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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Does the Islamic Republic Have a Foreign Policy?

Published Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Paris, 9 Oct. (IPS) Judging by the way the clerical leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran conducts what they call it foreign policy”, many Iranian and foreign analysts and experts asks whether this country has anything approaching what in international language is called diplomacy?

According to Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i, the leader of the Iranian theocracy, who dictates, decides and orders the way all major domestic and international issues must be conducted, the regime’s foreign policy must be “offensive” and its major task must be “standing up to all forces of arrogance” (read Western), in the one hand and defends all the “deprived peoples and nations oppressed by power hungry powers”.

The Islamic Republic wants to become a Shi’a Empire in the region in order to face major powers

The Islamic Republic wants to become a Shi’a Empire in the region in order to face major powers. It does not want to be a simple player, but having the major, lead role, to cut its own share of the cake. But to change a defensive policy into aggressive-provocative diplomacy and carrying it out, it needs the atomic power.

However, at examining the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic deeply, one finds that not only it is not “aggressive”, but it has all the ingredients of a weak, submissive, fearful, begging, kneeling, bribing, client buying policy, based on deforming facts.

Some months ago, Mr. Manouchehr Mottaki, the Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister claimed that he had traveled to “one hundred Muslim nations”, not realizing that the Jeddah-based Organisation of Islamic Conference that includes all Muslim countries has less than sixty members.

 Contrary to the regime’s officials who claims that Iran is “admired, considered as a model by other third world nations”, the Islamic Republic of Iran is probably one of the very few countries in the world, comparable to North Korea and Burma, which has almost no friends, but clients.

Having found no one in the region to share its messianic policy of fighting the injustice, the arrogant imperialist powers, with the Great Satan of the United States at their helm and defending the weak, the poor, the humiliated, Tehran has turned to some small, poor, insignificants nations of the Latin America, forming an “anti-imperialist, anti-American axis with Caracas, taking on board Nicaragua, Uruguay and Bolivia providing some financial promises.

UN Security Council
United Nations Security Council issued 2 resolutions against Iran

Except these countries, and leaving aside his appearances at some international conferences, which other capitals Iran’s fanatic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has visited except Kabul, Baku, United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, none of tem Tehran’s friends, plus some obscure African countries?

Why he has not been invited by even one country that counts on the world’s chessboard, even those that have the largest trade with Tehran, like Germany or France, Russia or China, Italia or Spain, Britain or Japan?

Let’s have a quick look to find out Iran’s “best friends”: Syria, a dictatorship and isolated in the Arab world, albeit not as much as Iran. Venezuela; another populist dictatorship; North Korea, the last Stalinist regime of the world and most hermetically closed one, which is on its way to join Tripoli, promising to dismantle its nuclear installations for military use --; Sudan, another Islamic dictatorship; Zimbabwe, a ruthless dictatorship which has turned one of Africa’s richest nations into one of the world’s poorer countries.

However, each of these nations would immediately leave Iran if their national interests dictate. Actually, another thing the Islamic Republic has not, is “national interest”.

Why Ahmadinejad has not been invited by even one country that counts on the world’s chessboard

Iran needs Syria because Damascus is the Tehran’s umbilical link to the Lebanese Hezbollah, its only “prodigal child” that can be used as a lever against Israel, the nation Mr. Ahmadinejad has promised to “wipe off” the map of the world. That’s the reason why the Iranian ruling mollahs close their eyes when Mr. Bashar Assad signs all the documents claiming that the strategic island of Abou Moussa and the two Tumbs belongs to the United Arab Emirates, or refuses adamantly and with a certain disdain to pay back the billions of US Dollars his country owes to Iran.

Returning from New York where he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Ahmadinejad and his janissaries claimed that he had scored a “great victory”. But many infuriated Iranians have asked him being insulted by the Mayor of this city who had refused him visiting the Ground Zero and ridiculed by an otherwise impolite president of the Columbia University is victory?

But what about Saudi Arabia when its foreign Affairs Minister openly denounces Tehran’s “interferences in the interior affairs of Iraq”, or when several grand muftis officially insults the Shi’as and calls for the destruction of all Shi’a mosques and holly places in Iraq?

What about when Russia bluntly and arrogantly refuses to complete the Bushehr nuclear plant which had to enter service in 2004 and has cost Iran more than 1.5 billion US Dollars instead of 600 millions?

Ground Zero
Ahmadinejad was refused visiting the site of Ground Zero

What about Moscow and Peking signing all the United Nations Security Council’s resolutions imposing sanctions on Iran?

What about the emirate of Qatar refusing visas to Iranians who wanted to go there to support their national soccer team during an international competition?

What else Iran’s diplomacy has of “aggressive” except of the language and threats of terrorist operations against would be, imaginary enemies?

Why becoming a nurse more caring than mother for some Palestinian fundamentalist groups opposed to peace with Israel?

Isolating the nation at international lervel, provoking the United Nations Security Council to issue two resolutions against Iran on the subject of the country’s controversial nuclear programmes is a successful, offensive diplomacy?

Pushing France, one of the six major powers of the world that until a few months ago was one of Iran’s best lines of defence against American hard line policy to change position and joint Washington is a successful diplomacy? 

It is easier to buy puppets that make friends, for diplomacy is the art of dialogue, something the Iranian cleric rulers are not familiar with, for the simple reason that they do not want to live in this century, but to turn the clock back to 1.400 years before. ENDS IRAN DIPLOMACY 91007



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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

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Ahmadinejad getting instructions from his boss

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