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Iran's Troubling Opposition

Published Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Wall Street Journal
By Amir Taheri   

               On Monday the British parliament removed the People's Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) from the U.K.'s list of banned terrorist organizations. The decision upholds a Court of Appeals' ruling in May that there is no evidence linking the Iranian opposition group to terrorism, and that it should be free to recruit, organize and raise money in Britain.

Western and Arab intelligence services have long appreciated the MEK for its sources deep inside Iran. The group was the first to provide evidence of Tehran's secret nuclear project. But the U.S. and Continental Europe shouldn't rush to follow London's move. Although the People's Mujahedeen has won the support of many Western politicians, it is not the force for democratic change it claims to be.
The MEK was founded in 1965 after a split in a Marxist-Leninist movement that had waged a guerrilla war in northern Iran. Its ideology emerged as a mix of Islam and Marxism, with ingredients from the Islamist pamphleteer Ali Shariati, who advocated an "Islam without a clergy."

With help from the KGB, the group engaged in a campaign against the former shah of Iran and sent cadres to Cuba, East Germany and Palestinian camps in Lebanon to train as guerrillas.

With help from the KGB, the group engaged in a campaign against the former shah of Iran and sent cadres to Cuba, East Germany and Palestinian camps in Lebanon to train as guerrillas. Its hit men assassinated a dozen people, including an Iranian general and five American military and civilian technicians in the 1970s. An operation in 1971 to kidnap the U.S. ambassador to Tehran, Douglas MacArthur III, failed. But it helped the group heighten its profile among anti-shah terrorist outfits.

Later, the MEK would play a key role in the events that swept Ayatollah Khomeini to power. The break with the mullahs came when the People's Mujahedeen, under its "Supreme Guide" Massoud Rajavi, attempted an armed uprising against the new regime in 1981. Not allowed to field candidates in presidential and parliamentary elections, the MEK sent hit squads to assassinate prominent mullahs and raided several military bases.

Khomeini's reaction was savage. More than 15,000 MEK militants and sympathizers were jailed and some 3,000 executed. Mr. Rajavi fled to Paris aboard a jetliner his supporters had hijacked, taking with him Abolhassan Banisadr, the first president of the Khomeinist republic. In a second wave of executions in 1988, Khomeini put more than 4,000 MEK members and sympathizers to death.

In Paris, meanwhile, France's Socialist government negotiated a deal in 1982 between the MEK and the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, which was then engaged in a war against Iran. Mr. Rajavi frequently visited Baghdad and formed a close relationship with Saddam, who set up camps in Iraq to train MEK militants for sabotage operations against Iran. Even after the 1988 cease-fire between Tehran and Baghdad, Mr. Rajavi, with Saddam's approval, continued a low-intensity war against Iran from Iraqi territory.

Mr. Rajavi's relationship with Saddam would get the MEK involved even in genocide. In 1991, the MEK's 10,000-strong force in Iraq helped Saddam in his brutal campaign against the Kurds and Iraqi Shiites, a campaign that left over 100,000 dead. The MEK saw Iraqi Shiites as allies of Iran and thus enemies of itself. This is why the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has opened proceedings against the MEK for "crimes against humanity." In 2003, the U.S.-led coalition extended prisoner-of-war protection to MEK members in Iraq, including some 4,000 combatants, now disarmed, in Camp Ashraf northeast of Baghdad. Mr. Rajavi is under "restricted residence" in Baghdad.

Over the years, the MEK has suffered waves of defections, each producing fresh testimonies depicting it as a sect dedicated to the cult of Mr. Rajavi and his estranged wife, Maryam Azedanloo-Qajar. Mr. Rajavi declared her the "President of the Republic of Iran" almost two decades ago.

Rajavi saddam
Mas'oud Rajavi was a close friend of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

Does all of this mean that the British decision is morally wrong and perhaps politically counterproductive? Four years ago, my answer would have been an unequivocal yes. Today, I am not so sure.

To start with, the group, which has never practiced terrorism on British soil, has not committed any terrorist act since January 2003, when it attacked an Iranian village close to the border with Iraq.
Besides, being blacklisted has not forced the MEK to mend its ways. Instead, the leadership has used the fact that it was put on a terror list to portray itself as a wrongly prosecuted community that required secretive modus operandi and Stalinist discipline from its members.

