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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Khamenehei Ordered Nuclear Activities Resumed

Published Friday, January 4, 2008

Paris, 3 Jan. (IPS) Iran’s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenehei revealed Thursday 3 January 2008 that it was he who ordered the resumption of nuclear activities, including enriching uranium and confirmed that those activities would continue “unabated”.

          Speaking to handpicked students in the centre-east city of Yazd, the cradle of the Iranian Zoroastrians, Mr. Khamenehei, who is visiting the province of the same name said “as the voluntary suspension of nuclear activities, abused by the enemies, was about to annihilate the activities in the nation, I reiterated that if the process of demands by the nuclear interlocutor is to continue, I would myself enter the arena, something which was done and the process of stopping nuclear activities was changed to a progress of the activities”.

Iran leader reiterated that in the next 20 years, Iran would have 20.000 megawatts of electricity produced by nuclear-powered plants.

          He was referring to the episode that led to the resumption of Iranian nuclear programmes just days before the end of the presidency of moderate president Mohammad Khatami and the fanatic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that replaced him in August 2005, with the start of the activities at the UCF plant in the historical and tourist city of Esfahan and installation of the first cascades of centrifuges for enriching uranium credited to the new President.

          In fact, after years of negotiations between Iran and a Troika of European nations, made of England, France and Germany, Tehran decided to suspend all its atomic activities voluntarily in order to prove its atomic programmes are for peaceful aims, mostly producing electricity, and not destined for making weapons, as Israel, the United States and some other Western nations were insisting about.

          However, under American pressures, the European Troika, after offering a “generous package” to Iran that included political security, continued supply of fuel for the nuclear electricity plants Iran plans to build and other trade and political advantages, suddenly demanded that Tehran stopped all its nuclear programmes.

          As an angry Iran rejected the demands, the Troika stopped negotiations and Tehran immediately resumed the activities full speed under the new hard line Government.

          In his speech, the most important since months, Ayatollah Khamenehei, who, as the Representative of God on earth and Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has the last word on every major domestic and foreign issues, reiterated that in the next 20 years, Iran would have 20.000 megawatts of electricity produced by nuclear-powered plants.

Troika ministers-2
Iran resumed nuclear activities after the Troika called for total halt.

          Iran’s first atom-powered electricity station is under construction by the Russians in the port of Boushehr on the Persian Gulf and is expected to be finished at the end of this year of 2008.

          Ridiculing recent declarations of the American President George W. Bush stating that with the transfer to the site of the fuel needed by the Boushehr plant by the Russians, Iran does no more need enriching uranium, Mr. Khamenehei said “this ridicule statement is like telling a country rich in oil that it must import oil from outside” and repeated that Iran can not rely on foreigners for fuelling the nuclear plants it plans to build.

          “Would not the Iranian people be forced to bow the day when those who supply fuel for our nuclear plants refuses to provide Iran (with fuel materials) or impose drastic conditions?”, he asked, referring indirectly to the months of delays by the Russians to ship fuel for the Boushehr plant, which was to be finished in 2000, but works by the Russian constructor were slowed for various reasons, including possible American pressures.

          On this occasion, Mr. Khamenehei unleashed against Iranian moderates who stress on the compliance of Tehran with the members of the United Nations Security Council’s urging Iran to stop its nuclear activities in order to prevent the Security Council implanting the resolutions it has already adopted against Iran.

          “Some in Iran were challenging the regime and the Government over the nuclear issue, they voiced with the enemies, advising to stop nuclear programmes. The people, the students and scholars, every one must be careful of these infiltrators and watch their activities”, he urged.

Although I'm not against resuming ties, but I consider that the time is not ripe for such an event.

          On the subject of relations with the United States, Mr. Khamenehei said although he is not against resuming ties, but he considers that the time is not ripe for such an event.

          “Though not having relations with the United States, this living Satan, is one of the principles of our foreign policy, but we also have never said that we would never resume relations with America. For the time being, considering that the conditions of the hostilities of the American government, resuming ties is not in our benefit. But the day having relations with America would benefit us, I would be the first to confirm it”, he said, adding that the United States has become “a danger for the whole world”.

          “The hostility of the United States with Iran did not start with the firing statements of (President) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but dates back to the beginning of the Islamic Republic”, he explained, warning that with the renewal of relations with Washington, the influence of the United States would start to grow again, as well as the travel to Iran of American spies”.

          Washington cut all relations with Iran on November 1980 after Iranian Islamic-revolutionary students stormed the huge American embassy in Tehran and took 55 American staff and diplomats as hostages for 444 days.

          On the possibilities of an American military attack on Iran, Mr. Khamenehei said though such possibility has decreased lately, but both the people and the government must be vigilant, for the simple reason that America has always been Iran’s main enemy.

Mr. Khamenehei stressed his support for President Ahmadinejad and his Government.

          Elsewhere, the leader stressed his support for Mr. Ahmadineajad and his Government, telling opponents stop “nagging all the time” and “in kline with the enemies, helping to despair the people highlighting the failures of the Government”.

          “The enemy is working on three fronts against the Islamic Republic: despairing, diverting the potentials and capacities and threats to attack. Confidence of the people in the nation is the only way to fight the enemy and it is to the scientists, scholars, students and the intelligentsia to find the best ways to confront the enemy’s initiatives”, he observed.

          “The press and all those who have the possibility of talking to the people must not all the time criticize and make people despairing, this is not to the benefit of the nation”, he warned, and then turned his wrath on the Iranian human rights campaigners, saying: “Those who their Guiantanamo prison and the torture chambers of Abou Qoreib make every human being ashamed accuses Iran and any government which is against them of violating human rights”. ENDS KHAMENEHEI 3108




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ali reza
Sunday, December 7, 2008 19:45 [ 1 ]

plz say hello to the leader. i will come as soon as posible.

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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Ayatollah Ali Khamenehei
Ayatollah Khamenehei revealed that he had orered nuclear activities to be resumed.

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