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Ahmadi Nezhad’s Speech At The UN Criticised Inside and Outside Iran

Published Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paris, 28 Sept. (IPS)        Once again, the Iranian fanatic President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad participated at the United Nations General Assembly and once again, not only his performance was an exercise in futility, not only he made himself the fool of the international community, but also the subject of shame for the Iranians.

          His appearance and his speech at the international venue were “politely” criticized in Iran, because of the censorship, but sharply by Iranians outside, because they enjoy much more freedom to express their opinion.

In his half an hour long, soporific, incoherent, irrelevant, unimportant speech, he almost repeated the same rhetoric he pronounces since he came to power more than 3 years ago,

          In fact, and as expected, in his half an hour long, soporific, incoherent, unintelligible, irrelevant, unimportant speech, he almost repeated the same rhetoric, the same theme, the same refrain, the same subjects, the same charges against the same organizations, the same leaders and the same nations he is reciting everywhere, on every occasion, regardless of the time or the place since the very day he was swept to the presidency more than three years ago.

          As an example of the kind of “polite criticism” we can refer to the pro-reform daily E’temad Melli which, in an editorial, wrote: “For the third time since he is President, Mr. Mahmoud ahmadi Nezhad went to New York to take part at the United Nations General Assembly. His speech was almost a repetition of his other speeches pronounced on earlier occasions at this important gathering where one is supposed to better present his nations and the problems it faces to other participants”.

          “It is not clear in which role Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad like to appear at the United Nations, as a saviour of the humanity or a teacher of moral to other world leaders?”, the paper asked, referring to the long parts of the speech devoted to “moralise” the audience by “inviting” them to “joint hands” and follow in “the path of the Mahdi, the Messiah, and God”.

Ahmadi Nezhad-2
Ahmadi Nezhad listening carfeull to speeches at the UN General Assembly

          “[During the sessions], His Excellency the President seats calmly and politely listens carefully to the speeches of other leaders, particularly to those from Western nations, but as soon as he takes the floor, most of the delegates leave the place, especially from Western nations. It is not clear despite being aware of this humiliating attitude, he insists in continuing that way?” E’temad Melli pointed out.

          Outside Iran, Mr. Mr. Nima Rashedan, a political analyst, in an incisive article posted by the popular Iranian internet site “Gooya”, compares the speeches of the Iranian President with that of China and observes that while the Chinese President, “despite the fact that his country had absorbed 800 billion US Dollars in foreign investments against 700 millions for Iran, referred to his nation as “a developing country”, Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad described Iran as a “country extremely and very developed and powerful”.

While the President of China, one of the strongest nations of the world referred modestly to his nation as a "developing country", Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad described Iran as a “country extremely and very developed and powerful”.

          “In his 14.000 words speech that lasted about 20 minutes, the Chinese leader pronounced 35 times the name of China, the title of the speech was “A China Dedicated to Reforms, openness and Peaceful Development”, while the Iranian President invoked 35 times the name God and referred to Him for another 40 times, against pronouncing five times only the name of Iran, 6 references to Iranians, and this in context of their support for Iran’s nuclear activities”, he observed.

          “While the Chinese President spoke about cooperation among all nations, securing peace and prosperity for all the people of the world, while in the whole of his address, he named no other nation but China, the 35.000 words, 35 minutes long lecture of Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad, who visibly is ashamed of being Iranian and tried to avoid bringing up the name of his country he despises, starts with wishing long live and health and happiness to imam Mahdi and continues with a burst of hate, menaces, assassinations, cited Palestine 6 times, Iraq 4 times, Afghanistan and Lebanon two times and 6 references to Zionism. Not stopping at this point, he went even farther, talked about Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Africa, the role of imperialists and colonialists there, and Asian countries”, he commented, asking:

          “Would threatening other nations, spitting hate on others, wishing the annihilation of other people and nations while self glorification of oneself and a backward regime that sits among the most underdeveloped and poorer countries of Africa and Asia solve the growing problems of ordinary Iranians, the daily upward of basic foods and housing, the electricity and gas and fuel shortages, the isolations of the nation?

          “We can go one with comparing the talk of Mr. Ahmadi Nezhad with those of Abdollah Gul of Turkey, Ali Asef Zardari of Pakistan or any other leaders who had come to New York to seek help to the problems of their people and go back with hands full of promises of better days for their people, except one man, and only one man, Ahmadi Nezhad, who, with the foolish and hope of leading the world, is playing with the honour, pride and lives of 75 millions Iranians”, Mr. Rashedan concluded. ENDS AHMADI UN 28908


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As of January 2009, this site is definitely closed, but you can follow Safa Haeri on his new blog: DAMAVAND at

Ahmadi Nezhad
What was the prurpose of Ahmadi Nezhad in going to the General Assembly of the United Nations?

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