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Mr. Samad from Tehran--hold on fast to your beloved Islamic Republic of Iran, and its ideals (whatever you believe they are). I also will hold on fast to my belief that your Islamic Republic of Iran is going to be kicked hard in its butt to be overthrown once and for all by those "dirty blah, blah, blah," that you attribute to the biggest enemy of your beloved Republic in a rather fluent Biritish style of writing. I am sure the Islamic Republic of Iran has millions of ahcievements to its name one of which is a cadre of "brave" Iranians who sit in Tehran and send anonymous e.mail messages to the "Monafeghin," but also make sure to remain anaonymous!? Why? Are you afraid to openly praise your beloved Republic and its millions of achievements? However, and, on a second thought, If I were in your place, I would make sure that I remained anaonymous for these days those "dirty, blah, blah, blah" have found a way to mortar quite a few "secure" and "safe" places in Tehran; the same places from where proud supporters of this garbage called "Jomhuriy-e Ahrimaniy-e akhundhay-e Khaen, vatanforush va adamkosh," like yourself Samada agaha, can send such absurd messages to the world.
M.R. Hazegh <M.R._Hazegh(AT)>
Jackson, USA -
Mr. Hazegh I would like to correct you on a couple of points. Because I think you either misunderstood me or you are deliberately putting words in my mouth. You say and I quote: "...Following your rationale, thousands upon thousands of young Iranians who belonged to the PMOI gave their lives for Mr. Rajavi because they were unaware that Mr. Rajavi was going to ally himself with the thug of Baghdad..." No I said that if they knew what Rajavi would do, they would not have followed him and there is a big difference. You see I used to be a sympathiser of PMOI along with many good friends some of whom were very active. After Rajavi's alliance with Saddam, despite the massive attempts to brain-wash us, me and I would say 75% of my friends knew that Rajavi has betrayed our country. If the fight was about right and wrong, Freedom against tyrany, how could Rajavi join forces with what I would consider to be a more inhuman regime than that of IRI. I refer you to the famous words of Uday Hussain (son of the butcher) who after hanging the Iranian born British journalist (Farzad Barzoft) said: "...He should have been hanged once for spying and 10 times for being Iranian ..." As for the Rajavi's being democrats, since democracy is all about accountibility, I would leave it to the readers to judge how accountable Rajavi(s) have so far been for their actions. Regards, Azad
Hazegh: See, I was right. You and the rest of the MKO are the same. All talk, but no action. The first time you get asked a direct question, you back off. Answer the two questions that I asked you. Why don't you? As well, the part about me being from the Ommate Hezboallah: I am not from Ommate Hezbollah, but correct me if I am wrong, weren't they the part that gave the most Martyrs in the war against Saddam? Isn't it true that if it wasn't for the jonoob-shahri, religious, uneducated youth, and for the immesurable blood that they gave our land, Saddam would have been successful in his bid to take over Iran? But wait, don't answer. Seeing as how you are his guests now, I guess that would have made you job alot easier. You traitors. Just answer the two questions that I posed to you about the "ideological revolution" and the "economic embargo".
DOOST <doost1(AT)>
MR HAZEGH - you talk such rubbish that you cannot even justify yourself...but know that us true, loyal iranians shall never abandon our beloved islamic republic, and its idelas, only to be ruled by dirty, traitors such as Rajavi who work for the interests of that Evil Saddam, whom friend and foe know to be an inherent criminal and you can support such an organisation is beyond belief and frankly should immediately disown the fact that you have any connections or feelings towards Iran...or to be more exact, the Islamic Republic of Iran...for all TRUE, GOD FEARING IRANIANS...
mr. samad
Tehran, -
The Joke of the year: Iranian people responded to the call of the Prince Reza Phalavi and pured into the streets to fight with the IRI forces because they want the return of the "Monarchy" back to Iran. Those whoput these bizarre news on the internet, like a bunch of charlatans that surround the "pricnce," all hardpressed to explain how in the world, the people of Iran would endnger their lives for Reza Phalavi who is on record that he supports Khatami and his gradual democratization process in Iran? How in the world, would those who clash with the Basij, Sepah, and intelligence forces of the IRI, would want the return of a man to power who has said that he does not want to be the King, has no plan of action, has no leadership qualities whatso ever and just wants to have an oridnary life in Virginia attending his billions of dollars of stolen wealth of the Iranian people. Could this Mr. Khosro Akmal, explain these contradictory positions of the "Prince"?
M.R. Hazegh <M.R_Hazegh(AT)>
Jackson, USA -
Mr. Doost--The langauge of aperson indicates who that person is, what kind of family background he/she is from, what level of education he/she has. Reading your "response," I get the impression that you bleong to what I caharacterize as the "sub-culture of the ommat-e hezbollah" in Iran. You don't deserve a response.
M.R. Hazegh <M.R._Hazegh(AT)>
Jackson, USA -
Look here Mr. Hazegh, the theatre of the absurd that you talk about was built by the MKO,OZGAL, PMOI, or what ever that the name of the month is. Why don't you explain to us what the "Ideological Revolution" means. Explain that to us. Also, you , the chicken shit that you are, have still not answered my questions that was posed to all MKO, OZGAL, PMOI supporters: "I would like an answer to my question that all these MKO crackheads tend to skirt: Why does the MKO try to destroy Iran's economy? Why do they lobby for the economic isolation of Iran? Do they think it is gonna hurt the Akhund? Or the regular Abbas Agha and his six kids? What did the embargo against Saddam do to the iraqi people? You were there. You saw it. You can't say "We don't know". You must answer me, if you have any honour". Don't read too much into the last sentence. We know you don't have any honour. If you did, you would concede that the MKO, OZGAL, PMOI or what ever they are called, have made it abundantly clear that should they in the event of some major miracle gain power in iran (zaboonam laal), they would start the business of settleing scores with groups like Toofan, Fadayian-aghaliat and others that did expose the MKO, OZGAL, PMOI (or whatever they are called) as the traitors that they are. So, put your money where you mouth is and answer the question that I posed to you. Put up or shut up.
DOOST <doost1(AT)>
I am Chaplain to United Faith Ministries located in FortWorth Texas. UFM is interdenominational& non-denomination. Our group will hold your country in our prayers. May Allah Bless & Keep you Safe.
Lonnie W Craig <lonniecraig(AT)>
Fort Worth, USA -
Mr. Azad--Following your rationale, thousands upon thousands of young Iranians who belonged to the PMOI gave their lives for Mr. Rajavi because they were unaware that Mr. Rajavi was going to ally himself with the thug of Baghdad. If they knew, they would, perhaps, leave the Mojahedin Organization and therefore, we, the Iranian People, would not have our Number One Enemy, Mr. Rajavi and his few supporters (around one three thousnads raggedi bunch of terrorists criminals according to our beloved Dr. Ali Reza Nurizadeh). Naturally, the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Emam Khomeini, would have been nicer to you and I and the rest of us in Iran, or in exile. This is all good and dany, except for the fact that your scenario is concucted in your mind based on your wishes. Two decades before any body had heard a thing about this "thug" of Baghdad, the Mojahedin were fighting against shah and his savak to topple him in order to install Democracy in Iran. With, or without Baghdad, the PMOI will try their best to bring down this regime of crime, violence and treason. As whether I believe Mr. Rajavi and Mrs. Rajavi are democrats, or they believe in Democracy? My answer to you is a guarded Yes because I believe that I have taught myslef how to be democratic. As to sounding intelligent, I, like thousands upon thousands of Iranians in exile, am intelliegnt, am educated and love my country. You don't like the Mojahedin, it is your right to express your opinion about them. I tend to believe that the Mojahedin are patriots, highly dedicated and motivated to rid Iran from these mollahs. I respect your opinion, but reject your premise wholeheartedly when it comes to the Mojahedin and that is the beuaty of Democracy.
M.R. Hazegh <M.R._Hazegh(AT)>
Jackson, USA -
Just heard there has been demonstrations in Tehran (3000 people)(Park Mellat), Qazvin, Bojnurd, Urumieh and Bojnurd. As usual the regimes thugs have mercilessly attacked the demonstrators. I think the conservatives in Iran are passing the point of no return where they are committing themselves to violence. I think Khatami is falling behind people by a long way and thats not a very good position for the leader of reforms to be in. I really think that if conservatives continue this way there will be a serious showdown in the near future. The following is an extract from France news agency: " Armed police fired warning shots and tear gas and beat some protesters with clubs after protesters chanted and held banners reading "We are against the Islamic Regime," and calling for freedom of expression. " Long live democracy Long live the Iranian people Azad
Mr Harez, A couple of quick points I'd like to make PMOI was not the biggest victim of IRI. We were.!! the Iranian people were!! It was our brothers, sons and daughters who got butchered by the IRI. And given the actions of Rajavi since the 80s specially his shameful alliance with the thug of Baghdad, do you seriously think that all those innocent boys and girls would have sacrificed their lives for him if they knew what he would become? So I ask you to have the decency not to score political points out of the loss of the Iranian people. Point 2: You talk of democracy and I believe you mean it. Yet the vast majority of Iranian people (and if you don't belive me make an honest survey and find out for yourself) don't believe Rajavi and his clan (And I don't mean those young people brain washed by him) wouldn't know democracy even if they stepped on it. You sound like an intelligent person and you are living in democratic country. So you have seen democracy in action. Do you honestly believe Rajavi and his wife are democrats?? I ask you and all the good people who are misled by Mojahedin to really think about what you are supporting. Regards Azad
