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Deciding The Fate Of The Mojahedin Khalq Organisation

Published Friday, October 10, 2008

New York     The Bush administration inherited many of Iraq's problems when it invaded that country, including an Iranian terrorist organization funded and armed by Saddam Hussein, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO).

          Though in the midst of a war on terror, the Bush Administration chose in 2003 to protect 3,000 of the organization's militants and house them in a camp given to the group by Saddam — Camp Ashraf just north of Baghdad, ever since, the fate of this State Department-listed terrorist organization has been unclear.

          Hated by Iraqis for its involvement in Saddam's crimes against the Iraqi people, the Baghdad government wants to expel the group. But no country is willing to take them.

          Though the Iranian government wants to put the group's leadership, particularly Mr. Mas’oud Rajavi, the leader of the Organisation on trial in Iran, it seems less interested in the organization's rank and file.

The MKO became an integral part of the Iraqi army during the war between Iraq and Iran

          For their part, the European governments have little interest in taking in 3,000 battle-hardened Muslim militants, fearing that they will use Europe as a base to plan and execute further terrorist attacks.

          The U.S., on the other hand, has already contradicted its own principles by giving preferential treatment to an organization on the State Department's terrorist list — even though President Bush himself pointed to the organization's patronage under Saddam Hussein as evidence of Iraq's support for international terrorists in his speech to the United Nations in September 2002.

          "Iraq continues to shelter and support terrorist organizations that direct violence against Iran," President Bush said. To complicate matters further, if reports that the U.S. has used MKO terrorists for cross-border raids into Iran are true, then Washington certainly doesn't want these militants to end up in Iranian hands.

Washington seems doomed if it does, doomed if it doesn't.

          Members of the terrorist organization have protested outside the White House this past week, angered by the Bush administration's decision to hand over Camp Ashraf to the Iraqi government. The government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will surrender the MKO members to Tehran, they argue, who in turn will imprison and execute them.

          Though approximately 500 MKO fighters have been repatriated to Iran and no reports of abuse have emerged according to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which oversaw their return, sending rank-and-file Mujahedin members to Iran against their will would be irresponsible.

          Hated by the Iranian people for having fought on Saddam's side in the Iraq-Iran war, the Iranian Mojahedin is understandably fearful of the fate awaiting them in Iran. After all, the Iranian government systematically violates the human rights of journalists and union leaders alike, let alone anti-Iranian terrorists.

The U.S. has already contradicted its own principles by giving preferential treatment to an organization on the State Department's terrorist list .

          Yet, contrary to the protesters outside the White House, the issue is not a choice between freedom in Camp Ashraf and captivity in Iran.          

          The Mojahedin is not an effective opposition to the unpopular government in Iran as the organization's defenders in Washington claim, but a politico-religious cult that brainwashes its members, places children of Mojahedin members with other families in order to prevent parents from defecting, and who according to Human Rights Watch, maintains control by torturing its rank and file. "Members who try to leave the Mujahedin pay a very heavy price," according to Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch.         

          Its involvement in terrorism is undisputed. It assassinated several Americans in Iran in the 1970s. It supported the taking of the U.S. Embassy in Iran and blasted Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini for releasing the American diplomats in 1981, arguing instead that the hostages should have been executed. It made a pact with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s and fought alongside his army against their Iranian countrymen. Later in the 1990s, they became Saddam's most trusted henchmen, tasked with quelling Kurdish and Shiite uprisings against the Iraqi dictator.

According to defectors, Mujahedin members in Camp Ashraf celebrated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

          In 2003, French authorities descended upon the Mujahedin headquarters in France, arresting the leader of the cult, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. Immediately, zealous Mojahedin members staged hunger strikes and several set themselves ablaze. Hardly the behavior of a democratically oriented opposition group.

          But the vast majority of the Camp Ashraf residents are not so much members of a terrorist cult as they are victims of it. The camp is itself a prison. It may have provided Mujahedin militants with protection against ordinary Iraqis who sought to avenge their relatives killed by the Mojahedin at the behest of Saddam Hussein, but the prison has primarily enabled the leaders of the terrorist organization to prevent the rank and file from defecting.