It also is somewhat hypocritical for Europeans to put the MEK on a terrorist list but deal with the Khomeinist regime, the leading sponsor of terror in the world, as if it were a respectable government. What's more, Tehran exploits the MEK's terrorist label to brand all Iranian opposition groups as "terrorists and traitors."
            Finally, blacklisting the MEK makes it harder for other Iranian opposition groups to establish contact with it, and to isolate its terrorist elements and integrate its rank-and-file into a broader popular movement for a democratic Iran.
            Despite its bloody history, the MEK continues to enjoy support inside Iran and among Iranian exiles. Some sympathize with the sufferings of its members: No other political group has sustained so many losses at the hands of the mullahs. Others see the MEK as a valuable asset in the fight against Tehran because it is the only group considered to be as ruthless as the mullahs themselves. These pragmatists like to cite a Persian proverb: "Only a hound from Mazandaran could catch the fox of the Mazandaran forest".

But before Continental Europe and the U.S. take the MEK off their terrorist lists, it needs to reform itself as some other violent groups have. Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein is an example.

To start with, the MEK has to recognize and accept responsibility for its murderous past. A sincere mea culpa could help it out of its moral and political ghetto.
Next, the MEK should publicly renounce terror and commit itself to working for a new Iranian system based on pluralism, the rule of law and democratic elections.

Before Continental Europe and the U.S. take the MEK off their terrorist lists, it needs to reform itself as some other violent groups have. Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein is an example.

It is also important that the MEK cooperate with Iraqi justice to shed light on the group's role in the repression of Shiites and Kurds under Saddam. Such cooperation would include handing over MEK figures sought by Iraqi prosecutors. The MEK also has to develop a new leadership for itself through open, transparent and multicandidate elections.

Some Iranians may feel that, given its past crimes, the MEK doesn't deserve a second chance. Nevertheless, there has been a change of generations in the MEK. Many of those who murdered innocent people or betrayed Iran by working for Saddam have died or retired; the rest have dwindled to a small minority. The MEK now faces a stark choice: Reform and become a pluralistic group working for Iranian democracy, or remain an obscure sect undeserving of Western support. ENDS MKO 28608

Editor’s note: Mr. Amir Taheri is a veteran Iranian journalist, writer and commentator, covering for several major international media. His new book, "The Persian Night", is scheduled for publication by Encounter Books later this year.

This article was published by the Wall Street Journal on 26 June 2008

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Sunday, June 29, 2008 01:19 [ 1 ]

it is clear that any group that serves the west is a good group for this web site. but allow me to inform you that I visit iran frequently and the same people who hate the regime hate your poppet MEK more and I was a member of MEK as a teenager. we dont forgive traitors who colaberate with the enemy in time of war for their own gain. the iranian students and people alike are far more intelegent than you think. is time you retired.

Monday, June 30, 2008 02:55 [ 2 ]

Shoma Ham keh harfhai regim khomini raa mizanid. Tarikh ghezavat khahad kard va amsale shoma haa kam nabodan keh ancheh lyaghat regim terroristi zede bashar raa be GHAHREMANAN_E YK MELLAT nesar nakardeh bashand. Ancheh keh roshan ast marge in regim ghoron vostai ast. Shoma agar mozd begir nistid ba ghalametan be regim hamleh konid. Midanam dar in mored larzanid chon dometan be ...... ast. Yadam myad vaghti dashtim miraftim keh regim oo sarnegun konim ba khandeh shaytani gofti dar trafik kermanshah geir kardim. Oza be vefgh-e morade akhond haa na khad mand va az ghozmithai ghadimi ham keh dar regim sabegh donbale khatami raftan ham kari bar nemyad chon asasan nokare khareji bodano hastan. Man az new york va milion haa nafar dar noghate digar in jahan khastare marge in regim hastim. Ma hoghogh begire hich kas nistim va roy khodemon hesab mikonimo bas. Hameh chizemono midim keh mardom IRAN hameh chizeshono bedast byaran. be ghoole mardom dar dakhil va kharej MA ZAANO MARDE JANGIM BE JANG TAA BE JANGIM.

Monday, June 30, 2008 08:23 [ 3 ]

by the way, when you say PMOI has killed shiites and shiites hate PMOI, how is it that 3 million iraqi shiites have supported PMOI and called for the eviction of the regime from Iraq? I wonder! seems like the same cover up of regime for the terrorist label on them.