Mr. Doos--: Jamshid Tafreshi, based on his memoires, is not taken back as a Mojahed. He says openly that he betrayed the PMOI and left the Organization in early 1990s, and soon was picked up by the VEVAK to colloaborate with the regime. Your theory that Mojahedin collaborate with the IRI to "eliminate" Iranian dissidents is as laughable as the position of those "intellectuals" on the camp of Khatami who argue that Khatami is a modearate man who is trying to bring Democracy to Iran; on the other hand, Mojahedin, maintain thses "intellectuals," deliberately "collaborate" with the Khamenehi faction against Khatami faction because if Democracy were to be brought to Iran, the PMOI would be the biggest looser (??). What you perniciously misrepresent is the fact that Tafreshi, after he left the PMOI, vehemently denounced the Organization, its leadership and its tactics calling Mojahedin worse than the IRI regime in the same manner that you do. His collbaoration with the VEVAK does not implicate the PMOI which is the biggest victim of Khomeini regime. Tafreshi has not become a Mojahed that you claim without any proof to substantiate your comical and ridiculous assertion. In fact, Tafreshi, based on his own confessions, is now in a deep state of shame and of sorrow for having betrayed the Organiation and having collaborated with the VEVAK. He also says that he is not asking to be taken back as a Mojahed knowing full well that such is impossible. Also, for your information, Tafreshi does not say that he has been involved in any assessiantion of Iranian dissidnets inside Iran. He says he has been used as a pawn of the VEVAK to propage the disinformation campaign that anti-Mojahed "oppositional" groups and "intellectuals" are involved in this nefarious process. The fact that the Nashriyeh Moajahed has published Tafreshi's memoires in no way should be construed that he is a Mojahed again. The PMOI is not a "Karvansara" that you can enter anytime you want without your credentials being checked thporoughly; however, exiting the PMOI is very easy. Your analysis is only good for those who believe that this world is a happ-hazard place of anarchy whereby anything goes. I have news for you: those who believe in just struggle, don't share your anarchist view about struggle, democracy, human rights and the future of Iran. I am not a Mojahed, but have had my cousins and friends who have been Mojahed and know full well that they never argued that Mojahedin were not then, and now without their shortcomings, nor did they then, and, now, claim that they are infalliable, but your assertions that Mojahedin collaborate with the Khemenehi faction to "eliminate" Iranian dissidents is deeply offending and only good for the theatre of absurd of those who believe that politics is the art of "Pedarsukhtegi." An organization like Mojahedin which has three decades of just struggle against two despotic regimes who has produced thousands upon thousands of dedicated women and men patritos has clensed itself from these notions. I am not inclined to convince the likes of you.
M.R. hazegh <MR_Hazegh(AT)>
Jackson, USA -
If we take Mr. Hazegh's comments at face value, then there is little doubt as to why Iranians have absolutely no faith in the Mojahedin organization. An ex-Mojahed was collaborating with the worst elements of the regime. That is the jest of the story as told by Mr. Hazegh. But if one reads between the lines, then another scenario takes form: Mr. Tafreshi, a Mojahed, cooperates with the VEVAK to eliminate the rival opposition factions, which posed a threat to Mojahedin. And now, when the job is complete and the most promising writers, thinkers and intellectuals with genuine ideological integrity have been eliminated, he, again, turns coat, pointing the accusing finger at the regime. The motivations are rather simple: Mojahedin have always wanted to present themselves as THE ALTERNATIVE. The mere existence of those martyred intellectuals (which time and again ridiculed and justly discredited the incredibaly ridiculous Mojahedin ideology) was a larger threat than the one that the Government posed. They had to be eliminated to once again create a vaccum of opposition, to be filled solely by the Mojahedin. Hence the Government and the Mojahedin joined forces to eliminate this threat. And now this murderous turn-coat, has one again come back into the loving arms of the Mojahedin, where they provide him with a forum to publish his memoirs!!!! Logically, the VEVAK would first utilize Tafreshi to locate and destroy any remaining Mojahedin cells in Iran. If this did happen, then how can the Mojahedin take him back and provide him with a forum for publication? Who will avenge the deaths of the Mojahedin's comrades? Then shame on Mojahedin. No wonder they are so reviled in Iran. And if not, if Tafreshi did not collaborate with the regime to apprehend the remaining Mojahedin cells in Iran (of which Tafreshi should have had great knowledge), then our earlier thesis that Government and Mojahedin ARE collaborating to eliminate rival opposition figures, is proven beyond any doubt. Either way, this whole Tafreshi business stinks to high heaven, and is further proof of the stupidity and tachtical inadequecy of the Mojahedin. Similar actions by these bumbling idiots have cost thousands of young, ideolistic Mojahedin supporters their lives. Shame on Mojahedin, which try to provide OZRE BAD TAR AZ GONAAH (justifications worst than the crime) to appear as politically relevant.
DOOST <doost1(AT)>
Dear Mr Hazegh Even if what you are saying about this Tafreshi person is true (and the only proof is probably his words), Your organisation have no right to attack people. You must undestand that those who label, attack and insult people have no place in the Iranian soceity. We are all sick and tired of violence, especially if it's just based on the memoires some ex-Vavak terrorist. Everybody knows that Rajavi is an anarchist who betrayed all those who executed in the regime's prisons by joining probably the dirtiest, cruelest and most vitious leaders of the middle east. Yes Saddam, the same Saddam that boasts his hatred for the Iranian people comparing them to mosquitos, The same Saddam that wanted to take away our Khoozestan. Frankly I am amazed that any Iranian person who Loves his country can support Mojahedin anymore! Azad
Mr. Haeri, I made a mistake as I tired to add my post to your site by making made multiple additions of the same post that did not appear after the first submission. That is why my post has been printed thrice. Please forgive my mistake and if possible, delete the additiona ones. Thanks. Hazegh
MR. Hazegh <MR_Hazegh(AT)yahoo.dom>
Jackson, USA -
Mr. Jamshid Tafreshi, an ex-Mojahed, turned into a VEVAK agent during the 1990s, who based on his own confessions, has also collaborated with the ex-Deputy Intelligence Minister, Saeed Emami, has now published his memoires in the Nashriyeh-e Mojahed. Tafreshi, in these memoires, has exposed those VEVAK agents who, in the name of opposing the IRI, are involved in a mallicious and systematic campaign of hate, vulgarity and misinformation against the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran. Tafreshi has exposed these agents among whom, Dr. Ali Reza Nurizadeh, occupies a prominent place. Tafreshi has also corresponded with the UN and with the Special Reporter on Iran, Professor Muarice Dan Capithorn (I hope the spelling is correct), explaining to him why he has been involved in this VEVAK financed, VEVAK operated, VEVAK inspired, and VEVAK staffed, balck operations against the Mojahedin, Iranian dissidents aborad, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, and the National Liberation Army of Iran. Based on his own confessions, Tafreshi was about to be assassinated in his home in Germany by those VEVAK agents who also gave the VAJEBI to Tafreshi's ex-boss, Saeed Emami, in order to get rid of the one who knew too much about the spate of killings that has taken place under Khatami, the so-called Moderate President and the builder of the Civil Society. It would be advisable to those "oppositional" forces, who, in the guise of support for "Democracy" collaborate with the VEVAK, and those simpletons who call Nour Zadeh a "democratic person," to read Tafreshi's memoires to get an idea about this guy's modous operandi in exile.
MR. Hazegh <MR_Hazegh(AT)>
Jackson, USA -
Your suggestion that Arafat holds the key to Israeli elections is totally dishonost and pure propaganda. Israeli public opinion is sophisticated enough to know what they want. They want Sharon because he advocates the suppresion of the Palastinianes' aspiration for a homeland of their own. Whilst you advocate (quite rightly)justice and fair play in Iran, you show that you are a hypocrit when you address the palastinan issue.
Germany, -
gabi <atacames(AT)>
jerusalem, israel -
This is a great site for Iran Sorts related informations!! :-) For those who speak German - visit my Iran Website
Schahram <iran-now(AT)>
Duesseldorf, Germany -
aghay rajavi dorane haftir keshi be sar amade va bedanid ke shoma az didgahe mardome iran akhonde bedone ammame hastin
Hello I am not a supporter of Nourizadeh, but I regard him as a democratic personality. I always try to listen to what people have to say though it might not reflect my own political views. Listening to people has generally enabled me to overcome my weaknesses. I would like to advise Mr Rajavi to reconsider his actions, because the Iranian people deplore men of violence. Time is ripe for democracy, the time for men of violence like (Shaban Bee Mokh, Deh Namaki, Allah karam, Tayeb) has long passed.
Tehran, -
As an Iranian citizen living in Europe, I want to condemn the violent actions of the MKO in Germany. I hope that one day men of violence would turn to democracy as the means of achieving their aims.
