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Winds Definitely Turning Against Ahmadi Nezhad

Published Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Paris, 10 Jan. (IPS) In a new visible sign that winds are definitely turning against the fanatic President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad, a newspaper that belongs to the leader of the Islamic Republic sharply criticized his behavior in the difficult nuclear problem, mostly the “prsonalisation” of the nuclear issue and the constant repetition of his diatribes against Iran’s interlocutors in the issue.

“It is correct that the nuclear issue must be on every Iranian’s heart, and we also praise your action on this matter, however, one must bear in mind that anything that is repeated more than necessary makes the matter irrelevant and indifferent. That’s exactly what is happening (to the Iranians) because of your taking up the nuclear issue in all your speeches unnecessarily”, observed the radical daily “Islamic Republic” that belong to Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i.

“Don’t think by placing a lid on the realities you can fool the people and the nation. People are intelligent and deserve honesty.

The paper was referring to Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad’s systematic evocation of the nuclear issue in all his speeches wherever he travels inside the country, even the remote parts of the nation where local people’s daily preoccupations are very far from this thorny and complicated problem.

Political analysts said that this is the first time that this newspaper is so openly attacking not only the President’s way of handling the nuclear issue, but also the fact that he is trying hard to belittle the consequences of the United Nations’ Security Council on possible sanctions against Iran.

“Don’t think by placing a lid on the realities you can fool the people and the nation. People are more intelligent and deserve honesty. You must not hide the truth from them, otherwise, they would deprive you from their support”, the Islamic Republic warned in its unprecedented commentary.

The newspaper also openly criticized Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad for denouncing the way nuclear negotiators before him conducted the problem with the European troika, namely France, Germany and Britain in the one hand and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the other, meaning that he was able to force the westerners, mostly the Americans, to accept the fait accompli.

As a result of the new Iranian government’s attitude in refusing to comply with demands from the IAEA, the United Nations Security Council decided unanimously to impose political and economic sanctions against Tehran, decision that Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad labeled as “torn paper” while other experts say it will have serious consequences for Iran.

Winds Definitely Turning Against Ahmadi Nezhad-Body-2

“Why you all the time talk about the nuclear problem in a way that one could think you lack proper tools for dealing with it. Why all the time talking about such a sensitive issue on a daily basis. Why one day announcing 3.000 centrifuges and the days after about 60.000 for enriching uranium. For people not familiar with the question and looking from afar, the conclusion is that what you say is not serious, it lacks proper calculations and proper expertise”, Islamic Republic continued.

Ever since the triple defeats Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad suffered in the recent elections for city and rural councils, the Assembly of Experts and some vacant seats at the Majles, all won by personalities and parties opposed to the President, more voices are being heard denouncing the way the President has conducted the nuclear issue, the most audible being that of Mr. Mohammad Moussavian, a former senior nuclear negotiator who accused Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad of not telling the people the truth about the ”dangers” the country faces as a result of the UNSC decision.

“It is easy to say that the sanctions are worthless pieces of paper, but the fact remains that it is easy to get into the (path) the Security Council, but very difficult to get out, without paying the price, as experienced by other nations”, Mr. Moussavian said last week.

In a direct reference to Mr. Moussavian’s warnings about the consequences of the sanctions, the paper said: “the people have the right of thinking that the President and the Government are after solving their real problems. Stating that you are not concerned with the (UN) resolution, or whether it is important or not is not a correct path. People are wise and can understand. There is no doubt that the Resolution is against the nation’s interests and creates problems for the country”, the newspaper said.

Besides Mr. Moussavian, other influential personalities both among the conservatives and the reformists have in the past days criticised Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad and his team of negotiators for the decision of the UNSC to impose sanctions on Iran in case it did not stop all nuclear activities, including enriching uranium and going ahead with the construction of a Heavy Water Reactor, demands that so far have been rejected out hand by Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad.

Winds Definitely Turning Against Ahmadi Nezhad-Body

“The tune of the nuclear speeches is so offensive and the words used are so not nice (so ugly) that the interlocutor has the feeling that there is a stubbornness in the nuclear discussions while unde the guiding of the great leader of the revolution, one must walk on that path with extreme caution. The question is that: Why, with such an offensive (arrogant) discourse and tonality in speech bring pretexts to the enemies helping them to apply more pressure while at home more and more people think that the President, with his hard line policy, is exposing the nation to grave dangers”, the paper added.

Political analysts said that this is the first time that a paper which reflects the views of the leader is attacking so bluntly Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad. “It seems that after the unanimous vote of the Security Council, influential moderate voices in the leadership were able to persuade Mr. Khameneh’i about the dangers the regime faces and that he decided to tell the President that it is time for him to change course”, one Iranian journalist close to the office of the leader told IPS on condition of not being named.

In the last elections, former president Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of Ahmdi Nezhad’s strongest opponents, scored the highest votes for the Assembly of Experts against Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi, a hard line cleric believed to be Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad’s mentor.

"My guest is that after this article, which could not be published without direct acknowledgment of Mr. Khameneh'i, one has to expect major changes in the composition of nuclear negotiation team, possibly bringing experienced people from the former team in the one hand and low profile from the President", the journalist said.

“The way you tackle the nuclear problem in your speeches looks like that this is proper to you and your government, something which is not just, since the nuclear issue is one that belongs to all Iranians and also that other governments before you had their share in advancing it. Don’t forget that you were criticizing the way the reformist government before you conducted the issue while it was and is a national problem. Governments come and go, but national issue remains, same as territorial integrity, the Farsi language or Islam, issues that have nothing with a single government”, the Islamic Republic went on.

Our advise to the President is to speak about the nuclear issue only during important national occasions, stop to provoke aggressor powers like the United States and concentrate more on the daily needs of the people.

After criticizing the lack of flexibility in handling the nuclear problem, something that ended in the transfer of Iranian nuclear activities from the IAEA to the UN’s Security Council, a step that previous negotiators had tries hard to prevent, the daily accuses Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad of having deprived the nation from “proper diplomatic potentials” by removing experienced experts and diplomats from the file.

“Diplomacy is an important part in the nuclear question, one that has its own logic. Flexibility and strength, brinkmanship are some of the tools that one has the impression you are not making proper use of them. As a result, you are spending from the people’s purse”, the daily noted.

After observing that the time and energy Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad is putting on the nuclear issue “looks like escaping from people’s more urgent problems”, the Islamic Republic said:

“Each issue has its own handlers. Your daily interventions in the nuclear issue is like handling all important problems, health, agriculture, breeding. Are you talking to people about birds flu or AIDS or cancer during your trips inside the country?”, asked the paper, adding: “Our advise to the President is to speak about the important nuclear issue only during important national occasions, stop to provoke, even aggressor powers like the United States, to leave proper responsible officials to take position and concentrate more on the daily needs of the people, those who voted for you on your promises the make their lives happier”. ENDS AHAMADI NUCLEAR 10107


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Winds Definitely Turning Against Ahmadi Nezhad-Main
The winds are definitely turning against President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad.



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