2- you wrote falsely, PMOI opened arms against the regime when in July 20 the regime opened arms first. resistance against dictatorship is just and has nothing to do with terrorism.

3 - the recent foreign minister of iraq, himself has stated before that PMOI had nothing to do with the suppression of kurds. i'm sorry but what's in your interest in writing this article? it seems you are reflecting the regimes fears that the PMOI will be delisted in EU and US. We will judge your writings, Mr. Taheri, in the upcoming year.

rivnbiz bibarg
Monday, June 30, 2008 12:34 [ 4 ]

This is a fair analysis of a complex situation. The writer argues that the Mujahedin cannot be ignored but cannot be given a clean bill of health either. They should first reform themselves and then claim to offer a reform program for Iran, a country that has suffered enough under fascist mullahs. Taheri remains the best analyst of Iranian issues. Future Iran must have a place for all, includingthe Mujahedin. RB

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 05:34 [ 5 ]

people's MoJahadeen, were responsible, for the fall of shah, and destruction of Iran.They wanted power, and in order to get there, they collaborated with the Mullahs, and the communist, to finally destroy IRAN.NO body IN Iran, wanted Islam or Communism, much less, Islamo-communism. Thousands of them ,were executed, on the hands of Islamist. Now, they understand, Not to trust Islamist, or communist, for that Matter. I Think, THe MKO, have a Blood score they need to settle, with the islamist. they should be allowed to get their REVENGE from the mullas, and bring about a regime change in IRAN. Then We need to Constitute a SECULAR DEmocratic regime in Iran, and the MKO, need to fade away in to history. They owe The Irannian Nation, for destroying Iran, and we Irannians, should allow them to get their Revenge from the regime, to bring about a REGIME change, which we need.

Saturday, July 5, 2008 22:09 [ 6 ]

My dear majid it is clear that you are a zionists sympethiser but i have to tell u the days of bullying are over. I hate this regime but I hate the MEK PMOI zionists and the yankee politicians more. and if you think they are helping you for the sake the Iranian people then, all I say to you look at iraq. oh sorry thats all Iran's fault. To my dear mary any group that attacks his/her own country in time of war is a traitor and thats my opinion or may be you dont like opinions that dont match yours so u c u r just as dictetorial as the mullahs god forbid if you ever got there. Dear Bibarg I culdnt agree with your liberal moderate view more. And my retirement comments were directed at the editor of web site and not mr Taheri. Dear Mahtub is clear that you love your country and I repect you for that. But all of you please bear the following in mind " THE ZIONIST AND THE YANKEE POLITICIANS WILL NEVER LET US BUILD ANY LASTING PEACE AND PROSPERITY BECAUSE DEMOCRACY AND RULE OF LAW DOES NOT SERVE THEIR INTREST ONLY MAYHEM, WAR AND PUPPET DICTATORS SERVES THEM. DONT FORGET WE HAD A DEMOCRACY UNDER DR MOSADEGH. THEREFORE THEY MUST BE DEFEATED AT ALL COSTS AND SEND BACK TO THEIR LAND WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS AND THAT IS WHAT IRAN IS TRYING TO DO NOW ONLY WE NEED UNITY AMONGS ALL TO DEFEAT THE WEST & ZIONISTS. BECAUSE BELIVE ME THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS AND THEY ARE ONLY AFTER THEIR OWN INTRESTS."

Sunday, July 6, 2008 06:06 [ 7 ]

Dear behrooz

Real Democracy? Please. I am suprised ,as how ignorant you are. The Zionist and Yankee Politicians? Strenght comes from within. Wisdom comes from education and civility.Its an ongoing process. YOU and your Delusional thoughts, destroyed a perfectly civil, Democratic system.IT was getting better, and it was evloving, like many other countries.YOU took that chance from the mother Iran, and send millions to their graves, in the past 28 years. ZIONIST and yankee politicians?

Monday, July 7, 2008 01:44 [ 8 ]

Dear Mahtub many thanks for your reply. but I guess you consider killing women and children in lebanon by the zionists regime of israel and invading a soverign country by the yankees army civil. open your eyes and take a good look usa and israeal are both managed by mafioso authorities. if you call the likes of rumsfeld, sharon, wolfowitz and cheney civil then I have nothing more to say to you. The internal affairs of any country has nohing to do with any outside force or government but it's own people. What is real democracy? Have u forgotten how bush got to office? If you need a reminder let me know. May peace and prosperity be up on you always. Ignorant who is ignorant?