I would like to condemn the Mojahedin's terrorist actions. Their disgraceful attack on Nourizadeh is uncomfotably reminicent of the Ansar Hezbollah gang in Iran. I had a brother who belonged to MKO and was executed in the 80s in Evin. I just want to tell Rajavi and his wife, if my brother was alive he would have deplored your actions. How dare you attack people in meetings. How dare you join forces with a government that doesn't even hide their hatred for Iranians (Saddam). You have betrayed your supporters and sacrifised thousands of them for your own selfish ambitions. The people of Iran have grown a lot in the past 22 years. You need a lot more than your pathetic little army to force yourself on the Iranian people. Down with violence. Down with Rajavi(s). Long live freedom
London, UK -
Mr H You are not worth it.
Berlin, -
Congradulations to the progessive peoples of both Iran and Russia for striking a powerful blow against world imperialism!
Charles S. Knause <cknause(AT)>
Ormond Beach,FL, USA -
Two points. 1) This site(Mr Haeri) keeps very quiet about the most pressing issue in the Middle-east????!!!! 2) The MKO have no support inside Iran. Mr H please tell us "your readers" about Israeli atrocities to Plastinians instesd of to, Radio Israel, The real enemy for you, me, Iran and justice.
Berlin, Germany -
These MKO supporters sound like a bad record. Repeating the same thing over and over. Unfortunately that forces the responses to be repetitive as well. As I said before, the people of Iran have NO confidence in the MKO. That is percisely the reason why the MKO have been trying to kiss up to the Americans: to pose as an ALTERNATIVE so that the Americans can engineer a coup and hand the reigns of pwoer to the MKO. But sadly for them, the Americans (in the typical american fashion) gave them the heave-ho, and branded them terrorists. So that plan went out the widow. Along with that plan, went the last shreds of the MKO for any support from Iran and Iranians, since everyone saw how they had stopped trying to impress us and instead they had tried to impress the west with their crap. All I hear is "just wait a little bit longer....". How long have we heard this? I can't beleive that you have the nerve to still feed us this line. As for the patriot goes, Akhunds are not patriots. But what do you call the Iranian that joins hands with people like Saddam that have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iranians on their hands? SELLOUT. True patriots are like Foroogh and Mousa Khiabani that got sold out and killed by Rajavi. In a manner of speaking we are all sellouts for leaving our land in its most dire hours. We ran away. We abandoned our MOTHER. I am guilty of that. But I will be damned if I will compound my sin by joining forces with our sworn enemy, Saddam. I would like an answer to my question that all these MKO crackheads tend to skirt: Why does the MKO try to destroy Iran's economy? Why do they lobby for the economic isolation of Iran? Do they think it is gonna hurt the Akhund? Or the regular Abbas Agha and his six kids? What did the embargo against Saddam do to the iraqi people? You were there. You saw it. You can't say "We don't know". You must answer me, if you have any honour. How ironic that I am asking for a display of honour from traitors. But prove me wrong. As well, it is rather obvious why you hate khatami so much. You much rather be up against Khamenei than Khatami. You much rather have the world think of Iranians as barbarians, than an evolving society. Serves your politics well. As far as your ideology goes, read my earlier posts in this page. I am still in awe how you have mixed Islam, Marxism and Nationalism into one. It is so diluted that it holds no credibility. A cursory glance reveals fundamental contradictions. But I don't see you, MKO supporters, answering anything. Just a bunch of SHOAAR. Go rajavi, Come maryam, kill the Akhund. Talk is cheap, folks. You have shown you don't have what it takes to back it up.
DOOST <doost1(AT)>
Dear Editor, A new novel for the people of India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Iran, China and Tibet in particular and the rest of the world in general, written by a Kathmendu based Kashmiri born writer Zihannasheen. I am sure it will be highly appreciated by the people of Iran. Please click here Tenzin Tseten,or
mahussain <yangburz(AT)>
new delhi, India -
I agree with behnam since we are all outside Iran what is count is the deeds not the location. Where would Mojahedin locate their army Turkey, Pakestan, Afganistan, Soviet, or the country with no relation with Iran. By the way slandering Mojahedin is nothing new by Akhunds and Akhundzadeh and has gone no where. IMHO, The seasonal reformist gang should digest the motto of 'marg bat khatami' during his specch at the University before talking again. And let me add a comment, That one should not expect people supporting Mojahedin on the streets with the slaugther machine and massacare that have been going on against them but in due time it will all happen. Nothing could justify an arm struggle than past few years. Now, it is just matter of time.
If criteria for patriate was who is fighting who or who lives where then give all the medals to those Akhunds since they stayed in Iran and destroyed the country through a self interest war. Although there have been a 24 hours propoganda machine against Mojahedin for the last 22-23 years. At the ens they will come out of it triumphly. As far as the ideological jumbo mumbo goes look at the marriage of Mohammad with the wife of Abbas. There is nothing immoral about their marriages even though I do not understand it fully but that is beside the destruction of Iran in the hands of Akhund and Akhundzadeh. People are more and more realising now why Mojahedin started the arm struggle 20 years ago. People have come to know Akhund very well, be it Khameneie, Khatami, Nuri, Ganji, Rezaie, or anyone else, with turban or without one. It wont be long before people here the chants again for a new revolution. It is the time of revealation. Tanha rahe rahaie jange Mosallaha-nast, tanha rah rahaie rahe mojahedin ast
marayam rajavi is a big fat liar and a disgrace to the iranians....she is one of saddam's dogs, and will do anything that mad embicile says...
samad <samad(AT)>
los angeles, usa -
It seems as though that once again, the MKO supporters that frequent this site have gotten their hands on some really good ACID, and as usual, are flying high. How ironic that Behnam is proposing to get rid of prostitution in Iran through the MKO. Pardon me, but Maryam and Masood Rajavi after their "Ideologic Revolution" (you know what I am talking about, right? right...)would be the last people that I would entrust the moral rebuilding of the nation to. As far as the Vatan Foroosh thing goes, the people of Iran overwhelmingly voted the Khatami government into power. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Masood Rajavi. And by the way, which one was living in our enemy country during the war, and helping Saddam's army launch operations into Iran? Mojahedin are the biggest vatan forooshes ever. Furthermore, even today, the mojaheding are working towards economic isolation of Iran, knowing full well that it will deliver the harshest blows to the regular working class people. Everyone knows that the economic sanctions don't do ANYTHING to the leadership. They just hurt the people. Knowing this, Mojahedin still are trying to destroy Iran's economy. Now I ask you, who is the Vatan Foroosh? And again I see that some MKO crackhead is talking about the "overwhelming support of people" for the MKO. PUT THE CRACK DOWN. No one in Iran supports that embarassment of an organization. No one. If you had any support, you wouldn't have had to ask Saddam for help. You are all a bunch of crackhead vatan foroosh. I beleive in a democratic solution to iran's ills. I don't know if Khatami has the real power to deliver changes. But I know that MKO doesn't have the will, mandate, ideological integrity, nor the popular support to carry on such a sacred task.
DOOST <doost1(AT)>
Damet garm behnam. i like to say also that unlike what haery write Nurizadeh was a hired hand by one of the famous serial killer Imami and still works in Information ministry by goverment offical own admission. I do not think any of MKO will touch him as he is the dirties of the hired agents of them all but who ever chased him and caused hime to hit the door on his way running. Good for him. God bless you all for that good deeds.
to Azari, Just wait a little longer and see how these Mojahedin with overwhelming support of people of Iran will kick the butt of every Akhund and Akhundzadeh and ministry of information agents such as nurizadeh and you know who and others and will clean Iran from such dirts and will wipe these historical vatan foroosh (betrayals) from the face of Iran once and for all. Toop, Tank, Basiji deegar asar nadarad. Khatami Khatami een akharin ekhtar bood!. Yes, that is the only way to get rid of prostitutions, poverty, all social ills, suicide,inflation, theft, corruptions that have taken Iran since the inception of IRI is to eliminate the source and that is get rid of all akhund and akhundzadeh vatan foroosh 'betrayal' and clean the beloved soild of Iran from the dirts of Akhunds.
Davood <Davood(AT)>
to behnam from us: marg bar monafegh(down with hypocrats). islam will rule forever in iran . as you can see in our long history there is a strong love of islam in the heart of each Iranian that will not be torn by trivial traitors to islam and iran.
f. azari <azari(AT)>
tehran, iran -
Response of a charlatan and a criminal individual partner and instigator of 20 years of crimes against humanity in IRI. A man who even before Khameneie unleashed his dogs 'security forces' on students last year. That is the true Khatami. From SMCCDI News Service Several students questioned Mr. Khatami on the fate of the "Political Prisoners", but as expected, Mr. Khatami said that "he's not aware of the existence of such prisoners". The answer raised the crowd anger which started to gave the slogan "Gandji, Gandji" and brought Mr. Khatami to reply: " Why are you saying that Mr. Gandji is a Political prisoner ? I don't know what the Judge is thinking about him"