          Rather than debating where to expel the Mojahedin terrorists, help should be provided to the rank and file to break with the cult and make free choices about their future. It's the only humanitarian solution to this dilemma - and one that defeats rather than protects this anti-American terrorist group. ENDS MKO FATE 101008

Editor’s note: Mr. Trita Parsi is the author of "Treacherous Alliance -- The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran and the U.S.", a Silver Medal Recipient of the Council on Foreign Relations' Arthur Ross Book Award, the most significant award for a book on foreign affairs.

This article was published by The New York Times on 5 October 2008

Highlights and some editing are by IPS



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Jahanshah Rashidian
Saturday, October 11, 2008 20:13 [ 1 ]

سازمان مجاهدین در تیررس لابی های ملاها

جهانشاه رشيديان

برای اپوزیسیون جمهوری اسلامی ـ که خواستار برقراری یک حکومت سکولار و دمکراتیک در ایران است ـ برخورد به سازمان مجاهدین خلق با برخوردی که رژیم و مدافعین رژیم با آن می کنند متفاوت است. از نظر اپوزیسیون سکولار و دمکراتیک، مخالفت با مجاهدین دو دلیل اصلی دارد:

۱ـ «سازمان مجاهدین خلق» یک سازمان اسلامی است و مانند رژیم حاکم و یا هر جریان اسلام سیاسی غیر دموکراتیک، غیر قابل اصلاح و ارتجاعی است.

۲ـ سازمان مجاهدین به دلیل همکاری با رژیم صدام فاقد صلاحیت ملی است.

اما پيوند ناگسستنی این دو اصل برای رژیم و مدافعانش مطرح نیست و آنان فقط جنبهء دوم را عمده می کنند؛ حال آنکه، از نظر اکثریت مردم، هر دو جنبه به یکسان و در پيوند با هم مهم هستند.

مدافعان رژیم در خارج، مانند دو سازمان لابی گر دوقلوی CASMII و NIAC، مجاهدین را بدلیل مبارزه با رژیم مارک تروریست می زنند و، به دلیل همکاری با صدام، آن را خائن می دانند. حال آنکه، در واقع، بر خلاف تبلیغات این دو گروه، رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در ابعادی وسیعتر هم تروریست است و هم خائن به منافع، ارزش های ملی، و مردم ایران.

پیدایش مجاهدین بر زمینه های مادی و ذهنی خاصی صورت گرفته که اینک وجود خارجی ندارند و لذا این سازمان، مانند هم مذهب خود جمهوری اسلامی، نمی تواند دلیل حیات خود را توجیه کند و بناچار به نیرنگ، دیکتاتوری، و انحاء خیانت روی می آورد.

در سال ۱۳۴۴، محمد حنیف نژاد،علی اصغر بدیع زادگان، و سعید محسن، سازمان مجاهدین خلق را تأسیس کردند. هدف سازمان سرنگونی رژیم شاه و استقرار یک حکومت اسلامی بود (نوع این حکومت مشخص نبود). شیوهء جایگزینی هم مبارزهء مسلحانه بود که از مبارزات انقلابیون امریکای لاتین، بویژه انقلاب کوبا، الهام می گرفت. شرایط ذهنی داخلی و خارجی آن زمان این مبازه را تا حدودی توجیه و طلب می کرد. خطر اسلام سیاسی هنوز محسوس نبود.

این سازمان، از ابتدا، نه چپ بود و نه به آزادی های فردی ـ اجتماعی پایبند بود. با وجود الهام گیری از شیوه و واژگان چپ و انقلابیون مارکسیست، مجاهدین یک جریان اسلامی و نزدیک به نهضت آزادی (مهندس بازرگان)، خمینی و دیگر جریانات فکری سال های بعد از غائلهء خونین خمینی در خرداد 42 بود که آن را ارتجاع اسلامی علیه اهدای حق رأی به زنان و زمین به دهقانان، و نه استبداد شاه، بوجود آورد.

