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A Grand Ayatollah And An Influencital Journalist Takes The Defence of Baha's

Published Wednesday, May 28, 2008

La Herradura (Spain), 28 May (IPS)     Barely one week after the Shi’a Muslim’s highest religious authority and one of Iran’s most courageous journalist and commentator demanded for the first time that Iranian Baha’is “should have equal civilian rights as all other citizens of the land”, fundamentalist and radical Shi’a circles staunchly opposed to the Baha’is started a vigorous campaign of denunciations and calumnies against the members of the faith that is forbidden by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

         In response to a question from Radio Farda, the Persian service of the Prague-based Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, about the recent arrest and executions of several Baha’is in Iran, Grand Ayatollah Hoseynali Montazeri, one of the founding fathers of the Islamic Republic, has said that “since the Baha’is are Iranian citizens, they pay taxes and obey the laws, they should enjoy same rights as all other Iranians, Muslims or not”.

            “Because the Baha’is do not have a divine Book, this faith has not been recognized as an official religion by the Constitution”, Mr. Montazeri, a founding father of the Islamic Republic alongside Grand Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, explained told the Radio.

The triumph of the Islamic Revolution badly deteriorated the situation of the Baha’is in Iran.

         It was late in 19th century that a young Iranian Shiá cleric named Seyyed Ali Mohammad, pretended that he was the Mahdi, the Shiá’s messiah, and proclaimed a new religion, off shoot of the Shi’ism, the Baha’i.

         Immediately decried as “blasphemy” by all senior Iranian clerics, the Baha’i was declared outlaw and people adopting the new religion were considered as “mortad”, meaning “converted”, an act that under Islam is punishable by death.

Nationalist zealots who were fighting the yoke of Britain over their country, helped naturally by the influential ayatollahs, went further and “discovered” that the new, faked religion was “created” by the British in order to “weaken Islam and divide the Iranians, according to their old political wisdom of “divide and rule”.

         Ever since, and despite the fact that some of the Baha’i leaders had been hanged and others had fled Iran, and despite very harsh treatments imposed on them in general, and despite being illegal and ostracized by most of Iranians, including the intellectuals -- probably because of their absence from the political life, activity forbidden to them by the religion in the one hand and their unabated, albeit low profile proselytism on the other --, their number continued to increase, reaching some 500.000 before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, according to unofficial estimates. 

Ahmad Zeydabadi-3
Iranian Bahaís must have same rights as other Iranians and protected by laws.

         If under the rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi the Baha’s used to enjoy some freedoms and were less harassed, but nevertheless their religion remained outlaw, contrary to the Christians, Zoroastrians and the Jews, the three “divine” religions which are also officially recognized by the present Islamic regime.

         The triumph of the Islamic Revolution badly deteriorated the situation of the Baha’is in Iran. Immediately after the proclamation of the Islamic Republic, a terror campaign was unleashed against the Bahai’s, many influential members of their community, including well-known medical doctors and civil servants had been assassinated, hundreds of them arrested.

What makes their situation worse is that their most sacred shrine is situated in Haifa, Israel, constructed for their most important leader, Bahaullah, who, after fleeing Iran to Baghdad  and then to Turkey, had been exiled by the Ottomans to Palestine, then under British rule, where he died. Hence the routine accusations by the Iranian authorities that they are spies for Israel, as seen by the arrest, some years ago, of tens of them, mostly preachers and ordinary merchants, in the southern city of Shiraz, on the accusation that they were members of a large Israeli espionage network in Iran.

In an article published by the independent, pro-reform internet newspaper “RoozOnline”, based in London and edited in Paris, Mr. Ahmad Zeydabadi called on both the senior clerics and the Government to “clarify” the status of the Baha’is, warning that “if not, it would soon become another subject of confrontation between the regime and the international community”.

“One cannot consider the present generation of Baha’is as “mortad”, or converted into that religion, for the very simple reason that they are born by parents of this faith. Bahai’s, have rights equal to all other Iranians by virtue of having been born in this land, its national framework and live in it and therefore any discrimination against them on the basis of their beliefs undermines the fundamental principles of nation-statehood in modern times”.

         As for the dissident Grand Ayatollah, who, because of his notorious  “franc parler” and his frequent acerb criticism of the present clerical rulers, particularly the megalomaniac Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’i for the “un-Islamic” way the country is ruled by them, has been placed for years under house arrest, his classes shut and himself kept incommunicado, although Baha’i religion remains forbidden, but the members of the faith must not be ostracized, deprived of the basic rights provided by the regime to all Iranians, “regardless of their religion, political adherences, ethnic, sex or social and cultural aspirations, as stipulated by the Constitution”.