One of the biggest weakness in Iranian culture is its utmost respect for authority and worship of its leaders. When former Shah was in power its servant would make him a title of a half a dozen words long, example ( Aalahazrat Homayoon Shahenshah Arya-Meher Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi). The servers of current government have done the same. They have given Late Ayattolah Khomaini, the title, (Hazrat Iman (S) Ayattolah Ruhollah Khomaini). During the Shah's goverment anyone who dared to insult the dictator, would find himself arrested and taken to prison. The same situation is true in the crule Islamic government. Anyone who insults the dead father of Islamic of Iran faces harsh consequences. Have you also noticed in Iranian culture that majority of people who are holding a position in the society, especially one with a position in the government assume a great amount of importance and expect respect from anyone who encounter him in his work affair. At the same time the same person have less regard for the law or constitution. The government of Iran may change and the mullahs may go back to their mosques. But I am affraid our culture will create another dictatorship. If we don't stop worshiping the dead bodies in Najaf and Karbala or the dead body of Mohammad in Madinah or the black stone in Macca. We will never be freed from the chain of ignorace. If you want to do something good for The people in Iran, work on yourself, be a better person, gain knowlege and serve them in any which way you can. Anger may guide you to wish death for the mullahs. I wish these mullahs would go back to do what the do best, preach and get fat and leave the governing of the country to some thoughtful people. They have brain derained the country. In the past 20 years, they have done more harm than good. There are more drug addicts, more porstitutions, more poverty, higher cost of leaving and of course more unemployment. The tyranny of the mullahs will not last for ever. They are busy digging their own grave. Iranian should remember not to foster another dictatorship upon themselve again. If we could simply follow these three principles: Goftareh neek, Kerdareh neek, and pendareh neek, we could have a better chance of having a thoughtful and unfanatic goverment in Iran. Wish you all the best that you can be!!!!!!
Omar Atash-parast <earthman212(AT)>
U.S.A -