کلیهء رهبران اولیهء سازمان یا توسط رژیم شاه اعدام و یا در مبازات مسلحانه کشته شدند، و یا در روند «تغییرات ایدئولوژيک» توسط «برادران قبلی و رفقای کودتاچی» تصفیهء فیزیکی شدند. تنها بازماندهء رهبری مسعود رجوی بود که بعد از آزادی زندانیان سیاسی توسط دولت بختیار، رهبری سازمان را در دست گرفت.

حمایت سازمان از «امام» خمینی و انقلاب اسلامی راه را برای شرکت آن درماشین دولتی هموار نکرد و سرانجام، بدنبال تظاهرات گسترده در سی خرداد ۱۳۶۰ در تهران و کشتار بسیاری از تظاهر کنندگان بدستور خمینی، این سازمان ـ مانند دوران شاه ـ دوباره به قهر روی آورد.

بعد از تظاهرات سی خرداد و عزل بنی صدر، مسعودرجوی و بنی صدر بلافاصله مخفی شده و بعد، طی پروازی توسط سرهنگ خلبان بهزاد معزی، به پاریس منتقل شدند. در پاریس رجوی داماد بنی صدر شد. این دو، همراه برخی شخصیت ها و گروه های مخالف، شورای ملی مقاومت را، برای مبارزه با حکومت جمهوری اسلامی، در پاریس تشکیل دادند.

رژیم نیز، در پاسخ به این اقدامات و مبارزهء مسلحانهء مجاهدین، ماشین سرکوب را بسط داد و در ابعادی ملی به کشتار و دستگیری بسیاری از افراد مشکوک مشغول گردید. در مدتی کمتر از چند ماه، بیش از ۷۰۰۰ تن از مظنونین «منافق و ملحد» در ایران اعدام شدند و هرگونه آزادی از جامعه گرفته شد .

تا این مقطع، سازمان هنوز دارای پایهء مردمی و همرزم بعضی از جریانات چپ مخالف رژیم بود و خصلت اسلامی آن هنوز مسئلهء تعین کننده ای برای چپ و دیگر شخصیت های دمکرات و سکولار نبود.

به خاطر می آورم که در پاریس هواداران مجاهد با دانشجویان چپ صفوف مشترکی بر علیه جریانات طرفدار رژیم (حزب الهی، امت، توده و اکثریت) تشکیل می دادند و فعاليت های آنان تا مدتی مشترک بودند.

آنچه سازمان مجاهدین را یکباره بی آبرو کرد، ازدواج مسعود رجوی با مریم ابریشمچی، همسر «برادر مجاهد»، مهدی ابریشمچی، در ۱۳۶۴بود. شاید اگر سازمان این واقعه را نیز، مانند ازدواج و جدائی رجوی با دختر بنی صدر، یک مصلحت سیاسی م ینامید انعکاس چندان قبیحی نداشت. اما مبلغان و چابلوسان رجوی این واقعه را بعنوان «انقلاب ایدئولوژیک» تبلیغ و با اغراق مشمئز کننده ای این «حکمت رهبری» را تبلیغ و تمجید می کردند.

بخاطر می آورم، طی اعلامیه ای در پاریس این ازدواج را با ازدواج پغمبر اسلام با همسر پسر خوانده اش، زید، مقایسه و توجیه کردند. روزنامهء مجاهد مدت ها صفحاتش مملو از اعجاب این «حکمت الهی و انقلاب درونی» بود؛ حکمتی که کماکان برای عموم غیر قابل فهم بود و مردم می بایست منتظر اثرات ملی آن می ماندند! در عين حال، برای ماستمالی واقعه، معیارهای ذهنی جدید و واژگان من درآوردی خاصی در درون سازمان رایج شد و نظم جدیدی بوجود آمد که حاکی از فساد اخلاقی رهبری و آغاز سقوط سیاسی کل سازمان بود.

در عمل نیز این «انقلاب ایدئولوژيک» نه تنها بعضی از هواداران سازمان را مأیوس کرد و حتی چند تنی را به مخالفت و انشعاب کشاند، بلکه سازمان را از یک جریان غیر دموکراتیک اسلامی به یک کیش سیاسی ـ اسلامی تنزل داد.

