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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Hardliner Media Attack Nobel Laureate

Published Sunday, January 6, 2008

London-Paris (Rooz, with additional reporting from IPS)                    Newspapers affiliated with the hardliner camp in Iran have begun a new round of ‎accusations this time targeting Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 and head of ‎the Defenders of Human Rights organization in Iran.

The new wave of accusations began after the human rights campaigner Ebadi and her colleagues proposed to create the ‎‎“National Council for Peace” to prevent military action against Iran. Ebadi said, “We ‎have to prevent war and sanctions as much as we can, and for this reason we have started ‎the National Council for Peace, which is composed of members from within and outside ‎the Defenders of Human Rights Organization. Not only do we not want war, but we also ‎say that only during peace we can talk about human rights and democracy”. ‎

Kayhan referred to Ebadi as the “treacherous granny

A TV news program “News of Twenty and Thirty”, which is produced by the political ‎section of the leader-controlled Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting center, and hardline Kayhan ‎newspaper, have published false reports in the past month accusing Ebadi of “war ‎mongering”. ‎

Last week, Kayhan referred to Ebadi as the “treacherous granny”, adding, “This claimer ‎of peace and human rights has asked the United Nations through Western press to punish ‎Iran more”. ‎

Kayhan, which is published under the supervision of the office of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenehei, ‎wrote that Ebadi “calls the Revolutionary Guard… terrorist”. ‎

On Sunday, the paper accused Mrs. Ebadi, an outspoken lawyer who defends dissidents, of being in the payroll of foreign intelligence organizations.

Keyhan daily
Hard line daily Keyhan, a mouthpiece of Ayatollah Khamenehi, is known for fabricating news and stories against dissidents.

For this reason, Keyhan described Mrs. Ebadi of being “anti-Iranian” and claimed that “disguised in the dress of a lawyer, Mrs. Ebadi in fact defends enemies of Iranian State and people”.

In another strange accusation, Kayhan attempted to connect Ebadi’s Nobel Prize ‎ceremony, which was broadcasted live across the globe and watched by millions of ‎people, with the Pope. Kayhan wrote, “Receiving the Nobel peace prize from the Pope ‎was a great honor for Shirin Ebadi”. The paper even claimed that Ebadi “Received her ‎Nobel Peace Prize directly from the hands of the holy Pope”.

Last month, Kayhan, accused Ebadi of false charges on at least 9 different occasions. ‎It is interesting to know that the Editor of Keyhan, appointed to that job by Mr. Khamenehei, is a high-ranking intelligence officer specialising in interrogation of political and intellectual dissidents.

In response to Kayhan’s recent wave of accusations, Ebadi ridiculed the newspaper by ‎saying, “Kayhan is not very good at fabrications”. ‎

Ebadi said, “War is the worst thing that can happen to Iran. Economic sanctions punish ‎the people. We are against sanctions, but if the Security Council wants to force Iran to ‎abide by international law, the answer is political sanctions, not economic ones”. ‎

Ebadi ridiculed the newspaper by ‎saying, “Kayhan is not very good at fabrications”

Ebadi added, “European countries and the Security Council can downgrade their political ‎relations with Iran to a level below ambassadors. This will be more effective in forcing ‎Iran into observe its international obligations. This is because economic sanctions do not ‎affect the Iranian government but rather transfer the pressure to the public”. ‎

In the past month alone, the paper, considered as a mouthpiece of the Iranian leader, attacked Mrs. Ebadi on nine occasions, each time making new fabricated accusations and calumnies against her.

As a matter of fact, the paper routinely prints same kind of fabricated stories against all those who are not in line with the Government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who recently awarded Mr. Hoseyn Shari'atmadari, the Editor of Keyhan, as "the best critical journalist of Iran".

          In a meeting with handpicked students in the city of Yazd, situated in the centre-eastern part on the country and known to be the cradle of the Iranian Zoroastrians, Ayatollah Khamenehei demanded from the would be candidate to the next Legislative elections, political parties and all the concerned people to avoid smearing, denunciations, calumnies against each other in their campaign.

          However, it is strange that at the same time, he allows the same thing against the reformists and their supporters, as seen by the articles Keyhan, considered his mouthpiece, carries against dissidents of all nature, not hesitating to completely deforming facts, inventing unimaginable stories, reporting meeting of leading Iranian dissidents with American or even Israeli officials that had never been.




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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Mrs. Shirin Ebadi
Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, outspoken lawyer, hunman rights campaigner and winner of Nobel Peace Prize for 2003 is viciously attacked by the State-owned media and hard line newspapers, mouthpieces of Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenehei

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