islam, Caliph had no limitations. Caliph is the absolute ruler, direct descendant of Allah like Mohammed, the Prophet, or he is the missionary and voice of Allah on Earth like Khomeini or Khameneh’i.

For such a ruler in Iran, Valye-e Faghih (Supreme Spiritual Leader) there is no term limit, elections, and limited political power. The leader has absolute power over all aspects of the Muslim nation (Ummah)! He has the absolute right to order or do anything as he sees fit in relation to politics, religion, judicial, economic, social, war, peace concerning the country and the fate of its people,

Regarding the IRI as a heritage of early Islam, the UN is expected to redefine its concept of human dignity and its duties when such a system rules and does not respect the conventional definitions on democracy concerning the rightful limitations of authorities.

It was long ago that western people were executed for saying the world was not flat, and that it travelled around the Sun. Can the West bargain with the Iranian mollahs with the same records of those Middle Age’s executers? ENDS RASHIDIAN 7407

Editor’ note: Mr. Jahanshah Rashidian is a political analyst and campaigner living in Europe. He is a frequent contributor to many Iranian websites, including the much poplar, based in Los Angeles.

This article was written immediately after the release of the British sailors


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

The IRI and The West-Main
British sailors were freed after Iran thought it has saved face



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