what has happened to NITV?????...
Mr Haery, no matter how hard you try to color Khatami for another sale or how hard Khatami is trying to crying wolf close to another presidential election, time of Akhund's dynasty in Iran is over and there is only one way to get rid of those responsible for betrayal of a country, her wealth and her generation. That is surely the path people have taken and that is surely the path to salvation. Long live a free and democratic Iran less 'Akhund-eh vatan foroosh'.
The events if Iran more and more emphacise the urgent of militaristic confrontation. tanha rah rahaie jange mosallahanast. Doroud bar Mojahedin
US -
Akhond will not rule iran forever
Reza bikineh <doost0(AT)>
I hope freedom comes back to the county soon
Ali molavi <Ali Molavi(AT)>
Sundsvall, sweden -
The new Iranian Portal in Germany: You are all welcome ! And if you have any good ideas how to proof "iran-now" - please don't hesitate to tell me. Regards and thnk you.
Schahram <softdrive(AT)>
Moenchengladbach, germany -
Hello to everyone who have the opportunity of reading my message...l have just laid my hands on this intriguing site dedicated to lranians and really is marvellous to have the opportunity to debate over the most controversial issues in a democratic,non-insulting way..However,while browsing through the messages posted in the guestbook section, l have sadly come across many postings written in such a vulgar and insulting way..There is something which stuck me a lot.Have we lranians still not learnt to express our ideas peacefully?Does democracy enable us to insult one another severely? One more thing l would like to point out is that there seems to be quite a lot of people still relying on MKO,which they define as the future owner of lran..As far as l am concerned they do not reflect the opinions of the average lranians since they have been trying to concoct their sort of reign,something even they do not seem to know exactly..ln spite of being opposed to the regime ,we still do not have any leader to rid us of the current rulers of is a shame that lran,which has an outstanding civilization has been unable to single out a leader for itself to save the country from its current state..lsn t there anyone lranian who can bring about democracy to lran?do we always have to make do with extremists,fundemantelists,Marxists and so on?l think it is a matter of being intrepid,but,it sounds really pitiful that though 21 years have gone buy we do not have a democratic leader from 65 million lranian to bring about democracy..Where is the civilizations we have always been priding ourselves on?
Vahid <vahid_18(AT)>
lstanbul, Turkey -
Once again the israeli regime has shown its brutal, inhumane face to world by use of snipers to shoot teenage demonstaraors through their eyes. Shame on those who prepetrate such crimes against humanity and those who keep quiet and do not condemn such acts, this sight can sometimes be accused of that.
Berlin, -
I recently posted a request on this forum as I looking for an old friend and was e-mailed a most disgusting and disturbing piece of pornography by someone at iman-khamenei(AT) has anyone else on this forum been posted to by this sick crank and what action can one take if any. I as an adult found this very disturbing if my children had seen it, which thankfully they did not, I think they would have been very disturbed at the least, this was not even normal pornography but very very sick.
ali <ai.baba>
Southampton, UK -
I am looking for Mehdi Asgarian born 22 3 59 can anyone please help.
Ali <ali.baba(AT)>
Southampton, UK -
I have just gone through the site...interesting get it all here-fanatics caught up in stalinist/neo marxist ideas to plain old medieval fanatics chained to dogmas and notions that are displaced in the 21st century. We had monarchy and revolution and now people need democracy and prosperity -we, as Iranians have suffered alot over the last quarter century-it seems that we are all striving for the common denominator that many in the 'global village' have...freedom and an opportunity for a better life. Speaking as an Iranian-it seems the key to a better dawn for Iran starts with new ideas and beliefs tied to today's world around us. Khomeini,Khatimi, Mujahedeen, 'isms', monarchists-are these people and ideas really fit to take Iran forward ? Probably not... I guess through more convulsion, disappointment and yet further bloodshed will Iranians be able to define their future away from the past. I hope I am wrong and that we can achieve a better future peacefully.
ali jabbarzadeh <alijabbarzadeh(AT)>
new york, u.s.a -
To say that I would much prefer the slow steps towards "reforms" in Iran to having the Mojahedin in power would be an understatement. Nothing could be worse than that. I do believe in a nationalist government (which the MKI may well be; I will give them that much credit) but as a person born in the 20th century, and not the 13th, I believe in the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Do not deceive yourselves friends, the MKI will be a 100 times worse than the present regime. I wish them both a very short lifespan.
New York, USA -
hello friends, Just wanted everyone to know that the great film THE CIRCLE, by Jafar Panahi, just won the first prize in Venice Film Festival here in Italy. Aldo and Mina
Napoli, Italia -
I am a passport collector in NYC. I can pay for expired Iranian passports. I am not a crook, this is my friend's website who is also a collector. Some of his pps are aactually mine No harm will come to your pps and I will not put them on display anywhere. I am interested in Islamic republic of Iran pps (and others) that expired in the 1990s that are in good condition. I can pay. david a.
David Anderson <docinny(AT)>
NYC, Great Satan -
As I said before, the MKO has absolutely no support in Iran, and no one would stand to live under the rule of a whore-monger like Rajavi, or the other prostitute, Maryam Rajavi. Second, I am not pro government, but if I had to chose between MKO and Khatami, I would chose Khatami. Third, If you were going to do something, why havn't you already done it by now? Everyone knows that the regime had weaker moments and MKO stronger moments in the past 20 years. Fourth, why is it that the MKO is pushing so hard for the economic isolation of Iran? Don't you idiots know that the average Iranian will suffer if the foreign investment stops coming into Iran to create jobs for the average Joe? Hasn't the economic sanctions against your gracious and dear host, Saddam, thought you ANY lessons? That sanctions do not change leadership, but make the citizens suffer? Speaking of kissing ass, how does Saddam's ass taste like? Is it as funky as the US congressmen's ass? Fifth, as far as you using democrocy and MKO in the same sentence, pray tell stupid one, will groups such as Toofan, Peykaar, Fadayeeane Khalgh (aghaliyat) be able to function in a country where MKO is ruling? According to that Jendeh-Baaz Rajavi, they won't. So democrocy is not what MKO is after. Sixth, how in the hell have you morons been able to mix religion, marxism and nationalism into one? Your ideology is so diluted that eventual contradictions are inevitable. Seventh, why are you forcing young women in your camps to cover their hair? What is the difference between you and the ansaare hezbollah? And finally, I can't beleive that you are still using that "we will kick velayate faghih VERY SOON" sentence. How soon? it has been 16 years since you morons have been saying VERY SOON. How soon? another 16 years soon? You are a bunch of acid-heads, that never came down from a trip. Wake up.
DOOST <Doost1(AT)>
Canada -
tA Koor shavad har Ankeh natvAnad did. That is all I am saying to a kiss ass reformist and Akhund zAdeh like yourself Mr HAery. Dorood bar MojAheding. Long Live a free and democtic Iran that will be surely be stablished by the leadership of MojAhedina and the people of Iran
An Iranian
Welcome to visit my webpage
Odinn Thor <odinn(AT)>
Reykjavik, ICELAND -
Mr. Doost: Your regime is on its death bed with this Khatami and his gang of criminals that you like to call "moderates". Just wait a ltitle bit more and see if your "monfeghin" will be able to kick the Vali Faghih. You never know, do you? You don't sound very intelligent either, but expecting intelligence and Nezakat from Hezbollahi intellectuals is like expecting humanity from mollah Khamenehi.
Mahvash <mahvash12(AT)>
Lexington, KY, United States -
Mr Kheyrkhah, as we say in persian, dari bache khar mikoni? Although I never accused Mr. Kashfee of being MKO, you are as MKO as it gets. Don't try to mislead me and others that frequent this site. Man hafta mesle to ro mibaram sare cheshme va teshne barmigardoonam, Okay? You are not in Isfahan, your comments do not make sense, and all you are trying to do now is to save face regarding your previous childish comments. It would be great if you never, ever came back to this site. Good bye and good riddance.
DOOST <Doost1(AT)>
Canada -
Dear Mr. Doost; salam I want to "apologize" for sending that reply to your post about MKO; I really did not read that message, what I was trying to do was to reply to you because you responded Mr. kashee in an illogical way. Instead of answering him you started you familiar method of accusing people that "they are belonging to MKO and they are not residing in Iran" ( It really does not matter where they are, THEY ARE ALL IRANIAN, and they have the right to post any comment or post any question they want) Anyway I know Mr. Kashfee very well and that was his first contribution to this place. I have to say that both me and Mr. kashfee both agree that MKO (if you mean Monafeeghin Khalegh as we call them here in Iran) are morally bankrupt people THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN IRAN. They are not Iranian anymore, and that have lost their islamic identity by serving our enemies as you mentioned very well. ( I will assure you also that THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING AGAINST IRAN AND IRANIAN PEOPLE. People do not trust them anymore) What I was angry with is your behavior calling everyone as an MKO supporter as you wish, and that you have a lot of evidence that all of these people are not residing in Iran. Please try to undersatnd that our people are not FREE. We are suffering a lot from a lot of supprression in Iran these days in the name of Isalm. We have the right to concel our real identity because pressure is too much and if we are found we are history! What do you want to know about mantagheh to convince you that a non MKO iranian is writing this honest messge to you. Mantagheh is shaking these days from illogical acts of a group people called ANSAR hez... and it seems the absolute rulers like their performances since there are no message to condemn the acts of these groups. Most people think Ansar is their anti-riot agents. People had a lot of hope when they selected Mr. Khatami as a president. BUT sorry to tell you that day by day people realize that he is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of "Deputies of GOD on earth" He is powerless,and helpless. He is not even able to defend himself against Mr. Roho... Hoseyneeyan accusing him to be involved in serial killigs!!?? Anyway I do not intend to say anymore. (dar khaneh aghar kas ast yek harf bas ast!) Since you mentioned MKO are orbitting this web-site I am NOT going to come back here again and check you feedback. This is my last message in this regard. KheyrKhah Esfahan, Iran
Esfahan, Iran -
Kaafar hame ra be kishe khod pendaarad. I don't need pills. But I hear the MKO has its troops (for lack of a better term) on a permanents supply of Zyban. And I seriously doubt that you are in Isfahan. How are things in "mantagheh" these days? Has saddam commissioned any new duties for the MKO these days, or are you just sitting on your behinds and daydreaming? Don't bother answering that one. I know the party line: Everything is Zybantastic.
DOOST <Doost1(AT)>
Canada -
Mr Doost ( Sorry Leader doost) have you taken your pills today? If not go get it before it is too late. And get a life if you can. and try to talk more often to your Pshcologist. Kheyrkhah
Esfahan, Iran, -
I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a few of these MKO supporters who frequent this site. Shotor dar khaab binad panbeh daneh is right. You will never, ever, ever get to rule Iran. You have NO popular support there at all. This is a fact that you yourselves are painfully aware of, and so you have given up trying to impress the Iranian people with ideology and action, and have now turned to licking the boots of the western governments. Your hopes are that you can kiss enough behind, so that by some miracle the US will cause a coup in Iran and transplant your joke of an organization as the government of iran. That is why you keep marketing yourself as the "opposition". We will never forget that you were Saddam's bodyguards. We will never forget how many young people died because of the whore-mongering Rajavi's stupid, stupid tactical decisions in the early years of the revolution. We will never forget Mousa Khiyabani and his brave comrad Foroogh, who stayed in Iran and fought, as opposed to SOME people who ran away dressed as WOMEN. You are living in an illusion. No one in Iran likes MKO, no one. This I guarantee, that if by some disasterous chance the MKO make it to the seat of the government, they will be even more tyranical than the Mollahs (if such a thing is actually possible!!).
DOOST <Doost1(AT)>
Canada -
Still searching for email addresses for Asgarians of Tehran.
Myra Lowry <mglowry(AT)>
Birmingham, USA -
This is an interesting site. I have an e-mail that I would like to share with you all. It's under the forum site.
Brady Shackelford <b_shackelford(AT)>
Virginia Beach, VA, USA -
Thanks for allowing non-Iranians like me to discuss my thoughts about the Islamic Republic online. I would like to communicate with Iranians all over the world. Please send me a message if you're interested. It's very sad that Iran's conservative leaders are so determined to crush the free spirit of their people. I hope President Khatami and the reformers will come out on top someday and turn Iran into a more stable and democratic country.
Ron B. <broadfoot(AT)>
Ancaster, CANADA -
I would like to know why Mr. Haeri always refers to the Mojahedin in the most slanderous fashion. He claims that the Mojahedin are trained, supported, equipped, and financed by the Bgahdad regime. Ironically, the Iraqi on government is on record, at least for ten times, that the Mojahedin are operating independently of the Bghdad. The Mojahedin have published many documents as to from which sources they get their finances. Those who live in the U.S, know, and must have seen in the 1980s and early 1990s, the Mojahedin supporters in many U.S. cities, air ports, bus and train stations, collecting donations from average American citizens. Those living in Europe must have seen how Mojahedin supporters collect donations from Europeans by the millions be it Deutch Mark, French Frank, British Pound, Italian Lire, etc. It is also a known fact that in the past, those agents of the Islamic Republic have launched slanderous campaigns against the Mojahedin asking American and Europen governments to curtail and to stop these fund raising activities. Mr. Haeri: where is your hard core documents that Mojahedin are being financed by the Iraqis? Where is you documents that the Mojahedin are being equipped, or tained by the Iraqis. many American and Europen TV and news organizations have reported that the Mojahedin army is a creation of the Iranian exiled resistance forces. They have gone to many Mojahedin military camps and have written the most congratulatory reports of the camps, training programs, level of dedication and professionalism of the Army. If this is not your attmpt to help the regime and Khatami's bankrupt polcies (Reform what Reform for God sake) by slandering and badmouthing the Mojahedin, give us your sources, or stop this campaign of hate and misinformation against the Mojahedin. I don't expect any fair analysis from you when it comes to the Mojahedin and in fact I consider you quite biased as a reporter, but at least you could stop this campaign of misinformation if you want to give some legitimacy to your claims that you are "idependent" as a news organization. Please rememebr that this regime is not reformable as three years of Khatami's bankrupt polcies have established this fact. When this regime falls, you will be held responsible for this campaign of hate and misinformation at a time that Iranians were being roasted by Khatami and his gang.
Hamid <Hamid 405(AT)>
chicago, U.S.A. -
DR. DR. Fareidoun Boudaghi Saarstrasse 77 40822 METTMANN F. R. GERMANY
Hey everyone!! I love this iran press service thing, its really interesting. Being an Iranian in Cali, I like to know whats going on in iran without having to pay a $100 phone bill. Well, Congrads on the great work!! Bye Bye!! ~Nushie
Nusha <GreenNush(AT)>
Baa dorud faravan va ghadrdaani az zahmati keh keshidehid hamishe movafagh bashid.
David Guldfur <davidgul(AT)>
Norrköping, Sweden -
baa dorud va ghadrdaani az zahmati keh keshidehid. "What I miss is a link(or "page" if you like) for Persian Poetry(Classic & modern). You know what a great place it has in our heart, either we live in Iran or abroad. After all, Our literature is essentially based on Poetry. Well, it was just a suggestion". Piruz baashid, Niki dar pish...
Babak M.R. <puladvash(AT)>
Stockholm, Sweden -
Salaam God is Great Looking for episodes of Biganeh-I Shahr or Karagah starring Amad Najafi, directed by Hassam Hedayat Pooya and music by Mansoor Abbassi. Karagah is 15 episodes and is during the reign of Reza Shah, at the threshold of WWII the country is pregnant with disturbing events. Regards, LRM
linda <lindarmorano(AT)>
Great work!
Nozad <forgoodnews(AT)>
Great Work!
Nozad <forgoodnews(AT)>
I like thiis web site because it could show the kids that are not in the Iran, that whats going on in thier country. It shows what is bieng Iranian mean.
Omid Amjadii <omid_120(AT)>
Ottawa, Canada -
I was pleased to find your web page. Keep up the good work.
Peyman <Khanbabaei>
Tampa_ FL, USA -
An interesting site! Keep up the good work.
Farzin Yazdanfar <farzin2(AT)>
Chicago, USA -
As an American woman who has lived in Iran and lost my sons to a criminal injustice of that country, I appreciate knowing what is happening in that area of the world. If I could explain "criminal injustice" , I believe it is morally and humanely unjust for a one to be denied her children, simply because I stopped loving their "Father". His name is Akbar Golabbakhsh and he is a pig, a pig who wallows in the filth and stench of his lies, I call him pig because it is a great insult, and he deserves to be insulted. He would beat my son to control me. He lied to me about so much. I have hatred in my heart and soul for this idealistic and religiously zealous liar. Are all Iranian men like this? My rights as a mother were stripped from me and I was "FORCED" to give respect to a man who was not worthy of respect, my x's father. Yes, reform in Iran would be good, women deserve the right to think and act on their dreams. To grow and mature into free-thinking individuals, WHO HAVE RIGHTS! The women of Iran have no rights, other than those strictly limited to the female sex. Get married, have babies and hope to Allah, God, Saviour, that they are not subject to the whims of a tyrant. No, I did not like Iran and the limitations placed upon me by "The Laws of Islam". I was born Christian and I will die Christian. I am bitter because of this man and his "religion". I was not shown anything about Islam that made me want to convert. YES, CHANGE IS GOOD. And someday, I pray to see my sons again. Thank you for allowing me this space.
Claudia Bakalyar <cbakalyar(AT)>
Houston, United States of America -
Every Sunday at 1:00 I would park myself in front of the TV to watch AFTAB, an Iranian type magazine program. There was a wonderful detective series called Detective Alavi. The leading man's name escapes me but it was a wonderfully written script. Wish I could find a tape of the series. Kindest regards, Linda
linda <lindarmorano(AT)>
Was fascinated to read in International Herald Tribune, Saturday, July 29, 200 article entitled Online Ayatollah: Isolated Iranian Dissident Speaks out on Web. He, Ayatollah Montazeri, got in one ay this week l4,810 visitors since he discovered cyberspace a few months ago? A respectaable figure for a man who has been confined to his home and surrounding garden in his holy city since 1997. Salaam
linda <lindarmorano(AT)>
greenwich, ct -