Monday, July 7, 2008 06:39 [ 9 ]


YOU and your kind, had NO right, to destroy Iran, and Irannian people, and our future , for a bunch of arab, you stupid bastard. where do you get the right, to defend a bunch of arabs, and forsaking our motherland, Iran. OH wait, unless you are an arab, and not a true persian.

DAMN you, Look what your stupidity, brought to Iran zamin. LOOK women and men in iran are paying the price, what for? YOU HAVE A LOT OF NERVE, SIR, TO EVEN TO TALK LIKE THAT, AFTER ALL THE DESTRUCTION, YOU AND YOUR STUPID IDEALOGY HAS COST US. BTW, why don;t you get hot an bothered about Russians, desimating stupid hypocrite.

Monday, July 7, 2008 23:19 [ 10 ]

Dear Mahtub Is obvious that i got to you and you are full of mouth. I live in Bournemouth Uk if you ever wana pay me a visit. unless you are a gutless wonder like the zionists and the yankees.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 05:58 [ 11 ]

MR Behrooz

you are an Idiot. your delusional thoughts of Zionists and yankees, Shows your shear stupidity.NOw that you and your kind destroyed Iran, you reside in England, and enjoy good life, without GUILT,While our dear motherland was dessimated by the islamic clerics, NOT zionist or the Yankees. AS i have said, THE MKO should be allowed to settle their BLOOD score with the illegal islamic regime in IRAN, and help the irannian to restore the secular democratic system in iran. NOT islamist , not communist, JUST secular democratic , with parliamentary constitution, bringing the freeomdoms, Ignorant rats like you , enjoy in UK. MKO owe iran zamin and the history, to help irannians to get rid of the mullahs. THEN they need to fade away in to history, cause irannians do not want communism or islamism. Lets see IF MKO has gut and decency to do that. oh one thing more , you IDIOT, while you have been ranting about zionist and yankees, the rat EU, specially the EU-3, has become more and more wealthy and their citizens enjoying better standard of living, in past 28 years, while poor forsaken irani, has been living in islamic misery. DAMN EU-3, damn russia.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 12:34 [ 12 ]

I'm very interested by the dialogue between Behrooz and Mahtub, that's why I strongly suggest to them to continue this conversation on the Guests column, where others can also join. Thanks to both of you Safa

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 19:04 [ 13 ]

Dera Safa

i hope you realise that i have not as yet used any offensive words or bullying comments. but is clear to me that mahtub lacks a serious will of control over her mouth. therefore I dont see any point. the language used is only used by cowards. if one wishes to swear and use faul words should do so in person rather than in absence. but is typical of people like mahtub(gutless wonders). but i will visit the guests column.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 20:14 [ 14 ]


Again, behrooz, proved his lack of common sense, and his delutional zion, and yanke, conspirators, by the very statement he just made. your english ability, is also reflective of your so called politcal science.How can i sy these things in person, Mr.behrooz, while you there. another stupid, idiotic, deltional statement. you and MKO should finish the mess you caused iranzamin, and then become proper citizens of civil lives, and law and order. NOT bullshit of red scarves, and religion. damn you for destroying my country.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 00:08 [ 15 ]

Dear mahtub

Tel me where you are and I come and see you. i travel to Iran and the majority of countries that are free of zionists and Yankees frequently and just to add some spice I love doctor Mahmood ahmadinejad because he says to gutless wonder like bush and his cronies if you are man enof come and take me on. C u sweat heart

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 02:52 [ 16 ]


You should stay in Iran, permanently. Travel frequently to IRAN? What kind of low life, Hypocrite thug are you? IF you love the system there and love your DR.AHmaginezad, you should stay there and live life there. and enjoy the good life rest of true irannian enjoying. YOU keep exposing yourself, don;t you? you just smart as that ahmagineshad?

Thursday, July 10, 2008 00:56 [ 17 ]

dearest mahtub if you wana continue go to the guest book as that would stop your faul mouth. what can i say i love traveling. i go to iran for a couple of months get bored and go to bournemouth then i get bored and go to barcelona for a few days. I bet you are part of the old outdated, and directionless TAGHOOT stock in LA. common babes be honest for once as im begeining to like you even though you do have a faul mouth.