“Since the Baha’is are Iranian citizens, they pay taxes and obey the laws, they should enjoy same rights as all other Iranians, Muslims or not”.

While the first salvos against Mr. Zeydabadi were shot by the radical daily Keyhan, considered as the mouthpiece of Mr. Khameneh’i, it was the semi-official Fars news agency, close to the Government of the fanatic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the hard line faction of the ruling clerical establishment that, on 26 May, revealed the launch of the “openly anti-Baha’i, popularly support” internet site in “the very near future”.

While Keyhan was accusing the “president of the outlawed, virtual Office of Consolidating Unity”, -- meaning Mr. Zeydabadi, who was recently voted as the leader of the largest and most popular pro reforms organization of Iranian students – of “defending the godless, pervert, fabricated Baha’i sects”, Fars quoted a certain “doctor Rasoul Pour-Ahmad as warning that “if one keeps silent over the dangers represented by the outlawed, nefarious Baha’i sect, our women (namous) and nation would soon be placed under Israeli boots, thanks to the Baha’is”, a reference to the old suspicions making of the Baha’is the privileged spies for the Jewish State.

“Imam Khomeini, who was the flag bearer of the fight against the Baha’is, and all other senior ayatollahs have all said and repeated that they would never, ever recognize this sect”, the agency quoted Mr. Pour-Ahmad as a warning to Mr. Montazeri, a former Heir to the Islamic Republic, who, after opposing the decision of the leader of the Islamic Revolution to confirm the mass execution of thousands of leftists, from the Islamist-Stalinist organization of the Mojahedeen Khalq to the Marxist-Leninists Fada’iyan Khalq and the Toudeh (Communist) Party in 1986, was dismissed and sent into teaching in Qom.

“That a leading and outspoken cleric like Grand Ayatollah Montazeri has taken the defence of the Bahai’s as Iranian citizens would certainly help the start of a new chapter in relation between the Muslim Iranians with the Baha’is, and eventually stop their harassments”, commented Mr. Rashid Esma’ili in the 28 May issue of RoozOnlin

According to many Iranian scholars, it is possible that in a short period, we would witness a new wave of anti-Baha’i campaign, as signaled by Fars, but since a Grand Ayatollah like Mr. Montazeri and an influential journalist such as Mr. Zeydabadi have started the difficult and highly controversial debate over the situation of the Baha’is, both senior clerics and the Government have to clarify the status of these unfortunate people in Iran, where their faith originated. BAHAIS 28508



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Francis Hayden
Thursday, May 29, 2008 04:11 [ 1 ]

One may say whatever about the Baha'is, but having been born Catholic it was the Baha'is who caused me to appreciate the exalted station of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). I read a lot of non-sense about the Baha'is that I suppose no one can prove. In the end may God sort us all out and let kindness and forbearance be our watchwords in this violent and fanatical age.

Wahid Azal
Thursday, May 29, 2008 05:30 [ 2 ]


In reply please quote ref no: OPM/CD

3 April 2002

Mr Hamid Taheri 19 Dunbar Rd CLAREMONT WA 6010

[(08) 938-45246]

Dear Baha'i Friend,

The National Spiritual Assembly understands that you are involved in a weekly Iranian television programme in Perth, sponsored by an Iranian Muslim.

As you would undoubtedly be aware the House of Justice calls for Baha'is to exercise great caution in their relations with the Iranian community. The National Assembly has determined that your involvement in this programme is not wise. In the best interests of the Faith you should immediately cease your participation in this television programme.

Due to the need to protect the Faith in Australia the National Assembly feels it necessary to warn you that failure to comply with this instruction will result in the removal of your administrative rights. The National Assembly looks forward to receiving confirmation that you have discontinued this activity.

We take this opportunity to recommend that you re-familiarize yourself with the guidance of the Universal House of Justice in its letter dated June 18, 1999. A copy of this letter is enclosed.

With loving Baha'i greetings,


Stephen Hall Secretary

Wahid Azal
Thursday, May 29, 2008 05:33 [ 3 ]

Baha'is In My Backyard (2007 documentary film by independent Israeli film maker Naama Pyritz)

Watch this film.