I was quite touched as I read your profound article and excellent tribute to Ahmad Shamlou, a poet of the world whose curiosity and love of language will stay alive to aid the voices in all of us to rise up and make a true response; a purveyor of insight and culture, who could express the very heart of what connects us, plagues us, and make us fully human. we must celebrate his life for leaving us with marvelous, magical words and memories that made us happy, nostalgic, sad and wiser today. I appreciate your insightful articles.
Vatan-doost <iranian(AT) >

Being alone here in china with little possiblity of getting information and news I enjoied surfing your collection. Daste Shoma Dard Nakoneh Milani
Milani Parviz <p.milani(AT)>
Orpund, Switzerland -
Mr Haeri, It will be very appropriate to substanciate some of your slandering remarks against MKO. In addition, it will be of great interest if you inform us, your readers of whereabout of your residence, your financial source, training source, and support. Since I beleive living simply outside one's coutry can not associate you with CIA, Musad, Khat-Imam, or... It will be a great service to your own credibility to substanciate the 1000 crowd at least with German Police report.
Los Angeles, US -
Dear Mr Haeri, I also have been been an on and off reader of your site but today I was suprised if the topic of your today's news had been slandering MKO or inforing your readers of possibility of demontration. My reference is to the following paragraph of july 9 2000 "Berlin Placed Under Siege......". According to German press reports, the German intelligence services are taking seriously the possibility that hard liners inside Iran opposed to Mr. Khatami provokes anti-Islamic Republic groups in Germany, including the Baghdad-based, Iraqi supported, financed, trained and armed Mujahedeen Khalq Organisation (MKO) in waging violent protest movement against the visit.
London, England -
I'd like to say some special words of appreciation here, to honor you for restoring faith in times of change, and peace in times of conflict, by defending human rights and civil liberties, by your tireless efforts in widening the circle of the human dignity and making our world a little more attuned to injustice.Your courage and ability to go beyond obvious is a constant reminder to all that it is the voices of all of us that have to rise in a crescendo of chorus to be heard by people who make decisions and make so many of the reforms possible. Thank you!
Mike C. <smart-solution(AT) >
Mr Haery "shotor dar khab binad panbeh daneh" Khatami provokes anti-Islamic Republic groups in Germany, including the Baghdad-based, Iraqi supported, financed, trained and armed Mujahedeen Khalq Organisation (MKO) in waging violent protest movement against the visit. You could add some profanity to your statement too that is expected of you. I am sure my statement will be removed but that is expected from you too. The time for Monarchist and and the reformers and their cheerleaders on payroll who have been partners in all the crimes of this goverment for twenty yeares is over. bash ta sobhe dolatat bedamad!
US -
Assalom-0-alaikom va bema sabartom, bandeh besiar moshtaghe narmafzarhaye qurani hastam . aghar kasi chand address sithaye qurani va mazhabi ra dar ekhtyiar bandeh gharar dehad , kheily khoshhal mishavam. montazere nameye shoma hastam mohammad reza forghani e-mai1: emrf110(AT)
mohammad- reza forghani <forghani(AT)>
Isfahan-Najafabad, Iran -
Nice site.Better if news were categorised by some topics.
Masood <admin(AT)>
Istanbul, TURKEY -
Please come visit our site and feel free to drop a note for us in our guest-book. God bless!
m4c <m4c(AT)>
LEEDS, england -
Hello, I Like your Newspaper, thank you
Eneline Kramer <mafoengeline(AT)>
26789 Leer , Germany -
I appreciate very much your site and your information about Iran. F. Escamilla Former Mexican Ambassador in Iran
Fernando Escamilla <fescamilla(AT)>
Mexico City, Mexico -
Pleased to have found your website. Keep up the good work!
Koen Decoster <koen.decoster(AT)>
Leuven, Belgium -
Thank you for the excellent coverage.
Dan Stallings <dmstalling(AT)>
Denver, USA -
Dear Mr. Haeri: Thank you for your superb articles and by daily examples that you set, reminding us that we have a constant obligation throughout our lives to broaden the circle of freedom and draw closer together. Thank you for being so vocal on behalf of your fellow noble journalist/activist who have been once again silenced by the Iranian regime. Although every journalist carries a heavy burden of efficiency and responsibility, yet in some countries, journalists enjoy a kind of immunity, unfortunately such is not the case in Iran. As an old folktale says, there are two ways to warm yourself when it is very cold: one is by putting on a luxurious coat, the other is by lighting a fire. The difference is that the fur coat warms only yourself; while the fire lights anyone who comes near. I thank you for your courage and your compassion.
Free Speech <speak(AT)>