واقعهء دوم انتقال سازمان به عراق (که «منطقه» خوانده می شد) بود که در نهایت آن را به زائده ای از حزب بعث و ابزار سرکوب صدام علیه مردم عراق تبدیل کرد. در عراق، سازمان به یک فرقهء خطرناک تبدیل شد که حتی به «بریده ها» ی خود نيز رحم نمی کرد.

سازمان حتی در زنگی زناشوئی اعضاء ـ مانند طلاق، جدائی فرزندان از والدین و غیره ـ دخالت می کرد. روابط درون سازمانی نیز با اطاعت مطلق و سلسله مراتب استالینیستی، تفکیک زن و مرد بر اساس دگم محرم ـ نا محرم، و ترویج مراسم و شعائر و اخلاق اسلامی در اردوگاه اشرف مترداف شد.

بعدازسقوط صدام ، مجاهدین می دانستند که مردم ایران:

ــ اولاً، حکومت اسلامی ـ از هر قماشی ـ را نمی خواهند.

ــ دوماً، از نظر مردم، متحدان صدام فرقی با ملاها ندارند. هر دو دسته به نحوی بیگانه پرست و دشمن آزادی و منافع ایران هستند.

برای رژیم، تنها دردسر مجاهدین، وجه مصالحه قرار دادن آن توسط امریکا در معاملات سیاسی اش با ملاها است. به همین دلیل نیز لابی های رژیم در خارج، با امکانات وسیع مالی و کانال هائی که ـ حتا در ميان رسانه های «اوپوزیسیون» ـ دارند و دست و پا می کنند، خواستار انقراض سازمان هستند تا برگ برندهء امریکا را بسوزانند. مأموريت اين لابی ها هم عمده کردن نقش «دشمن دور دست، یا در خارج» است تا همگان دشمن راستين ایران و مردم را، که خود رژيم ملاها است، فراموش کنند.

آنها معمولاً هم با ظاهری غیر اسلامی، اسامی غلط انداز و فريبنده ای چون نام های اصیل پارسی، لاف وطن پرستی و استعمال کلمهء «ایران» بجای «جمهوری اسلامی»، آنگونه علیه «دشمنان» ایران ـ بخوان «دشمنان ملاها» ـ تبليغ می کنند که نقش دشمن اصلی ايران، يعنی رژیم جمهوری اسلامی، در ميان اين همه دشمن، بکلی محو شود!

Sunday, October 12, 2008 15:15 [ 2 ]

The lack of honesty has infested the Iranian political arena. Case in point: Trita Parsi. He has repeatedly said that NIAC is a non political organization that is solely focused on empowering Iranian Americans in the US. However, almost all of their activities are focused on helping Iranian regime by easing the West’s pressure on them. NIAC members (rank and file) have seen through this. Their recent meetings have all ended up in shouting matches on this issue. According to their own admissions, NIAC has lost credibility both among Iranian Americans and in the Congress. On the other hand, this makes it easier for Parsi and partners to come out of closet, take their gloves off and attack Iranian main opposition. This was not the first time. Over a span of 5 year, Parsi has written 27 anti MEK articles.

In July he invited two agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry for a meeting in Congress. To avoid the objection of NIAC members, this meeting was even kept in secrete from their own members. The invitation was sent by Parsi using his Johns Hopkins University e-mail address (in clear violation of JHU policies). Unfortunately for Parsi and his Iranian partners, the US Homeland Security became abreast of this and blocked the Iranian agents entering the country.

From: Trita Parsi [] Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 1:16 PM To: Trita Parsi Subject: A U.S.-Iran Proxy War? The Case of the Mujahedin Khalq Date: Thursday, July 30, 2008 Time:11:30-1:00 PM ROOM: HC-8, Capitol Building

NATIONAL IRANIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO A POLICY BRIEFING LUNCHEON A U.S.-Iran Proxy War? The Case of the Mujahedin Khalq Speakers: Massoud Khodabandeh, Founder of Iran Interlink Anne Singleton, Author of Saddam’s Private Army Is the United States involved in a proxy war against Iran using a terrorist organizations? Despite the Mujahedin Khalq’s (MKO/MEK) inclusion on the United States Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list, press reports indicate that the U.S. is supporting the group to carry out attacks against Iran in an attempt to destabilize the Iranian government. With 3,800 MEK fighters in U.S. controlled territory in Iraq, the State Department will announce the results of its five year review of the group and its FTO status in October 2008. Join us on July 30th as we look at the MEK's role in U.S.-Iran policy and examine whether they are an asset or burden to the United States. Former MEK members, Massoud Khodabandeh and Anne Singleton, will share their insights on the group’s inner workings and capabilities.