Wahid Azal
Thursday, May 29, 2008 05:34 [ 4 ]
Wahid Azal
Thursday, May 29, 2008 05:44 [ 5 ]

Ahmad KArimpour's Unanswered letter



Dear Friends,

I read your letter dated 20/08/02 with disgust and have decided to respond to you in English and set the record straight concerning the violation of my human and Baha'i rights and your continued coercive and intimidatory behaviour.

Your initial correspondence to this servant contained false and inaccurate allegations. You failed to conduct an independent enquiry and find out the merits of the case presented to you. You recorded as factual the rumours forwarded to you by a number of ill-intentioned and attention-seeking individuals, some of whom are regarded as the "learned!". You accepted the unsubstantiated gossips of wrong-doers and did not bother to hear my side of the argument. On this count you have failed in one of the basic teachings of our beloved faith: the Independent Investigation of the Truth.

You demanded from me, to recant my alleged association with an organisation I know nothing about and threatened me with sanctions of I did not comply. Though I objected to your bias and prejudice so clearly evident from the tone of your letter, I drafted a short reply and complied with your wishes. I did so purely out of my love for Baha'u'llah and the martyrs of the Faith, whom I had the pleasure of knowing.

Yet in your most recent reply, you once again threaten me with sanctions even though I have complied with your every request. I take refuge in God from your harassments. Your tactics of thought control, inquisition, violation of my individual rights (innocent until proven guilty), intimidation, threats and sanctions are in complete violation of the role and function of a Spiritual Assembly as foretold by Abd'ul Baha and Shoghi Effendi. Your actions resemble the 14th century Inquisition by the Roman Catholic priests.

Your continued harassment of this servant on false charges, have drawn a wedge in our family and resulted in the desertion of the Faith by my daughter - something even the mullahs were incapable of doing.

You have demonstrated to be a puppet in the hands of a few un-elected evil individuals with fancy titles. Persons who can say what they like and commit what wrong-doings they can without being questioned. I ask you, to whom shall we turn to, if these individuals one day rape our children? Why are they above the law?

Anyone who questions their evil methods and intentions, is labelled a "covenant breaker" and cast out of the Faith. Disagreement with them is seen as "trying to build a following" or "campaigning against the covenant". Free speech and expressions of opinion are stifled through the imposition of a soviet style conformity with the system. One is persecuted for thinking independently and threatened with sanctions. Big Brother is watching every where and George Orwell's 1984 is re- lived before our very eyes.

In the mean time "Entry by Troops" becomes "Desertion by Troops" and even the thought-police are not able to halt the un-precendented desertions from the faith that we are witnessing today. Justice and equality amongst the Bahai's has given way to the creation of a new class of clergy with unlimited powers to silence any signs of independent thinking or free enquiry.

In attempting to impose their vain imaginings on individuals, the racist policies of Apartheid and Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party are practiced in disguise.

For the record, I wish to state the following:

1 - If you intend to cast me out of the faith (and yet have no solid reason for doing so), feel free to let me know. My daughters and I will happily resign en masse and grant your wish.

2 - If this event takes place, I reserve my full rights as an Australian citizen and a free individual to raise my case and demand justice through other sources / authorities.

You can never control my heart and faith. I came a Baha'i many decades ago and successfully endured countless sessions of thought-trials with the mullahs. Your continued threats and intimidations pale insignificance compared with what I endured in the Islamic prisons for being a Baha'i.

I make a clear distinction between the Faith of Baha'u'llah and the evil intentions of those who seek leadership positions within the Baha'i administration. Oppression will always be evident in the light of history.

You have failed to be the "loving shepherds" you are meant to be. Choosing to play politics and please the un-elected few is in direct contravention of what you are elected for.


Ahmad Karimpour Perth - WA

Wahid Azal
Thursday, May 29, 2008 05:45 [ 6 ]

Hindustani TIMES

SPY RING BUSTED? - Bahai trustees accused of embezzling funds

July 13th 1996 NAZIYA Alvi New Delhi

IN A complaint filed in a city court, a few trustees of the National Spiritual Assembly of Bahais of India have been accused of espionage by their colleagues. Apparently, they were supplying classified documents from India's defence establishments to Israeli and Iranian spying agencies and making huge amounts in foreign currency. Taking cognisance of the complaint, the additional chief metropolitan magistrate, Kamini Lau, has directed the Economic Offence Wing Cell to immediately register a case against the accused persons. The court has also asked the cell to file a status report with it by August 10.