Why do you want to kill Salamn Rushdi. Isn't you're allah all powerful? If he couldn't do it itself, why would you bother to become a criminal or encourage others to kill? Salman Rushdi only repported what Muhammad and his friends and the Quran said, so go kill your Quran and Hadith's compilators because they are the ones who originally said that. You're a blind fanatic guy and if the world has to really get rid of someone, it should be you and gangs of mujahidin criminals. If you're a man of intelligence, why don't you write a book to refute his and if he has said anything wrong than expose him in an intellectual manner not through frightening ;-).
To the crazy fanatic
ATIF RIZVI <ferariman_2000(AT)>
new york, usa -
Sir, you are doing a great service to the Iranian community abroad. I just wanted to record my appreciation for your selfless and professional work. Thank you again, M. Jahanmir
Mohammad Jahanmir <mjahanmir(AT)>
Fairfax VA, USA -
No problem Sir! And thanx for letting us know. God bless!
A.G. <algharib(AT)>
Subject:" AC & A.G." With all due respect to Mr. Haeri, the estimable editor of IPS! I would like to take the liberty of reminding our two very articulate friends here, named AC and A.G.; that this very discussion between the two of them indeed belongs to a forum of the same nature (not on a guestbook page). For instance the following site would be a perfect place to take this discussion to even a much larger perimeter: (Let's talk about religious subjects ) . Now I would like to take a moment to thank Mr. Haeri , someone who as a true journalist takes us to the very center of what we believe politics and democracy should be about. I appreciate greatly the work that you do to constantly prod our conscience and bring issues to public attention, knowing how far we still have to go to ensure that the circle of human dignity embraces all citizens.
Iran Lover <democracy(AT)>
Waterford, USA -
A.G. to A.C. The short answer is because Jesus is the Word of God. Joh.1:1~18 "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness didn't comprehend it... He came to His own, and those who were His own didn't receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth... For of His fulness we have all received, and grace upon grace. For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. No man has seen God at anytime; the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him." If you want the longer answer, please email me in private and we'll discuss it. With God's blessing and peace.
A.G. <algharib(AT)>
Dear fellow traveler AG. There seems at first little to seperate our opinions yet there is a vast sea between us. Please convince me with logic or even stretch my imagination as to why I should accept the word of Jesus as that of "God". Regards AC
Dear A.C. with all my respect I guess that your knowledge about religions and prophets is too limited or totally mixed up. You don't distinguish between the true and false. However, I agree with you that ALL RELIGIONS are a SATINIC veil which stands between man and his Creator. It has two main motives, either to keep people away from God by being a substitute for God or to have them run away and to seek their "own" way. While you recognized the first trap, you failed to see the other one and you were sucked into it. There is a third way (actually the original one) which leads to safety and security and that is God Himself. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and life." Notice he didn't say my religion or my ideas... He said "I AM". Talking about a car and how you can use it is one thing, but having a car is another thing. Instructions about it are only secondary and their role is to help us how to use the car in the most proper way. This is a poor illustration but it meant only to demonstrate the difference between have a real thing and just using manuals about it. Having God with us is one thing, but having manuals (genuine or fake) are something else and far from reality. That is what God spoke about in Gen.2:16-17 when He urged Adam to eat from the tree of life (a symbol of God) and warned him from eating from the tree of knowledge (manuals) because He knew that Adam will use them wrongly.
To AG I too agree that "God" is not complicit in the errors of man. "He" is above our petty little minds and deeds. I do for this very reason disagree that "He" felt the, or had any need to sent any man to convey his message to us. Moses, Jesus and Mohammad were no more than you or me. They were men. Perhaps of different mental, moral, spritual capacity nevertheless they were men. They can not in my view be considered somewhere between men and God. You asked whether Jesus ever killed someone. I dont know, You dont either as you were not there. But what I have seen and know is that in the name of Jesus, South, Central and North America , the whole of Africa and many other parts of the world were invaded people killed their women and children subjucated and enslaved, their gold stolen and their culture destroyed. In Israel In the name of Judaism peoples land is confiscated, houses blown up, youths killed, kept in custody indifintely and tortured, the use of water denied to non-jewish villages and the top soil of occupied Lebonan stolen in trucks etc etc. In Afghanistan Muslims are killing thousands in the name of Mohammad, young girls denied education women denied work, men can escape murder charges for killing their wives and hundereds of thousands face firing squads in the same name. Religion my friend is brain-washing done with one reason in mind and that is to stop enlightenment and self spritual peace. As I said before I follow my own way of being pious not that of any other man.
To A.C. (rectified). I think that you didn't get my point! I fully agree that in the name of religions, gods, idiologies... a lot of EVIL has been done. But my desagreement with you is about including God as a partner in those crimes, because God has always been innocent from them. So don't be trapped by what the enemy wants you to believe and that is; "God is cruel". Christ made it very clear in the Bible that the heavenly Father's foundational laws are: 1) Love God our Creator and love our neighbours as yourself. Anyone who hates his neightbour and abuses him has never know God. 2) Forgive and you shall be forgiven. 3) Give and you will receive much more. As prove from Christ's life, did He ever kill anyone? Did He ever call to retaliate against anyone? Never! Instead He adminished us to discern things according to their fruits, if the fruits are good than the tree is good and planted by God and rooted from Him, but if the fruits are torns and thurstles that means that the tree is a bad one and has been planted by an enemy to cause harm and to bring disgrace to the owner of the field. God is love and He would never change His nature. Any "God" who encourages some kind of evil and approves it is not the true "God" but an enemy wearing a mask called "God" or "Religion" or "Idiology"... So be careful my friend in judging who in doing what.
A.G. <algharib(AT)>
To A.C. I think that you didn't get my point! I fully agree that in the name of religions, gods, idiologies... a lot of EVIL has been done. But my desagreement with you is about including God as a partner in those crimes, because God has always been innocent from them. So don't be trapped by what the enemy wants you to believe and that is God is cruel. Christ made it very clear in the Bible that the heavenly Father's foundational laws are: 1) Love Him and love your neighbour as yourself. Anyone who hates his human brother and abuses him has never know God. 2) Forgive and you shall be forgiven. 3) Give and you will receive much more. As prove to what that, did Jesus ever killed anyone? Did He ever called to retaliate against anyone? Never! He adminished us to discern things according to their fruits, if the fruits are good than the tree is good and rooted from God, but if the fruits are torns and thurstles that means that the tree is a bad one and has been planted by an enemy to cause harm and to bring disgrace to the owner of the field. God is love and He would never change His nature. Any "God" who who incourages some kind of evil and approves it is not the true "God" but any enemy wearing a mask called "God" or "Religion" or "Idiology"... So be careful my friend and judging who is doing what.
A.G. <algharib(AT)>
To AG. The God of Abraham and Issac is the cornerstone of all three Godly religions, they all derive their legitemecy from the same principals and personalities. Yet in the name of and pursuit of those religions tens of millions of innocent people have been murdered, maimed and robbed. If you should need examples I am happy to provide thousands. My point is that religions are no differrent to idologies and that they are man made to promote personal insatiable appetite for power and influence in either physical or spritual forms. Religionists are merchants of darkness and ignorance. In the pursuit of inner peace man should look at his own actions not follow others'.
Mr.Safa. I read your news almost once a week and i love them.thank you for inform the iranian .I am iranian journalist from denmark 16 years iam abadani . thanks.Mr.safa. journalist.A.R.PIRAMOON
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Please visit the follwing site, its horrible!
AMIR <amir(AT)>
To A.C. You said, "It appears to me that "God" created a lot of confusion for His subjects. Could he not make His wishes a little clearer so we weren't killing and maiming each other in his name?" The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was never an author of confusion, He made it clear in the Bible. He also said that bottom line of His will is summarized in those two things: Love God and love your neighbore, Forgive and you shall be forgiven. Did Jesus ever killed anybody or acted in violence against men? I hope that my comment has answerd your question. God bless, A.G. AC
A.G <algharib(AT)>
I am an Iranian student who is looking at developing an internet publishing company in Iran aimed at reporting news that is important to the people in Iran. It is high time that we challange the system and bring an open dialogue to our people. For anyone that is interested,please contact me through my email so we can discuss the beautiful future of our country. Thank You, Ali
Ali Golpayegani <Ajohngolpa(AT)>
Hi everybody! Visit me at: I'll be waiting for you. God bless! A.G.
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C, D -
Great site. Xaste Nabaashid!
Esmail Nooriala <newrely(AT)>
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Mr. Haeri, Your honest and excellent reports tell more stories about you, such as having a genuine interest in current affairs , with an eye for stories. Your natural inquisitiveness, discipline, integrity, persistence - without being a nuisance, are quite apparent in your reports.As a true journalist, you play a very important role by providing us with news and information which constitute the raw material for our social intercourse. Considering the responsibility that the journalist owes to the general public, it is little wonder that the good journalist will often be on a collision course with public and civil servants. This is because the public service thrives on secrecy and the hoarding of information which is capriciously classified whereas the journalist wants to get to the facts in all their details.When people are in opposition or just out of power, they see all the good sides of the media as champions of human rights. When the security services shadow suspected potential subversives, it takes the press to take up the defense of those hounded. Eventually, when these same people creep into power through a riot thereby justifying and vindicating surveillance to which they were subjected, one of the first things they do is to muzzle and gag the press which defended them when they were down and out on the other side of power.
Vatan Doost <iranian(AT)>
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In the beginning of your "news items" you state the location as being "Tehran". Mr. Haeri, please do not insult the name of the proud city of Tehran as being the source of your "news" or should I say anti-Iran propaganda. And there is a difference between constructive criticism in the Reformist press in Iran and in what you write which is destructive and is meant to foment division. Rather, make it clear that you are working out of a Western nation (USA or the UK). You've not been to Iran for at least a dozen years nor do you have the "tokhm" to go back any time soon. And I bet, you won't be back "taa in 'mollaha' hukumat darand." -- ta delet bekhaad obnei bichareh kayf e azadi ra bokhor keh feylan dar gharb hasti va khvahi bood.
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you have a nice page
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My company is considering investing in the telecommunication market in Iran. I would appreciate some information on obtaining a carrier licence and on the telecommunication market. Can you give help or give any directions? Rgds
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Dear Staff: I have pasted on part of your article about labor law. The word "back" maybe a typo for "sack" he measure allows bosses of small firms to escape paying social security charges for their workers or to back [is this a typo for "sack" employees summarily. "It's an act of revenge by the conservatives against the 

