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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Atom And Nothing Else

Published Wednesday, February 28, 2007

London (Rooz Online) We Iranians are condemned to always bow to a taboo that we are unaware of its impacts on our lives. This time the name of the game is Atom, which, wrapped in a sanctified and uncricisible Taboo, is forcing and urging all of us to prostrate in its saint front.

One would say that the world has been created in a way that we Iranian cannot live without Taboo. For instance, why after the taboo of negotiation with the United States had just been broken; suddenly we face a new one named Atomic Energy?

It is thanks to nuclear energy that Pakistan has solved unemployment, misery, poverty.

There was a time that talks with the United States was a taboo, having relations with America not only would have any positive point, but also all the evils of the world would come from it, but since atomic energy has become the new taboo, not only talking to America is no more a problem posing difficulty, but it also would lead to the ultimate happiness of men and God in this world and the one to come, its mysterious nature and its miraculous existence would fill the world with prosperity and felicity of the mankind.

No wonder that Mr. (Mahmoud) Ahmadi Nezhad states “if achieving nuclear energy needs to stop everything for ten years it is worthy, for nuclear energy would make us taking a fifty years jump ahead”.

And he is damn right. Man’s experience does not say the contrary. Look to our neighbour Pakistan that since it has acquired the nuclear fuel and thanks to that, it has even experienced with success some atomic weapons, it has become the heaven on earth. As Naser Khosrow – or another poet – has said, talking about some where on earth that has turned into the heaven, he had no doubt Pakistan in mind. The real Heaven on this earth thanks to the atomic energy.

It is for this very reason that once nuclearised, Pakistan has solved unemployment, misery, poverty. It is for this reason that one does not see any poor, skinny Pakistani in Iranian cities.

In the light of nuclear science and technology, Pakistan has also solved and uprooted all other difficulties, like sectarian and tribal confrontations, threats of radical terrorism. And if international research centres and institutes places Pakistan under the rank of Afghanistan as one of the most politically and socially unstable nations of the world, it is only because of their jealousy and egoism, for, Islam Abad, not pleases the West, by acquiring the atomic Energy, has broken the monopoly of nuclear energy by the infidel West and has closed the door to the hegemonies and hegemonistic powers. Therefore, if Parviz Mosharraf says it is under pressures from George Bush that he was forced to cooperate with the coalition forces in bringing down the Taleban regime, he is joking.

Atom And Nothing Else-Body

At the same time, because of possessing full nuclear cycle, Pakistan has secured its energy security for centuries and do no more needs any fossil source of energy like oil and natural gas and if these days Iranian press writes about the construction of a gas line from Iran to India via Pakistan, it is because certainly the Pakistanis are still not aware of the miracles of nuclear energy for salvaging them from natural gas or oil, or also may be because they want to help poor and helpless countries like Iran or Qatar, nations that do not know what to do with all the huge natural gas they have on their hands. Yes, Pakistan has solved all its problems, no more poverty, no ore underdevelopment, no more demographic problems, no more ethnic and religious killings. Pakistan is the Heaven on earth and this thanks to the nuclear energy.

More important than these two countries (Pakistan and India), we have the case of North Korea, a country which, thanks to full nuclear cycle, has been able take its poverty stricken and hungry people to the summit of progress and prosperity, making a one hundred years jump into the future. That the press talks about North Korea’s readiness to abandon the nuclear cycle and get some hundreds tons of the worthless fossilized energy in the six part talks are certainly a big and baseless lie.

As far as the Western nations are concerned, all knows that all their so-called progress and civilization and power are rooted in this nuclear energy. If Iranian independent press writes continuously about all kind of crisis, ranging from political and economic to moral and sexual in America, Britain or France, this is something else that needs more time to analyse them. May be they are facing all these crisis ever since Iran decided to challenge their atomic monopoly by putting into action a cascade of 64 centrifuges of the type of P1.

Insha’allah, in the very near future, with the production of nuclear energy fuel Iran also becomes another heaven on earth.

In consequence, if I, as an Iranian, pretend that what our young scientists have created in the field of nuclear energy is a glory that has no precedent in the long history of our nation, I’m absolutely right. Who are Ferdowsi, Bou Ali (Sina), Sohreverdi, Birouni, Kharazmi, Hafez, Sa’di and Maulavi compared to these young, glorious scientists?

Insha’allah, in the very near future, with the production of nuclear energy fuel at industrial level, the big jump materializes and Iran also becomes another heaven on earth. Now, if in order to reach this great objective, our people and nation face some small international sanctions, that the capitals worth several billion dollars leaves the country, that our elite and educated people emigrates en mass, that, as the consequences of a possible military attack, our military and economic and industrial infrastructures are destroyed and a great number of people dies, all these considerations have no value in face of the felicity of peaceful nuclear energy. ENDS ATOM 1307

Editor’s note: Mr. Ahmad Zeydabadi is an Iranian independent journalist commenting for some pro-reform Iranian newspapers and also for foreign-based radios like the BBC.

He contributed this satirical analysis of Iranian radical President’s push for nuclear energy for the pro-reform online Iranian newspaper Rooz, based in London and Paris.

Translation from Farsi into English and highlights are by IPS


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Atom And Nothing Else-Main
Thanks to nuclear energy, Iran can solve all its problems, like Pakistan did.



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