As per the allegations in the complaint, one of the accused, N.K. Bhudhiraja, general manager of finance with the spiritual organisation, forged an identity card and af fixed his photograph on an armed forces concessions form for fee baggage allowance, which is needed for military officials travelling to places in India and abroad. Apparently, he also used to travel under the fictitious name of 'Captain S. Budhiraja' of the air force station at Yelahanka.

Apparently, the accused, by using such impersonations and forgery managed to clandestinely penetrate into the prohibited defence establishment of the country and get hold of classified documents. In turn, he supplied the sensitive documents to spying agencies in Israel and Iran in return of foreign currency.

The complaint has also alleged that the stamp of the air force station at Yelahanka had been forged with some amount of accuracy and was being used by the accused trustees of the 'spiritual assembly'.

The complaint also alleges that another accused, Payam Shoghi, also a trustee with the society, is in truth an Iranian national. He fraudulently got his name inserted in the ration card of another accused and also got it attested.

On the basis of the ration card he managed to procure an Indian passport. The complaint also states that such passports have been issued to a number of other foreigners by the accused people through a similar fashion of forgery.

The counsel of three complainants Swadesh Kumar, Khub Singh and Gulshan Kumar told the court that they have definitive documentary evidence to prove that the accused were, in addition to the other violations, involved in a large scale Hawala transaction network.

India HC stays arrest of Lotus temple trustees New Delhi | August 18, 2006 9:39:31 PM IST

The Delhi High Court today stayed the arrest of the trustees and management committee members of Delhi's Lotus temple, till September 25 on a complaint registered with the Delhi Police.

Justice A K Sikri directed the Economic Offence Wing(EOW) of the Delhi Police not to arrest the trustees and management committee members of the Lotus temple, founded by the Bahai faith, till the next date of hearing.

Trial Judge Kamini Lau, on the complaint of some of the former employees of the temple, had directed the Delhi Police to lodge a complaint against the trustees and management committee members who were allegedly involved in smuggling of classified defence documents, hawala transactions and religious conversions.

The trustees and members, some of them from Iran, also procured about 80 Indian passports by submitting false address proof, Counsel S S Tripathy and Sandeep Jain said.

Incidentally, Zina Sorabjee, the wife of former Attorney General of India Soli Sorabjee, is one of the trustees of the Lotus Temple, a tourist attraction in the capital.

Senior Counsel K K Sud appearing for the Bahai temple sought direction of the Court for quashing the FIR.

After lodging an FIR, the Delhi Police arrested Iranian Payam Shoghi from Indira Gandhi International Airport while fleeing from the country to Columbia on August 16.

The police had lodged the complaint against nine beneficiaries which included trustees and members of the managing committee.


Wahid Azal
Thursday, May 29, 2008 06:01 [ 7 ]

From: Ian Kluge <iankluge> Date: Sat Apr 15, 2006 3:15 pm Subject: RE: [talisman9] Re: Juan Cole on Iran's 'nuclear defiance' iankluge2000 Invite to Yahoo! 360º

Dear Bacquia,

Two points:

(1) RE paying attention to what they say: many German Jews made that mistake once too. They dismissed Nazi anti-semitism as 'talk' and cheap vote-getting propaganda. They were wrong - and Israel can't afford to be wrong again. I fully support a first strike on Iran's nuclear facilities wherever they may be hidden and by whatever means are needed to destroy them. If the Iranians deny us their oil, destroy their oil facilities - if we can't have their oil, neither will they.

The US can get most of its oil needs met by Canada (already your largest supplier anyway of oil, gas and electricity). The MacMurray (Alberta) Tarsands have more oil than Saudi Arabia just for starters.

2) I have no idea why the Universal House decided as It did, if It did (I haven't even seen the letter allegedly saying these things.) but off the top of my head, I can imagine at least one major reason.

Regime change (one way or another) is coming in the relatively near future and Baha'is must be there when a new regime is established to make their mark on the new government and help move it in genuinely new directions. If they all Baha'is leave they will have lost all credibility as well as opportunities to legally prosecute their former tormentors.

If you want to play hockey, you've got to be on the ice at game-time.

Best wishes,

Ian Kluge

Thursday, May 29, 2008 17:49 [ 8 ]


Could you stop spamming? You seem to spread this all over. You are clearly an enemy of the Baha'i faith, but you seem to have no regard for your fellow countrymen and their safety.

