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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

A Media Flop Named Press TV

Published Wednesday, July 4, 2007

َParis, 4 July (IPS) After months of preparations and propaganda, the Voice and Visage of the Islamic Republic of Iran (VVIR)’s mountain gave birth on second July 2007 to a new born that those who conceived it wowed that their offspring would “very quickly” become the flag bearer of the “anti-arrogance” (Western imperialists) crusaders in the field of media.

The prime task of the “PressTV”, the new 24 hours, English language network of the State-owned, leader-controlled Iranian Radio and Television is to “counter” major international mass media like CNN or the BBC in offering viewers and listeners news and views on “unbiased, balanced, true, just and open” basis challenging the “biased, one sided, double-standard, distorted” items projected by the Western media.

PRESS TV was born out of the need to break the global media stranglehold of Western outlets.

“PRESS TV was born out of the need "to break the global media stranglehold of Western outlets", Mr. Ezzatollah Zarqami, the Director General of the VVIR, a former Revolutionary Guard officer pointed out during the inauguration ceremony of the network, attended by all senior officials of the regime, led by Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad, the fanatic President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This new and innovative channel should stand beside the oppressed nations of the world but not make news up in their favor", Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad said, stressing that, "The media are used by the domineering powers to occupy lands and people's hearts".

“The mission of the media is that of the prophets”, he went on, adding: “All efforts must be made in order that lines between right and wrong, egoism and deism, love, prosperity and happiness of the people and threats and crackdown people are suffering be placed in front of the eyes of the whole world in an open and clear way”.

Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad, a staunch anti-westerner, accused the arrogance’s (Western) media to be the “path-finder and the logistic for the West’s aggression and occupation and it’s number one tool against other people”.

He also urged the network’s journalists and personnel not to “imitate the model of the “oppressors”, an indirect criticism of some successful Arab televisions like the Qatar-based “Al Jazeera” or the Dubai-based “Al-Arabiya”, both real and terrible challengers to American and European moguls like CNN or the BBC, “but to become yourself a model for others”.

Presenting the objectives of the new channel, Mr. Zarqami said Press TV would “create conditions that people all over the globe, with their different interpretations, could be informed by a different voice and a new view”.

A Media Flop Named Press TV-Body

“Today, people everywhere are thirsty about the path of the Imam (Rouhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution). Press TV would be an occasion to develop for all people around the world the ideals of the late Imam, the great ideas of our great leader (Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i) and the new outlooks of our beloved president”.

The channel, which has a total of more than 400 staff, has 26 reporters employed at different locations worldwide, including in Washington, New York, London, Beirut and Damascus, Abuja, Istanbul, Basra, al-Quds and many other strategic cities in the world.

“Its features will include documentaries on aspects of the Islamic world and culture as well as live talk shows”, said Mr. Mohammad Sarafraz, the Organisation’s Deputy General Director in charge of the international.

However a random survey of its internet site shows that contrary to Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad’s advises, not only Press TV is imitating American and British models, but lacks the experience of other networks of the VVIR, mostly the 24 hours Khabar (News) channel, a copy of CNN.

The international news all comes from major international sources like Reuters, AP or AFP, with some name change, like replacing Israel with “the Zionist Entity”, or some small editing to show that it is the world of its own correspondents.

However, after months of preparations and three days after its official launch, the Press TV is a big flop.

Reaching the site is very difficult. Most of the subject lack proper links. Whereas it takes second to open, let’s say RFI’s internet site, it would takes several minutes before the Press TV is on your desktop, if it is not “timed off”.

Articles are biased, odd, badly written and edited. Analyses are one sided, the entire regime’s official propaganda. Hamas is good, Fattah is bad. Hezbollah is good. Lebanese government is bad. The West is prey to islamophbia, as seen by a so-called “news analysis” presented on the first day by a certain Hedyeh Ghavidel on the latest terrorist operations in England:

"We will not yield, we will not be intimidated and we will not allow anyone to undermine our British way of life," he (the new British Prime Minister) said in a televised interview.

It is becoming a tradition among western politicians to point a finger at Islam whenever a terrorist attack happens.

A British official said, "These are not the type of people who always carry identity documents, or who use their real identities."

The sloppy work done by the terrorists and the evidence left behind tracing them to the scene of the crime, the easy course of investigations leading to quick arrests suggests these terrorist launching attacks on Britain are very stupid and not very well organized in contrast with remarks made by British officials.

A Media Flop Named Press TV-Body-2

Is it really the al-Qaeda who launched this attack or is it another interested party framing the Muslim nation by pointing the finger of blame at a terrorist group shunned by the Muslims?