Open to Members and Staff Only RSVP by July 29 COB to Sara Shokravi at or (202) 386-6324 Sponsored by the Ploughshares Fund, Kenbe Foundation, The Pluralism Fund, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 05:58 [ 3 ]

Mr. Parsi is a self-appointed represantative of irano-american community. His appointement has been arranged by both Mollahs and Mollahs's financia patners in the US. All of which has nothing to do with the interests of Iranian nation who is the obvious hostage of Mollahs in Iran. Parsi and his gan have mission to use the mubby waters of tension between the West and the Mollahs'regime to divert people from human rights violations, women's rights and sharia-based crimes under Mollahs'regime by focusing on danger from outside, including MOK. His band is stooges of Mollahs in the West and gets support from both Mollahs and oil companies dealing with Mollahs.

Friday, October 17, 2008 11:26 [ 4 ]

Roya ‘s comment on Mr. Trita Parsi is grossly exaggerated and is based on the fanciful and far-fetched assertion of some of the discredited Iranian opposition groups in the west , the goal of these renegades is to topple the regime in Iran and replace it with secular fascist similar to Shah’s regime at any costs, even some of these traitors advocate military intervention Iraqi style to overthrow the regime in Tehran. Some of these individuals who hide under the banner of democracy and freedom in Iran have close link to the neo-cons and they are openly supporting John McCain, the ultra right candidate for US presidency who wants to bomb Iran to Stone Age. Undoubtedly the regime in Iran is repressive and anti democratic but ultimately the Iranian people will decide the fate of this regime and not the White House or the supporters of neo-cons.

Saturday, October 18, 2008 14:29 [ 5 ]

Arash. You just regurgitated what your pattern models, NIAC /CASMII or lobbyists of Mollahs'regime propagate. I did not refer to anything like "neocons, shah, or a fascist regime" but the plight of people under the IRI. Stay focused and tell people of Iran if Mollahs are legitimate and have right to rule. you and Mr. Parsi or any sold out pro-IRI are now expected to directly answer this simple question without diverting the subject. You may fool some Muslims out of Iran, but not Iranian people who are forced to carry the yoke of a medieval regime. People of Iran want freedom, and secular regime. If you beleive in the continuity of this regime, then show your facts and reasons that mollahs' regime is legitimate and has right to rule.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 03:12 [ 6 ]


Tuesday, October 21, 2008 09:58 [ 7 ]

Roya You are just regurgitating neo-cons propaganda.

  1. According to your logic organizations like, NIAC /CASMII are or lobbyists of Mullahs’ regime, while MKO, Pars TV , Persian Pac, , Hassan Daei and Mohammad Parvin. Meiboudi, Reza Pahlavi are fighting for democracy and human rights and they don’t have a hidden agenda. They are not linked to the neo-cons or they don’t support John McCain.
  2. Vow “You may fool some Muslims out of Iran, but not Iranian people who are forced to carry the yoke of a medieval regim” I don’t think u have read my comment, read the last paragraph again .Contrary to your emotional outburst I and many Iranians care about our people but I emphasize change must come within by the people and not by traitors who collaborate with the foreign powers.
  3. The Iranian nation don’t need sermon from these reactionary forces from outside to tell them about human right violations, they feel it to the bones , on the daily basis the atrocity committed by the regime. If you ,make an effort and go to Iran and talk and discuss these issues you get the firsthand knowledge of the situations. People like Dr Zaraffsahan spent 5 years in the IR dungeon; listen to him on Chehbaydkard site.
  4. Either you don’t know the work done by NIAC /CASMII or you are a diehard supporter of Iranian opposition groups who are prepared to sacrifice the interest of their Iranian nation to achieve their objectives, these groups have similar agenda like Ahamad Chalaibi in Iraq.
  5. Trita Parsi have recently published a book called Treacherous Alliance which exposes IR regime secret dealing with Israel and call into question IR anti-Israeli slogans, how come he is a lobbyist for the regime, he and many others who truly love Iran want to avert WAR, something the vast majority of Iranians don’t want, WAR and SANCTION hurt the people not the regime, put that in your head.
Friday, December 5, 2008 01:43 [ 8 ]