Thursday, May 29, 2008 20:58 [ 9 ]

Ayatollah Montazeri's defense of the Baha'is is very cautious, so it is difficult to know what may come of it. Even small actions are worthy of praise, given the great danger in which Iran's Baha'is now find themselves where the country's president is a member of the Hojjatiyeh (Anti-Baha'i Society). I would caution Baha'is not to place significant weight on such statements until we learn more.

Regarding Wahid Azal's spamming of this article: The individual in question was born Nima Hazini. He is engaged in warfare against his own spiritual past by carrying out a wide-ranging campaign against the Baha'is on just about every site where he can get access, up to and including advocating heinous acts against Baha'i leaders. It is clear that he has no clear understanding of how his own statements and actions are harmful. Simply posting other people's emails without their express permission is a gross violation of netiquette. The rest only further dimishes him.

Friday, May 30, 2008 02:50 [ 10 ]

Heartening to learn that prominent clerics and journalists are defending the human rights of the persecuted community, yet sad to see that even some commenters above seem to share the same irrational hatred of the Baha'is as the Iranian regime does.

Sen McGlinn
Friday, May 30, 2008 13:19 [ 11 ]

The dynamics are very complex: it could be that this will not play out as it did in 1955 and 1980. On the one hand, there is tension between Ahmadinajad's group and the more traditional and pragmatic clerical conservatives. Attacking Bahais is one thing they can agree on.

Second, there is a great and growing distance between the masses and the clerical leadership, and this applies to attitudes to the Bahais. The anti-Bahai clerics feel a need to renew anti-bahai sentiment in the masses, to establish a popular anti-Bahai movement. It is not certain they will succeed, although they might.

Third, events in Egypt in particular play a role. Iranians will ask, if it is possible for Bahais in Egypt to be issued identity cards (a decision to this effect was taken on 1 April, but has not yet been implemented), and so have full citizenship rights, why can they not have citizenship rights in Iran? Events in one part of the Islamic world are increasingly known and influential in other parts, which may work out positively or negatively for the Bahais.

Fourth, there is the emergence of a concept of civil rights in Iranian society, which involves a distinction between one's status as a taxpayer/citizen, and religious status. This is reflected in this news item. I doubt that this will be a more important factor than the first three I've mentioned, in the short term. A culture of enlightenment takes generations to establish, and it is forged more in the education system than in political events

Iain Palin
Friday, May 30, 2008 17:20 [ 12 ]

That a government can, in this day and age, persecute its own citizens not for actual wrongdoing but just because they belong to the "wrong" religion is simply grotesque.

Norma E. Hoyle
Friday, May 30, 2008 20:16 [ 13 ]

Allow me to restrict my comments to a few specifics of the article itself as, however well-meaning, it contained a number of inaccuracies.
(1) the uncorrected assertion of the Grand Ayatollah that Baha'is "do not have a Divine Book." Nothing could be further from the truth. There are well over 100 books of authentic (first hand) Scripture, but if one wanted to focus upon just one, it might be the Kitab-i-Aqdas - translated as The Book of Laws which other Writings make clear are to be 'unfolded' over a period of time as mankind grows in maturity. (2) Siyyid Ali Mohammad, known to posterity as "The Bab" (or Gate), although exceedingly erudite on spiritual matters in general, and the Qur'an in particular, was not a cleric, but a merchant. The assertion that he "pretended" to fulfill prophecy, that the Baha'i Faith is a "new faked religion" may be disproved by an unbiased investigation of the facts, happily available in historical documents. (3) To refer to the Baha'i Faith as an "offshoot" of Shi'a Islam diminishes its significance. It equates with referring to Christianity as an "offshoot" of Judaism. There is no difference. (4) It should perhaps be pointed out that the Bab's Proclamation was NOT as stated, "decried as blasphemy by all clerics". Many high-ranking clerics recognize His Station and embraced His Cause. In that day, as in this, there are those whose motivation is driven by prejudice and/or self-interest. It is refreshing to know that the Grand Ayatollah, however misinformed in his views, does not fall into either category. (5) I personally have a problem with the reference to "low profile proselytism". Proselytism of ANY kind is forbidden in the Baha'i Faith, so one must first ask the question: "What IS proselytism? Is it not forcing one's views upon others? Baha'is are enjoined to share the Teachings of the Bab and Baha'u'llah only with those who are willing to be engaged.

It is hoped that the writer of the article does not feel undermined by the objections I have raised. It is offered in the spirit of true consultation, which is a mainspring of Baha'i belief, and goes hand in glove with the independent investigation of truth.