Thursday, July 10, 2008 05:10 [ 18 ]

how Ironic, Mr.behrooz, that you travel so free, and even get bored, from spain, to UK, and Iran,and call Us Directionless Taghooti.mullahs and their thug supporters ( like you) went after the true Irannian people( nation) that worked and lived with honesty,and pride, and desssimated them , for living like how you Living now, traveling spain, england, back to Iran. the mullahs murdered hundred of thousands of true irani, because they could not make an honest living, and work hard. but they killed , rubbed, and destroyed peoples life,and took over the money, and now they travel and they get bored. as i said , the more you talk, behrooz, the more it shows ,the truce about islamic regime.enjoy your directionless life and bordom, cause, what goes around , will come around. you and mullahs are Criminals, and will be brought to justice. LONG LIVE SECULAR DEMOCRATIC GOVERMENT OF IRAN. P.s: ITS FOUL, NOT faul. your abilities, like the incompetence mullahs are shinning through.

Thursday, July 10, 2008 22:00 [ 19 ]

hi mahtub hope that u r ok. and thanks for correctin my english. as i have told u b 4 i hate this regime but i hate the yanks, zionist and the taghootis more. as the situation we find ourselves in is a direct result of the taghootis corrupt and murderes regime or have u forgotten SAVAK. just call me behrooz or what ever else you wish but (mr) is reserved for surnames in english not first names. by the way u didnt tel me if I were rite about u living in la or not. and y wont u join the guest book is it because u cant have a discussion with any one that doesnt agree with your view unless u swear. even if I were who u say i am u should be tryin to convince me otherwise with reason not just yabetin about the same old same old. i am realy getin to like u but i just think u r a frustrated wana b. just relax a bit i know things r bad in iran but is not all bad either. and oy enof of the thug.

Friday, July 11, 2008 00:45 [ 20 ]

SIR YOU and your kind, brought the good nation of iran, to what it is now. Murderous Corrupt Regime? SAVAK? Funny, you should say that, after summery EXECUTION of MKO members,in 1988, est. 30,000-50,000 people.YOU and your kind, resulted in death of hundred of thousands of Irannina, in the past 28 years, and you still complain about Shah's regime?

Damn you MR. behrooz, you in denial? Iran was abeautiful civil society, with Law and ORDER. not islamic law. Iran had respect and prestige, and people lived a good life. AS I have said before, you and your Delusional Idiologies, brought Iran to what it is, and NOW, YOU BORED and TRAVEL to spain, to UK, and back to IRAN? you are a criminal, like rest of them. and you will be brought to justice, along with the ILlegal islamic regime and their thug vantanfroush supporters. The damage is down. now we are coming after you, like how we went after NAZIs.

Friday, July 11, 2008 02:28 [ 21 ]

hi u r getin quicker in your reply all the time. what is your view about George Galloway. he has a fone in live debate on press tv every week. i bet you think he is a traitor too because he speaks the truth. the days of bullying are over. and u just have to stay in la for the remainder of your empty and directionless life. during the last regime only 10% of the country were living and i bet u r one of those that, all that u had stolen was confiscated. lets c if another 30 years u still wana go after me and talk the talk. after all u bin chatin the same old for 30 years another 30 doesn make all that difference hey.

Friday, July 11, 2008 23:34 [ 22 ]

NO body has stolen as much as the islamist people.where ever i live is non of your biz. you called that living in IRAN? man and women hanged, Islam forced down our throat. women forced to wear hejab, and bcome 2nd class citizens, over 6 million Irannians, in exile,the wealth of the nation plundered, the history of our nation and cultured destroyed, you call that living? people working 2-3 jobs, inflation,and corruption, out of control, blantant poverty, drug abuse, addicts, hopelessness, unemployment, you call that living? wages for teachers, factory workers, civil servants, bus drivers not paid for months at a time, you called that living?rampant drug use, and prostitution, and broken families, you call that living? no true justice, only bullshit islamic law, you call that living? men and women are hanged , for basic vilations, like protest against the regime, or those who fired gas stations, many of them were hanged. for economical justice, and poor people, suffering, you call that living? Reality is that Mr.Behrooz, you and your kind have been involve in crimes against humanity and irannian people, and the fact that the regime, hangs for any violation, is a clear indication, of fear of the regime , from the irannian people. That fear is justified, because they know what they have done, and not a min of desent is tolerated. Islamo-facist? and you sir, know nothing about irani. cause you are a traitor, and a criminal. your pointless, unfounded reasonning, is ever more reflective of your Guilt. you and thugs like you will be brought to justice, cause sooner or later, that regime is going to collapse, from within.I am a good irani, a decent irani, a free woman, that worked hard, and never allowed, islamic non-sense to rule my life. there are millions of us MR. behrooz. and we will bring the islamist and their thug supporters, to justice.just be patient, and wonder directionless, to UK , back to spain, and iran, to help your Boredom?you bored behrooz, living good life, after sending millions of good irani to their early graves? are you bored?