In response to Arash's defence of Trita Parsi, and acusing the opposition to be siding with the neo-cons, I should say to this so called patriotic person! that, Roya is absolutely right. Arash, you're scaring people of a foreign invasion??!!! What hasn't Khomeini's regime done to our people in the last 30 years, that is less of a foreign invader? What they have done to our nation is nothing less than what the mongols did. Out of this regime came the selling our children in Karachi, and in Dubai. Out of this regime has come a barbaric system that has spent billions of dollars of our wealth for Hizbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups in the region. If I wanted to continue describing the damage they have done to our country, it would take a booklet. Just go and see for instance what is the result of their policy towards the Caspian Sea, and how we have lost our soverignty in that geo-political region, just because the mullahs need the support of the Russians. At the same time, you compare the Iranian opposition to Ahmad Chalabi?? How nice! Chalabi was an agent of the IRI, who duped the western governments into believing in the WMD story, therefore getting rid of the biggest enemy of the IRI in the region. You believe in the Iranian people's choice in getting rid of the IRI, and not the foreign based opposition and the foreign powers. Since you're such a believer in a domestic solution to this tyranny, why are you sitting in a foreign country (which is my assumption, since you must be one of the followers of Mr. Parsi). Why don't you go inside the country and do something, so that the people can get rid of this barbaric regime since you belive in it so much? You don't, because you'd rather have this regime stays in power, since they pay your paychecks! Nobody belives you when you say two words against the terrorist clergy, then write a whole book against its opposition! This was exposed by the opposition as a ploy by the IRI, to discredit its opponents. Mr. Zarafshan that you refer to him, can go to jail for another 5 years, but it won't change anything since, the regime is not fearful of this kind of opposition, the likes of Akbar Gangi, Tabarzadi, Shirin Ebadi, since these people actually prolong the existance of the mullahs regime. Shirin Ebadi can talk about the prisoners in Guantanamo, and concern herself with their case, since obviously she has to go back and forth between Iran, and other countries, and talking too much might cost her the use of her passport and get her banned from travelling abroad. Akbar Gangi and the rest are getting leave of absense from prisoners in a regime that exectues the supporters of the geniun opposition in thousands. So, please, don't give us this garbage about going back to Iran, and doing something over there!!! People know who you are. If you know something about History, go read about the people like Charles DeGaul who had to and forced to live in exile in order to free his country, France from the yoke of the Nazis (the ideological buddies of the mullahs)! He did it with the help of the allies (Americans, British). Finally, nobody in the Iranian opposition condones any kind of attacks on Iran, but we do differentiate between our beloved homeland, Iran, and the Islamic Repulbic, So, those who equate Iran and the Islamic Republic, are the true traitors, since they're using this same weapon to fool our people. Mullahs are the worst enemies of Iran, as their founder always said: "nationalism is wrong, follow the dear Islam!!".

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 14:32 [ 9 ]

Reply to Iradj

You are repeating the same laborious and antiquated slogans over and over again, you don’t have anything new to say, and for the past 30 years we heard these many times over.

Furthermore it is a manifestation of ineffectiveness of the reactionary and misguided oppositions and desperate renegades and also exposes their hidden agenda with the connivance of Western Governments.

• In answer to your question “Why don't you go inside the country and do something, so that the people can get rid of this barbaric regime since you believe in it so much”, you have the audacity to dictate to me while you are sitting in the comfort of your home probably in LA , what to do.

• What do you mean by that “People know who you are” so who am I? I am an ordinary Iranian who cares about my people more than you. You think if me and people like me don’t swear at regime in Iran, and we are against Americans and western powers hegemony in the region we are pro regime.

