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"Don’t Add To Our Enemies", Rohani Tells Ahmadinejad

Published Friday, October 12, 2007

Paris, 11 Oct. (IPS)      In one of the strongest attacks on the domestic and foreign policies of the Iranian fanatic President, one of Iran’s influential personalities accused Wednesday Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of having increased threats menacing the Islamic Republic faces.

“The country is not the private property of anyone, this sentiment that the country belongs to you is the biggest and incurable disease of our nation and also to leave difficult problems to a few, not listening to experts and not taking their advices into account”, Hojjatoleslam Hasan Rohani, the personal Representative of Ayatollah Ali Khamenehi, the Leader of the Iranian theocracy at the regime’s Supreme Council on National Security said Wednesday, referring to Mr. Ahmadinejad’s penchant for solving all difficulties he has created single handedly and surrounded himself by yes men.

The fanatic Iranian President is under growing pressures

Addressing members of the pro-reform Development and Moderation Party, Mr. Rohani, the former Secretary of the SCNS and Iran’s top nuclear negotiator said "unfortunately, the level of tolerance of some of the officials is very low at a time that at the international level, Iran is more isolated and advised the President not to create occasions aimed at increasing enemies.

“The number of our enemies increases. Until yesterday, Britain was siding with the United States, today, France is also standing alongside America, and with more enthusiast”, he pointed out, referring to the sudden change in France’s so-called “traditional policy” of standing up to Washington.

Mr. Rohani’s unprecedented attack on the President and his policies followed Ayatollah Khamenehi’s first public, albeit “friendly” warning to Mr. Ahmadinejad that “backing the Government does not mean all its undertakings are approved by the Leader and supporting the Government does not mean opposing critics”.

Mr. Rohani, who is both member of the Experts Assembly, the only instance which can remove the Leader, and Head of the Expediency Council’s Centre for Strategic Studies, is under heavy attacks by Mr. Ahmadinejad and his supporters. In a recent speech, the President had strongly criticised Mr. Rohani because of his warnings about the Government’s intransigence and uncompromising nuclear policy which, opponents points out, has led to resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council against Iran.

In the resolutions, signed by the UNSC’s five permanent members plus Germany is calling on Tehran to suspend its nuclear activities until the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency makes it clear that those programmes are for civilian uses, but the Government of Mr. Ahmadinejad has rejected all requests, saying Iran’s nuclear activities are “irrevocable and unstoppable”.

The country is not the private property of anyone

“Some people goes on themselves outside and say they want to negotiate (about nuclear issues). The enemy, in an impasse, weclcoms them, in order to get out of the impasse. I say only the Government is responsible for nuclear issue and no one else. By traveling outside and talking with foreign governments, some give the foreigners the impression that we might be ready for compromise”, Mr. Ahmadinejad had said, referring to Mr. Rohani’s recent visit to Berlin, where he met German’s Foreign Affairs Minister, and particularly his scheduled meeting with Mr. Xavier Solana, the European Union’s Chief Foreign Affairs and Security “super minister” engaged in nuclear talks with Tehran.

However, under pressures from Tehran, that meeting, to be held in Brussels, was cancelled at the last minute and as pro-Government media was increasing its attacks against Mr. Rohani and “all those who, in coordination with the enemies, are plotting against a President who, contrary to his predecessors, has the courage to stand up against the arrogant powers and enforces the nuclear policy despite all the pressures”.

The United Nations has demanded Iran suspend enrichment because the process can produce the material for a nuclear warhead, as well as fuel for a peaceful reactor. Iran has refused, saying it has a right to develop the technology, and the UN has slapped it with limited sanctions. 

Mohammad Hoseyn Moussavian, one of senior Iranian atomic negotiator under Mr. Rohani had been arrested and accused of passing classified nuclear information to the Japanese and the British. However, unable to document the charges, he had been on bail and is waiting for his trial.

“Years ago, when oil was at 18 or 20 Dollars,  one had the feeling that a sound economy is awaiting, however, now, with oil at more than 80 Dollars, unfortunately, we don’t see a healthy and dynamic economy. Our conditions are unfortunately not promising ... If we had an accurate and comprehensive plan, most of the country’s problems could have been resolvable”, Mr. Rohani said, quoted by the Students news agency ISNA.

When oil was at 18 or 20 Dollars,  one had the feeling that a sound economy is awaiting, however, now, with oil at more than 80 Dollars, we don’t see a healthy economy.

“Compared with previous years, our international situation is worsening and the resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council, where enemies have taken refuge,  makes our condition even more difficult”, Mr. Rohani observed, adding: “Of course, some might say it is not important. But for the people, it is very important, for it is they who pay the price.

            “One does not need the Central Bank announcing the inflation, for people feels it much better than the Central Bank”, he said, adding that “the only thing that would help solving problems and discouraging enemies is the participation of the people in the forthcoming elections”.

            Actually, while the Government insists that inflation had been lowered to one digit, the Central Bank of Iran on Wednesday put the inflation at 15.8 per cent, against the Majles, the Iranian Parliament, placing it at above 24 per cent and independent economists situating it at over 30 per cent.

            According to an opinion poll taken recently by a pro-Government opinion survey agency, the majority of the people who had voted for Mr. Ahmadinejad have said they would not vote for him in the next presidential election, scheduled for 2009, saying they are disappointed by the President’s failed economic, social and political promises.

            “The very great majority of the people have no money, but the prices, mostly for housing, go up every week, if not every day. 90 per cent of the population is poor and get poorer, they suffer from prices that shoots up every day, for whom meat and some other basic food is luxury, forcing people to have at least to jobs, against 10 percent who are extremely rich, fabulously rich, and take their money out of Iran”, one Iranian scholar told Iran Press Service during a short visit to Paris.

While 90 per cent of the population is getting poorer, 10 percent are among the world's richest

            Besides the economic situation that sanctions imposed by the United States has increased dramatically, Iranians, mostly, women, students and the intelligentsia community, suffers from increased social crackdowns, censorship of the press, harassment of journalists, students and scholars.

            But Mr. Ahmadinejad and his ministers reject these facts, attributing them to the “enemies inside the country, opponents of the regime, the Islam!”

            Despite Mr. Ahmadinejad’s growing unpopularity, the survey, organized by the University Mobilisation, say if presidential elections are organized now, he would be take the lead, followed by Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the Speaker of the Experts Assembly, Mr. Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the Mayor of Tehran and Hojjatoleslam Mehdi Karroubi, the leader of the pro-reform National Confidence Party.  

            “If the Americans and the Israelis stop strengthening Ahmadinejad at home, by exaggerating his importance, presenting him as he is the real leader of the regime, by dramatizing his aggressive language, continuing with the mistakes like the one committed recently by the president of the Columbia University, stop the daily menaces of bombing Iran etc .. all the things that forces Iranians, even those who hate Ahmadinejad and this regime altogether, to come to their backing, for the simple reason that their nation is menaced, and if elections are not manipulated in his favour, as they had been last time, there is no doubt that Ahmadinejad will not be re-conducted”, one political analyst insisted. ENDS ROHANI WARNING 111007



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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Hasan Rohani
Hojjatoleslam Hasan Rohani seriously warned President Ahmadinejad "not add up to Iran's enemies"

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