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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

ElBaradei Angry At America And England: IRNA

Published Thursday, February 28, 2008


Paris, 27 Feb. (IPS)         “The United Nations nuclear watchdog’s General Director has expressed his dissatisfaction at the activities of some Western powers in deforming the well documented and legal report of his Agency”, the official Iranian news agency quoted Arab diplomat at the International Atomic Energy as having reported.

Iranian authorities ordered local media to pay tribute to ElBaradei report with bold and big letters on their first pages.

          The news agency, IRNA, was referring to the latest report of Mr. Mohammad ElBaradei, the Egyptian General Director of the IAEA concerning Iranian controversial nuclear activities.

          The Iranians hailed the report as “a great victory” because Mr. ElBaradei has expressed satisfaction with Iranian cooperation with the IAEA inspectors solving six pending points.

          However, he also in the same report said Iran has ignored all demands from the international community to suspend its programmes of enriching uranium and also he could not say Tehran was not developing nuclear weapons, points that the Iranians completely ignored in their presentation of the report to the Iranian people.

          When a government presents a completely distorted and fabricated version of a public ‎and official report, how can you trust it to remain honest about real news and information ‎that cannot be verified by the general public?”, asked influential journalist and political commentator Ahmad Zeydabadi in an article published on 26 February by the independent Iranian internet newspaper Rooz, dealing with the “festivities” Iranian officials are preparing to celebrate the “Great Nuclear Victory”.

Mohammad ElBaradei
IEA Boss ElBaradei issued a double faced report giving satisfaction to both Iran and its interlocutors

          In an article that seems to be a mirror image of the revelations some unidentified Western diplomats associated with the IAEA provide to some hand picked Western media, particularly the three big international news agencies, namely The Associated Press of the United States, Reuters of the Great Britain and Agence France Presse of France about Iranian nuclear activities every time the Iranian nuclear issue is debated, IRNA quoted “Arab diplomats” in Vienna telling journalists that Mr. ElBaradei is “angry” at the fact that some Western powers, saying that “such efforts undermine the credit of the IAEA”.

          “Arab diplomats who gave this information to reporters indicated that Mr. ElBaradei was hinting at the briefing meeting organized on Monday by America and England in Vienna, where (Oli) Heinonnen, the Finish assistant of Mr. ElBaradei and some American and British experts tried to disfigure positive points of the report”, IRNA added, without explaining for which side the report is “positive”, Iran or its 6 interlocutors, namely the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany?

          The author of the article has also forgot that he is supposed to tell events the so-called “Arab diplomats” are revealing in their diplomatic language, and not in the jargon used by Iranian officials and media.

The bulk of the vitriol contained in the article is against Mr. Heinonnen.

          The bulk of the vitriol contained in the article is against Mr. Heinonnen, accused of “deforming official facts from the report”, but again, if fails, as it is a standard with Iranian media, to explain which report, which points, about what, for whom etc..

          “After that briefing, some Arab, Muslim and Asian diplomats protested at Mr. Heinonnen’s efforts to distort the report in favour of America and England and told him he did not have the right to bypass the rules of the IAEA by questioning the official report of ElBaradei”, IRNA went on, adding that the Non Aligned countries are considering an official protest against “abuses made by Heinonnen from the official and positive report”.

          Political analysts observed that the article of the official Iranian news agency in responding to the Western media propaganda by trying to use the same tactics is in line with the orders of the Iranian megalomaniac Leader and the fanatic President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the local media to adopt the “law of Talion” against Western media.

          “But it seems that the man who was put in charge of the task to respond to the Western diplomats and media is not yet familiar with the language of media, let alone the Western media”, one journalist observed, adding “very probably, that article was fabricated at the press department of the presidency, where the employees are not journalists, but poor yes men”. ENDS IRNA RESPONDS 27208



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George Harris
Monday, February 2, 2009 02:41 [ 1 ]

As a former talk show host for WCNN, and a long time supporter of Palstinian autonomy in the West Bank, I deeply appreciate the views of Mr. Elbaradei. Iran has been unduly persecuted by the former Bush Administration, and asked to submit to unreasonable standards. As long as any other nation has nuclear capability, no one has the right to ask Iran to disavow their right to the same technology.

I hope that a new day has arrived and that President Obama will continue to extend the hand of friendship without hidden qualifications.

George Harris 9230 SE 121st Loop Summerfield, FL 34491

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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

In a fabricated news item, Iran official nes agency said IAEA boss is angry with America and England.

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