Norma Hoyle, Canada

Wahid Azal
Sunday, June 1, 2008 12:01 [ 14 ]

The Haifan Bahai organization has not exercised the least modicum of respect for human rights, or rights in general, towards dissidents and outspoken critics to its organization, and the Taheri/Karimpour letters show it. Furthermore it has never extended a whimper of protest towards its Israeli patron and the heinous war crimes and human rights violations committed by the latter, esp. in the summer of 2006 when Israel launched genocidal war against the people of Lebanon. It has never to date responded to or acknowledged the plethora of UN resolutions that condemn Israel and its rogue actions. Recently one of the prominent intellectuals of the Haifan Bahai organziation, Moojan Momen, is even on record - obviously at the behest of the main authorities in Israel who review all literature composed by the Bahai rank and file - declaring myself and 11 individuals "apostates." As anyone with any knowledge of the implications of apostasy knows, such declarations come with real life death sentences.

That stated, the underground political activities of the Haifan Bahai organization in Iran - which the 2005-2006 missionary fiasco uncovered - can be contextualized to be comparable to how Western governments construe the activities of al-Qa'ida and other assorted violent Islamist terrorist organizations on their soil, i.e. dangerous fifth columnists. As such the information I have put up is not spamming. It is put up as a glaring example of the general hypocrisy of the Haifan Bahai organization when it comes to implementing the human rights it decries about the Iranian mullocracy in its own regard. It is put up to demonstrate the anti-Islamic racism/Islamophobia and blood lust of the Haifan Bahai organization towards Iran and Iranians. It is also put up to demonstrate that the voices of dissent and opposition to its own brand of religious fascism will not be silenced.

Now here is a discrepancy regarding this story. The site administrator of Montazeri's site provided an eerily similar missive on behalf of Montazeri as the Western media are now attributing to Montazeri, with one or two differences in wording, in a general discussion about rights that occured back in October 2007. The only difference is that Montazeri clearly states that Bahaism has no legitimacy from the POV of fiqh (principles of jurisprudence). Furthemore, none of the major Western media news outlets have carried this story, and the ones that are carrying it claim that the decision (fatwa) was a recent one. Clearly as Montazeri's own site shows, the opinion (ra'y) is neither recent nor is it a legally binding fiqh based ruling (fatwa).

The Haifan Baha'is are presently making a lot of noise about this story, trying to make it appear as what it is obviously not. This is a curious but transparent misdirection coming as it does on the heels of a court victory by the Remeyite Orthodox Baha'is in Illinois last month against a lawsuit initiated against it by the Haifan Bahai organization:

Finally, information gleaned from various citizen action groups in the US inform that this site is funded by a subsidiary of the Moriah Fund:

If such is the case, the motivations for carrying and then embellishing this story are pretty obvious: it is purely anti-Iranian Neo-Con Zionist propaganda. As such the motivations are purely for "manufactured consent" and "wagging the dog" purposes of setting up public opinion for a US-Israeli sponsored preemptive war against Iran and its people.

DEATH TO HAIFAN BAHAISM! Long live the people of Iran!

Wahid Azal

Wahid Azal
Sunday, June 1, 2008 12:14 [ 15 ]

All of the items I have put up 1) I have permission to put up and 2) Ian Kluge's screed was expressed on a public list so it in no way violates netiquette. If the Haifan Bahai establishment feels it has been hurt by my statements, they have only themselves to blame. Finally, I invite this Haifan Bahai establishment to a public (preferably televised) debate regarding all of the above; or, a courtroom!

Wahid Azal

Wahid Azal
Monday, June 2, 2008 11:21 [ 16 ]

This site here claims to reproduce a text of Montazeri's decision/letter with an affixed date of 14 May 2008:

Curiously, rather than signing off with the hejri date of 18th Jamadi'l-Ula 1429, it actually signs off with a secular Iranian shamsi/solar date of 25th of Ordibehesht 1387. A Grand Ayatollah and Source of Emulation (marja' taqlid) such as Montazeri, if even a liberal dissident to the Khomeinist mullocracy, would never sign an opinion let alone a decision with a secular solar date.

Next, in the discussion section of Montazeri's own site

The webmaster of the discussion logs responds on behalf of Montazeri in a thread with the identically same note and the identically same wording as the purported text of the ruling/opinion the Haifan Bahais are making much noise regarding, but the date of the posting is given as October 2 2007. Moreover, the sentence where Montazeri articulates the fact that the Bahais do not possess rights in fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence) is gratuitously excised in the May 14th missive. Clearly there is a gigantic discrepancy and embellishment happening here, which on the indisputable face of things, is clearly not initiating from Ayatollah Montazeri or any of his representatives.