Reports made by supposed eyewitnesses claiming that men being pulled away from the scene were crying "Allah! Allah" is only a means to convince the public Muslims are the big bad wolf.

Raising the security threat level to 'critical', which means another attack is imminent, transmits a clear 'hate your Arab or Muslim neighbors' message which is reminiscent of how the US rounded up the Japanese population in the Pearl Harbor incident in a camp.

It is as though Britain is trying to follow in the steps of the global arrogance using the same threadbare propaganda 'blame the Muslims' as an opening act in the new adventures.

In the first act of this play, they enrage Muslims by knighting Rushdie and then they orchestrate a terrorist attack on an airport, which has nothing to do with Rushdie or the ongoing war, claiming Muslims are out to avenge Salman Rushdie's knighthood and the Iraq war.

This lame act can be viewed as means of conning the British public who demand an immediate withdrawal of their troops and an end to the Iraq war. It is a means of justifying their longer stay in the Middle East.

After months of preparations and three days after its official launch, the Press TV turns out a big flop, another fiasco of Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad.

“The problem with this new channel is that of the Islamic regime: It lacks fresh air, initiative. In one word, it lacks freedom”, said one journalist. ENDS PRESS TV 40707



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Wednesday, May 21, 2008 19:10 [ 1 ]

We're approaching the first inaugural anniversary of Press TV, also the date the above articel was published. And, I'm not here to congratulate either.

But, I don't know what was going on in the reclusive back of Safa - or was it Vafa - Ha'eri's mind, when he typed the above article, but I'm quite sure I understand why he had to do it. I also am sure, he hasn't changed his mind, and probably never will ! After all, it would be un-Iranian to do that. At least, that's how I can put it mildly, without bruising a couple of sensative egos, like that of Mr. Safa ( Baavafaa...) !

Press TV, could very well have flipped into becoming a total flop, during the past 111 months, but, ironically it has managed to disappoint, it's detractors. And I'm afraid, this is just the beginning of a yet bigger disappointment, yet to come !!

It's true Press TV, may have begun from humble grounds, with extremely low budgets, and with relatively less-experienced staff - in comparison to CNN, BBC, Aljazeera English ,...etc. - But, strangely enough, it's managed to make up for that comparative inexperience, by taking on, some extremely motivated, talented and educated people, with a single mindset...proving the doubters...wrong !!!! And, by God,

This network, might be very young now, but, a time will come, not so far down the road, that it will have matured and well have weathered the storms...which is when,...those disappointed now already...will become...well, rather disheartened, if not disullusioned, with their own parochial judgements. And I'm saying this in good matter how it may sound, to Safaayeh Bavaa's keen ears.

THe mere chance, to hear something, coming out, straight from Tehran - where it's the HAPPENING capital of the world, so far as American concerns go - in such, fine a manner, packaged and presented, is indeed a breath of fresh air...which can, and will only, get better !!!

Dear Mr. Vafa, please feel free to remain dismayed, but kindly make no mistakes, in flattering yourself with yet more foolish wishful thoughts.

This is Iran, not Qatar ! And when it comes, to doing something, Iran does not wait for others to come to it's rescue, whether it be the Aljazeera or ...and industrial plant !! Iran tends to be alergic to pressure, and threat, and quite happy with privation, as long as it fosters innovation. !! But, then, you're not familiar with " This " Iran...and no doubt, do not belong to it either. So, keep on trucking...!!!

Aaron Saltzman
Sunday, January 4, 2009 15:16 [ 2 ]

I am an American jew and a bit of a news junkie and I have to say that I have found Press TV to be an invaluable resource. I normally have CNN and MSNBC on all day in the background and I am used to their flashy tabloid style and strong biases. Especially when it comes to Israeli attacks on Palestine I have to say that CNN and MSNBC (forget Fox ;) provide very little actual information on what is going on. Instead they parade an endless series of official Israeli government spokesmen who all spout familiar, repetitive propaganda. This is why I am happy to be able to watch the flawless video streams on Press TV's website. I have had it on continuously since the beginning of the latest Israeli attack against Gaza and I must admit their coverage is spectacular. They are extremely detailed and professional, not to mention courageous, as they risk their lives to bring real news and diverse views to their audience. All I can say is BRAVO Press TV! Keep up the great work and hopefully CNN, MSNBC and the sadly-in-decline Al-Jazeera can learn a thing or two about real journalism from Press TV.

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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

A Media Flop Named Press TV-Main
While Iranian officials wanted the new news channel in English become a world media leader and model, three days after its official launch, it turns out a total fiasco



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