Saturday, July 12, 2008 00:17 [ 23 ]

hi babes I was gettin worried for a minute there i wont hear from u. it is a good text, which taghotti book did u get it out of but threr are no shortages of fictions in your part of the world. u always duck the real questions i asked u what u think of george galloway. and u r rite im a bit bored so i think i go to paris for a week or so. do u wana join me and we can carry on our discussion but no violence please i was tortured as a 14 year old by the basij, but i dont hold that aginst them as they do not know what they do. and u r in the same catagory. ansewr the real questions rather than write me a tex u have read out of a taghooti book and y cant u tel were u live is it because u r gutless like the rest of the taghootis that had ready packed suitcases and ran away like their gutless leader. i have more respect for that thug saddam at least he stayed and died. your gutless leader ran away and his masters wouldnt even let him in. c u

Saturday, July 12, 2008 06:53 [ 24 ]

Taghotti? it must not be a persian word. i even do not know what it means. when your times come ,sir, along with the Mullahs, and their thug supporters, Please, don;t run away. Saddom was hidding in a hole, underground. Yeah, thats gutless. he could not run away, because he was stupid, and that killed him. just wait, you won;t find mullahs, in a underground hole, cause they already have packed, and shipped billions of dollars, and a runaway place. you and your stupid ideology. you all will be brought to justice, sir. all of you, and we will find you, from any hole you , will be escaping to, like saddom. remember, what goes around , does come around.enjoy your week in paris, taghotti?

Saturday, July 12, 2008 15:39 [ 25 ]

Hi babes how r u doin? u still angry? for the last time what do u think of George Galloway. Taghooti means the dirtiest part of anything. exactly what u talk about all the time. and oy reply quicker. u know how quickly i get bored.

Monday, July 14, 2008 02:00 [ 26 ]

Hi Mahtub Were r u? I miss windin u up. Have accpted defeat in our argument as silence is a sign of surender.

Syed Imdad Hussain
Saturday, July 26, 2008 21:04 [ 27 ]

British parliament removed the People's Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) from the U.K.'s list of banned terrorist organizations. I think they have made mistake, and made it wrose for iran and for UK too. because people from round the world now they are understanding that who is X of evil and who is upporting terrorist. Another thing is that West knows how to use Muslims for their own benfits, and how to get muslims to kill each other. All I can say that is good luck to west.

Rohan Gupta
Monday, August 4, 2008 16:10 [ 28 ]

Can we not see what the true problem is here? What do all these so called ethnic cleansings and blind murdering of innocent people stem from? It comes from organized religion.

Every single religion ever created in history is soaked in blood. It seems that everyone is crusading for "their God" but if this God truly exists, he must be a poor embarrassed being indeed. I would be embarrassed of the entire human race, using the name of God to kill anyone and everyone it can.

I think anyone who dares kill in the name of God will be the first to go to Hell. And if that is true, then Hell must be overpopulated by now. Religion = Terrorism plain and simple.

Rohan Gupta
Monday, August 4, 2008 16:18 [ 29 ]

Oh and Behrooz you are pretty much an ignorant and arrogant prick. And in case you have never taken a history course (which is quite apparent) then you would know that it actually is the US and Britain's fault that the current regime exists. So for all your talk, I think its best that you know who is right, and it is not you.

Our countries are to blame (the US and Britain) so maybe you should do your research before you shoot your mouth off like that and start an argument against someone who has every right to be upset. I'll tell you what, when my country (the US) decides that we are tired of your kiss ass prime ministers, we are going to do the same to you. Then you'll think twice about shooting your mouth off once youre family is murdered by a regime that we put into power, and you get to live under US martial law :-)

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MEK leader, Mas'oud Rajavi, is the leader of a Stalinist-Islamist terrorist group.

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