• All the genuine democratic opposition groups who care about Iranian people know the history of US involvement in the past 50 years in Iran. Once again the US and UK identified their new enemy long ago and are preparing the propaganda for the war ahead. One reason is to divert public opinion from their failure in the Iraq quagmire, by launching an illegal and unprovoked war of aggression against Iran.

• The neo-cons twisted ideology based on hatred and war, Bush Administration is truly wicked and is full of warmongers. US has vested interest in the region and couldn’t careless about democracy and human rights. After all they toppled the democratic government of Dr Mossadegh in 1952 and replaced it with a dictator called Shah to represent US corporations in the region.

• This is a contradiction in terms by saying that “Mr. Zarafshan can go to jail for another 5 years, but it won't change anything”. So according to your philosophy even people who take a risk and do something, is not worthwhile and meaningful.

• What is your solution, sit down in the comfort your home like most of these desperate renegades and do nothing, keep lobbying the neo-con cabals or visit the Whitehorse ask US President to change the regime for you, and bringing to Iran, American democracy, Iraqi style. So is it what you want a quick fix solution.

The democracy and freedom must be homegrown and has to come within and with the participation of the masses; otherwise won’t achieve its desire objectives. Iranian did not receive any outside help.

  1. In 1906, Moustaueh Revolution, subsequently that constitution which was based on democracy and the rule of law destroyed by the British inspired Reza Khan Coup.
  2. In 1950-1952 a democratic and nationalist movement headed by Premier Dr. Mossadegh led to nationalization of oil, that movement was crushed and received a similar fate by CIA coup.
  3. In the great people revolution of 1979, which got a major blow by Khomeini’s counterrevolution?

• Although none of these achieved their optimum goals and objectives i.e. Freedom, Democracy and Social justice for the people of Iran. In the historical context, all of these movements have left the lasting legacy on the Iranian political system, that Iranian nation are still seeking modernity, democracy and freedom and will not stop until achieves these .

• Those like you who live in cloud cuckoo land or have not read the Iranian history don’t realize the major obstacles for Iranians to overcome and become a fully functioning democracy are the interference of foreign powers. By that I mean the people aspirations and hopes were dashed every time they tried to remove tyranny by European or North American so called democratic countries.

• If the British and Americans wanted democracy to take root in Iran they wouldn’t destroy it in a first place, British supported Reza Khan until he was no longer useful to them, US supported the Shah dictatorship until his expiry date was over, then throw him out like a dead mouse, and paved the way for Khomeini accession to power.

• You think you are so clever by telling me “If you know something about History of Nazi occupation of France” I read it long time go. Something you haven’t read you forgot to mention; as president, Charles de Gaulle supported French rule over Algeria. The unpopular Algerian War (1954–1962), also known as Algerian War of Independence, led to Algeria's independence from France.

• One of the most important decolonization war which killed more than a million Algerians and destroyed people livelihoods, infrastructures, roads and public buildings.

• I am not like you infatuate with western countries while ignoring the history of the so called third world and war of liberations waged by the people, unlike you I follow the struggle of people against the western powers and the imperialists who are plundering the third world people wealth and at the same time preaching us about democracy and human rights, these shallow slogans and propaganda are for their own pubic consumptions.

• Instead of admiring and respecting the people who risk their lives and limbs like Akbar Gangi, Tabarzadi, Shirin Ebadi , you audaciously and cheekily mocking their work , why don’t you go to Iran and accept prison terms, hunger strike, psychological and physical torture see what is feel like.

• Your Rhetoric has become repetitive and tiresome and it is very similar to the renegades and useless oppositions based mostly in LA or broadcast from there, like Pars TV, Channel one, Reza Pahlavi, Masud Rajavi band and most of renegades aged Iranian secular fascist and supporters of the coward Shah and Pahlavi Dynasty.

• These opposition groups which I call couch potatoes oppositions have the same characteristic and often they are indistinguishable from each other.

• The behavior and conduct of these groups in the past 30 years has completely overshadowed the genuine opposition groups both at home and abroad and more importantly their actions has been used effectively by the IR to discredit the genuine civil and opposition movements.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 20:05 [ 10 ]

marg bar munafegh

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