As such big ??? hangs over the authenticity of all this.

Wahid Azal

Monday, June 2, 2008 16:36 [ 17 ]

Wahid Azal attacks the Baha'is on the basis of "the Taheri letters". It's interesting that he includes no URL for them so that they can verfied; what we see here is just something from his keyboard. A look over the load of spam he has dumped on the comments list shows his fanaticism.

Monday, June 2, 2008 16:40 [ 18 ]

Wahid Azal also fails to include a URL or other verifiable reference for the Hindustan Times story with its sensationalist headline, or for the Ian Kluge excerpt. Again, they seem just to have tripped off his keyboard. Is this someone who can be trusted - or perhaps he is just what he appears to be, an untrustworthy spamming anti-Baha'i fanatic?

Wahid Azal
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 02:11 [ 19 ]

Viv Jacobson (who is actually another name for Paul Hammond) is a member of the Internet Committee of the administrative order of Haifan Bahai organization. Like her other co-workers on TRB, she is a paid hack deputized by the leadership of the Haifan organization to cast hubris on fact and muddy waters with the opposition. Duplicitously and gratuitously she has in the past denied the Taheri letter authenticity. I have challenged her to produce an official missive from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Australia (who issued the letter) substantiating her allegation that the letter is inauthentic. I am sure the attorneys for the Taheri family would like to see it. Viv Jacobson has failed to do so, but whenever the inconvenient truth of this letter is brought up she publicly makes this claim. Nor is the NSA of Australia in any legal position to produce such a missive denying the authenticity of a letter it itself has produced. The Taheri letter carries with it an official reference code at the top of the letter: "ref no: OPM/CD."

The July 13th 2006 Hindustani Times article, penned by Naziya Alvi, can be found in the archives for the Hindustani Times online:

Viv Jacobson/Paul Hammond is always welcome to produce a letter from the editor in chief as well as the journalist responsible for the story, if they believe otherwise especially since this story is known widely to be authentic, its references verifiable, particularly given the follow-up:

"India HC stays arrest of Lotus temple trustees New Delhi | August 18, 2006 9:39:31 PM IST

The Delhi High Court today stayed the arrest of the trustees and management committee members of Delhi's Lotus temple, till September 25 on a complaint registered with the Delhi Police.

Justice A K Sikri directed the Economic Offence Wing(EOW) of the Delhi Police not to arrest the trustees and management committee members of the Lotus temple, founded by the Bahai faith, till the next date of hearing.

Trial Judge Kamini Lau, on the complaint of some of the former employees of the temple, had directed the Delhi Police to lodge a complaint against the trustees and management committee members who were allegedly involved in smuggling of classified defence documents, hawala transactions and religious conversions.

The trustees and members, some of them from Iran, also procured about 80 Indian passports by submitting false address proof, Counsel S S Tripathy and Sandeep Jain said.

Incidentally, Zina Sorabjee, the wife of former Attorney General of India Soli Sorabjee, is one of the trustees of the Lotus Temple, a tourist attraction in the capital.

Senior Counsel K K Sud appearing for the Bahai temple sought direction of the Court for quashing the FIR.

After lodging an FIR, the Delhi Police arrested Iranian Payam Shoghi from Indira Gandhi International Airport while fleeing from the country to Columbia on August 16.

The police had lodged the complaint against nine beneficiaries which included trustees and members of the managing committee.


It is a tried and true tactic of the Haifan Bahai cult and its various hacks to deny the blatantly obvious and lie with a straight face when they are caught in the cycle of their lies. Brutal experience has proven that nothing the Haifan Bahais say can be trusted. The fact that this Montazeri story is a another of their gratuitous propaganda fabrications is yet further testimony.

Wahid Azal

Wahid Azal
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 03:05 [ 20 ]

Watch this thread:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 05:36 [ 21 ]

There have been statement of condemnation of the arrests of the Baha'is by the European Union, and the Governments of Australia, Canada and the United States.

Furthermore, the International Commission of Jurists and Human Rights Watch have also condemned the arrests.

That the injustice has been recognised by these governments and recognised organisations, should be enough to help recognise spurious claims and allegations by any who seek to aid those who arrest, harass, torture and execute the innocent, noble Baha'is of Iran.

