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Israel Must Talk To Iran

Published Monday, November 19, 2007

A Persian proverb says: “A Wiseman knows that everything in this world has a limit, the Wiseman must discern the limits to obtain results, for he knows exacerbating and abusing the limits would lend him the reverse he is seeking”.

This is exactly the history of relations between Iran and the West in the past five years in regard to Iran’s controversial nuclear activities.

The United States was ruled by the charismatic and smiling Bill Clinton and Iran was governed by another charismatic and smiling President named Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Khatami

Years ago, when Europe’s three big powers, namely Germany, France and Britain, known as “the Troika” started talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran, aimed at limiting the nuclear activities of the world’s only theocratic State, it seemed that, due to their old history of colonialism and dealing with other nations and people of the world, they would act having in mind the old Persian saying, and act within the limits of the patience of Iranian people and Government.

The United States was ruled by the charismatic and smiling Bill Clinton and Iran was governed by another charismatic and smiling President named Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Khatami, a middle-rank cleric who had introduced widespread, but limited, reforms that transformed the cultural, political, social and intellectual life of the Iranians.

Taking advantage of the positive factors in both the United States and Iran, the European Troika, encouraged by Washington, engaged negotiations with Iran, aimed at discerning the true nature of its nuclear activities.

The talks continued for over three years and Iran, notwithstanding the ever harder demands presented by the European partners, tried hard to accommodate their questions, going as far as to suspend works on enriching uranium and accept the additional Protocols to the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), measures that allows snap visit and survey of Iranian nuclear installations by experts from the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, based in Vienna, Austria.

But then the Administration changed in Washington and the new one, led by George W. Bush and dominated by the so-called “Neo-coms”, wowed to prevent Iran acquiring the nuclear technology, insisting that the final objective of the ruling ayatollahs is the destruction of Israel, not civilian uses, including producing electricity, as they claim.

Former american president Bill clinton
Iran and america were ruled by charismatic president.
Bill Clinton/ Mohammad Khatami
Iran and America were ruled by charismatic, smiling presidents.

“We have got almost all we wanted from the Iranians. They have suspended enriching uranium and this is tested. They have accepted the additional Protocols and it has been proved. They are ready to accept the package we have arranged for them, including offering fuel for the nuclear powered electricity plants they are planning to build en plus the one already under construction by the Russian in Boushehr, projects that we, westerners, including the Americans, would carried out”, one negotiator from the Troika told this correspondent in Vienna at the conclusion of the last meeting between them and the former team of Iranian negotiators, led by Hojjatoleslam Hasan Rohani, the then Secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council on National Security.

As everything seemed to be ready for finalization, -- believe it or not, Ayatollah Ali Khamenehei, the Leader of the regime who has the last word on every major domestic and international affair, had agreed, although very reluctantly -- the Europeans, always under American and Israeli pressures, caught the Iranians by surprise, demanding suddenly that they must stop all nuclear activities at once.

Not only that was the drop that overflowed the glass of water, but it was also the last shot fired to the moderates who had counted of the Europeans to strengthen and take further the reforms that they had introduced in the political, cultural, social and intellectual life of the regime, despite heavy opposition from hard line wing of the clerical establishment.

The sudden “volte – face” of the Troika was matched by the Bush Administration which, ignoring the dramatic “reconciliation” of Iran with the international community, the personal prestige and rank the Iranian President had obtained among world leaders, his proposal of “dialogue of civilizations” as opposed to the “conflict of civilizations” etc.. had blown one of the worst humiliation to him, to the reformists and to his nation by placing Iran into the same package of “axis of evils”, alongside Iraq (of Sadam Hussein) and North Korea.

The result of the Troika’s new demands were immediate: Resumption of the activities at UCF in Esfahan, start of the works for enriching uranium and the construction of Heavy Water reactor in Arak …

Remember, this was after the catastrophe of 11 September, when hundreds of young Iranians had alight candles in memory of the victims of the World Trade Center twin towers – while in many other Arab and Muslim nations people were dancing in the streets --.

The result of the Troika’s new demands were immediate: Resumption of the activities at UCF in the central and touristic city of Esfahan, shelving of the Additional Protocols, start of the work of installing centrifuges for enriching uranium and the construction of Heavy Water reactor in Arak … and the surprise victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a fanatic Muslim to the Iranian presidency.