Wahid Azal
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 05:52 [ 22 ]

All of the above have at one time or another also condemned on behalf of terrorist organizations such as the MEK. But this isn't about the arrests. It is about the spurious nature of the letter by Ayatollah Montazeri which is fabricated. It is also about the fact that the Haifan Bahai organization has exaggerated and embellished human rights abuses in Iran.


"Slanderous Vilification" = The Baha'i Technique - Ad Hominem, Libel, Slander, Demonize, Scapegoat, Ostracize, Shun, Banish, Backbite, Defame, Vilify, Discredit, Smear, Revile, Suppress, Attack, Bully, Intimidate, Threaten, Malign, Blackball, Deceive, Coerce, Silence, Harass... etc., etc.... CAUTION NON-BAHAIS

Wahid Azal
Thursday, June 19, 2008 02:49 [ 23 ]

In the interests of fairness and accuracy below is a full technical translation of the original fatwa of the dissident Ayatollah Hossein-’Ali Montazeri as taken from the text of his website. As you can see, the text of this fatwa diverges from the one the Haifan Bahais are presently peddling to the Western media (which under any context can be determined a tampered and doctored text): –

In His Name, the Most High!

With salutations and blessings. The opinion of this person (nazar-i-een jenab) regarding the misled cult of Bahaism (firqe-ye zale-ye baha’iye) is the same opinion as the one held during the years before the Revolution, and so has not changed. However [the case of] those who in most cases are not followers of any of the religions sent by heaven (adyan-i-asimani) [i.e. Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam] are referable to the ruling wisdom of the illustrious verse, “Allah (SWT) forbideth thee from dealing unkindly and unjustly with those who do not fight against thee in the faith nor are ones driving thee out of thy homes, for Allah (SWT) loveth those who are just” (Qur’an. 60:8); as well as per the letter of the Commander of the Faithful [‘Ali] to Malik Ashtar, “You must kindle in thy heart kindness, compassion and love for thy subjects. Do not behave towards them as if you are a voracious and ravenous beast and as if your success lies in devouring them… they are brothers to you, and those who have a religion [other than yours], they are human beings like you (The Peak of Eloquence/Nahju’l-Balagha, Letter 53). [As such] their human rights should be respected.

[Now] citizenship rights are also in one particular respect universal and its limits should [therefore] be specified in that respect on the basis of the customary [‘or’ canon] law (‘urfi) and the Constitution [of the Islamic Republic] by the [will of the] majority of the people. However if certain persons are [determined in] pursuing [the path of] enmity against the people of the nation and are abetting foreign enemies, and if their association [with these foreign enemies] be established for the court(s) pursuant to the laws of the nation, they should be punished according to the law(s). Their citizenship [rights] (shahrvandi-i-anan) does not impede [or ‘obstruct’] the body of the law [to act] (mani’ az ajza’-i-qanun nemishavad]. [Yet] it is also necessary that precautions be taken (lazim ast morraqibat shavad) so that the youth of the nation (javanan-i-keshvar) do not become embroiled in their evil propaganda (tablighat-i-su’-i-anan); and if such dealings and association with them will only give cause to their [cultivation and] strength (mu’amileh va mu’asherat mujib-i-taghviyat-i-anan shavad), it is essential to disassociate from [‘or’ shun] them (lazim ast az an ijtinab gardad).

God willing, may your success be assured! 1387/3/25

Dan White
Wednesday, July 9, 2008 01:11 [ 24 ]

Can anyone explain why the rich Baha'is have managed to leave Iran while others have stayed put?

Can anyone explain why the Baha'is have so many properties, build temples, acquire land - could this money not be used to get all the other Baha'is out of Iran?

Why haven't Baha'u'llah, Abdul-Baha and Shoghi Effendi come to the Iranian Baha'is aid? Too many Holy Writings, too many Books, too many lectures - but none come back to really tell us what is happening there - pure speculation, big business in God's name.

Throughout history many men and women have been exiled from country to country, why did none of them think of claiming to be God's latest manifestation? Perhaps they were too honest and not looking for glory.

I guess the human beings between 620 AD and 1863 were very spiritual. God didn't see the need to send another male prophet? Interesting, isn't it? Curious how this invisible man made God works.

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Saturday, February 14, 2009 00:12 [ 25 ]

Wahid Azal - with respect I see you acting like a drowning animal; lashing out in fear and anger at whatever is around you. Seek peace within yourself and let the anger diffuse like vapour into the air. Regardless of what history has done or how we interpret it, you will benefit from this suggestion.

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