Ever since, at time and off, President Bush threatens Iran with military actions if it does not heed to the demands of the so-called 5+1, namely the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany, to stop its nuclear activities, not willing to hear, as usual, the answer of the Iranians to their menaces: Our response to any American military attack would be non conventional. In other words, we shall strike at American interests everywhere in the world, starting with the explosive Middle East where all the forces of fundamentalism are on our side.

“The Americans can easily destroy all of our existing nuclear and military installations and centres, but not our nuclear knowledge and science. If they bomb us, we shall reconstruct everything from the scratch, but this time for the bomb”, one of the three senior former nuclear negotiators had confessed to this journalist on condition of anonymity. 

Insisting on safeguarding the existence of the State of Israel, the Americans have made it more vulnerable, more isolated and at the same time, endangered dangerously the safety of their own nation and people. For its part, Israel, lacking dramatically charismatic and courageous leaders of the level of the late Itzahak Rabin, have preferred to act more than as a spoiled child, hiding behind a bullish papa, than as an adult nation, addressing themselves their problems instead of leaving it to others.

Thanks to the Americans stubbornness, Iran, in the past two years, has become a recognized nuclear power with the possibility of building atomic bombs and warheads for missiles that can reach Israel. Thanks to the American blindness, Iran not only has become the recognized super power of the Middle East, but utterly popular among the Arab-Muslim world – and at the same time utterly unpopular with the majority of Iranians --. Thanks to the American arrogance, the West had never been as badly humiliated, belittled and ridiculed as it has been these last years at the hands of a lunatic Iranian President that has also defied the world’s most powerful and prestigious instances: The United Nations Security Council.

George W. Bush-3
Former French president Jacques chirac once said why should be affraid of an atomic Iran?.

Former French President Jacques Chirac once said prophetically, “Why be afraid of a nuclear Iran. After all, what they want to do with it?” He was referring to the nine nations that have known nuclear arsenal and the at least a dozen of others that have advanced nuclear technology and therefore the capability of producing nuclear weapons.
Another old Persian proverb says: “A foul throws a stone into a well from where a hundred of wise men cannot take it out”. The Americans have thrown the stone in the well and since, no wise man had been able to take it out for the simple reason that there are no more wise men left in the horizon.

However, the future is not that black. The Europeans, led by Russia as a major power-broker, have an important card to play: That of preparing the ground for talks between Iran and Israel, allowing them to put on the table all their fears and expectations from each other.

Of course, Iran has always insisted that it would never recognize the State of Israel and would not talk to it. But at the same time it has noticed that it would respect the wishes of the Palestinians if they decided to recognise the Jewish State. What if some of Iran’s Palestinian and Arab friends encourage it to talk with the Israelis, even indirectly, not aimed at reconnaissance, but as a mean to solve their problems as part of the larger problems of the Middle East?

Mollahs are known to be as the least moralists and principled category of people. The ruling ayatollahs have proved that they can be very pragmatic when the interests of their State are at stake. This happened in Afghanistan, where they helped the Americans to fight the Taleban and recently in Iraq, where under pressures and strong demands by the Iraqi organizations and leaders allied to Iran, Tehran accepted direct negotiations with the Great Satan aimed at solving Iraqi problems? ENDS THE WEST AND IRAN 191107



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Mash Mammad
Monday, November 19, 2007 23:50 [ 1 ]

Safa Jan , Every thing is fine , but you may once check carefully the dates of the various events you described here above. A funny shalam-shurba ! ! ! !

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 18:54 [ 2 ]

The problem with your explanation of everything almost working out with a safe civilian nuclear plan between the Troika and Iran is that (as you've posted reports on this site in the past) Bushehr is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen even with proper safeguards that poses a direct threat to the populations of the Gulf States as a result of nuclear contamination.

You also ignore that the Europeans could have just as likely at the behest of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt broken off the deal because the Arab countries had warned that they too will pursue nuclear technology for "peaceful purposes" as a defense against Iran's nuclear program leading to the mass nuclearization of the Middle East and all the incredibly dangerous consequences that would entail.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 18:59 [ 3 ]

Here's the reference article referring to the risk of a nuclear catastrophe at Bushehr from an earthquake:

"Seismic Dangers Obstacle To Iranian President's Atomic Dreams" By Ahmad Rafat - Published Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Borsu Schekumand
Wednesday, November 21, 2007 13:22 [ 4 ]

The islamic fundamentalist regime in Tehran has survived since 29 years due to self-created international crisis. The Mullah-regime is not worried about the fate of Palestinian. Among other thing the reincorporating of Jerusalem to the islmic world was always the very high goal of The islamic fundamentalist ruler in Tehran. Therefore the islamic ruler will never agree and never tolerate the existence of Israel or a peaceful relation between State Palestin and State Israel, if Palestinian folks want to do it by accepting of State Israel and establishing and building their own state. A peaceful Middle East offers a clean ground for strengthening democratic movement resulting in establishing democratic governments, where the islamic fanatic ideology can not survive as the parasite does it in shit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 17:14 [ 5 ]

This site has been apart of my news cycle for a few years now, and the realization I've come to in regards to Iran's government or any other oppressive regime is that they stay in power because the people are not willing to take responsibility for their role in it.

True freedom and democracy will not come to Iran until its people, both domestic and in exile, stop blaming others (US, Israel, Europe, Arab states, et al) for the poor conditions they live under as the above peace does.

The people can only elect leaders that ultimately reflect them. The Iranian people continue on some level to think they deserve to be pushed around and so that is what they get.

I'm half Eastern European and I've noticed that it's the same with the Slavic peoples, especially in Russia. Russians allow themselves to be controlled by their leaders so they put up with the czars, and then the communists, and now the emerging capitalist-communist system of Putin. Until you stand up in your minds first and follow with action, the living conditions will continue to be a broken record.

The policies of Ahmadi Nezhad were not created by George Bush and Europe they were created by a 30 year theocratic/military government that has been involved in its own brand of "arrogant imperialism" in Lebanon and other pockets of the Middle East since the days of Khomeini.

Ali S
Thursday, November 22, 2007 16:14 [ 6 ]

Israel has a nuclear deterrent in place and any Iranian nuclear attack would be replied ten fold. Iran isn't going to risk its own existence for the sake of Palestine, people need to think before they believe American and Israeli propaganda. In the meantime, any military strike on Iran would be answered and then some. The price the Americans and Israel will pay is way too high. Israel will get shelled by missiles and with devastating terror attacks to follow and they know it. And if the US wants to loose half its navy, all its bases in the region, plus having their troops in Iraq cut off from their supplies and having missiles rain on their heads, they're more than welcome. Iran has prepared for a possible Israeli and American attack for years and is more ready to dish out the punishment. Iran is a regional power and soon with nuclear capability a nuclear power. This is a fact that must be accepted by Israel and the US. In the meantime, the US should abide by the NPT and start to dismantle its nuclear arsenal and stop making new ones. Israel in the meantime, must sign on to the NPT and if not, face UN sanctions. If that's not successful, the military action.

Monday, November 26, 2007 15:52 [ 7 ]

Iran should talk to Israel, Iran is the one that is threatening the existence of Israel. I am sure that if Iran gets a new president and a democratic government that peace between Israel and Iran is possible.

Ali S
Monday, November 26, 2007 16:39 [ 8 ]

Iran isn't threatening Israel's existence, Ahmadinejad said that if Israel keeps up its current policies "It'll be politically wiped off the map". His words were totally taken out of context for propaganda reasons. Iran isn't going to "nuke" Israel, that's completely illogical and its not gonna happen. Israel doesn't want Iran to even the nuclear deterrent score by having nukes, its a battle for supremacy and a battle of propaganda.

Monday, November 26, 2007 16:51 [ 9 ]

Well, if you say so! But don't you think that Iran has an very aggressive way of talking to Israel? Israel is certainly not interested in a war with Iran, but all those mad talks from Iran could in the end lead to exactly this.

Ali S
Wednesday, November 28, 2007 21:27 [ 10 ]

There'll never be any war between Israel and Iran, unless Israel makes the mistake of attacking Iran's nuclear installations. If so, it'll be a mistake because first of all Iran will never attack Israel, with conventional weapons or nukes and secondly Israel will pay a very high price short term and long term.

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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

European Troika
Foreign ministers from France, Germany and Britain initiated negotiations with Iran five years ago, but bowing to American pressures, the talks collapsed.

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