Luther S. Wilson <ludia(AT)>

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I own, edit, and publish a weekly newspaper,The Weekly Almanac, in Honesdale, PA, USA and am interested in the writings of Akbar Ganji.

James A. Kalbaugh <jamesak(AT)>

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Thank you for helping. 

FERESHTA RAHIM <fereshta_rahim(AT)>




I am from south of Iran live in Sydney ,try to have some iranian friends from any where in the world.

abullah bandarabbasi <arashedi(AT)>

sydney, australia - 

How many wars have been started because one religion believes itself to be the religion of God rathar the other. Jews believe They were the chosen people and that God gave them preference. The Christians believe that Jeusus is the son of God, and therefore their religion is the way to salvation. Muslims believe that Mohammad was the last profet of God so Islam is God's chosen way. It appears to me that "God" created a lot of confusion for His subjects. Could he not make His wishes a little clearer so we weren't killing and maiming each other in his name? 


I enjoy your news, but why are so many of your pictures of women? I understand that the reformist party is relying on female support, but I am kind of suspicious this overextensive use of women in pictures. Apparently in Baglore, India this past year Muslim and Hindu groups met together (a rare event) to protest the Miss World beauty pagent. But the way they went about it was insidious, they paraded Muslim women in black chadors with Hindu women in their traditonal dress in front of cameras, as if these women were 1)seemingly unified (when in fact these groups are constantly at odds with one another); 2)as if the women were the organizers of these protests (which they most likely were not because these particular Hindu and Muslim groups were notoriously male-dominated in their leadership); 3)finally, the event was manipulated by the media in such a way as to make it seem that these Hindu and Muslim women were protesting on the same grounds as the various feminist organizations who were also protesting the event. I guess my problem with such media representation and coverage is that I am simply wary and wondering if women have found their voice or if they are just being used for their bodies? Maybe we can open a dialogue as to how Iranian women are being used by the international media. What is their role in Iranian politics to date. And what are the reformists doing for women, policy-wise to improve their condition. Its great that Iranian reformers want to free up the internet and improve trade relations with the IRan, but what are their policies for improving the economic, political, and social condition for women--the very women they are using so much in their press coverage and campaigning. poyan 

Poyan Lotfi <plotfi(AT)>

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It is really a pleasure to read the comments on this site. Today I am curious to know what is going to happen with the ellection.I wish the gratuelly changing the situtaion in Iran. Not suddenly. I think this is healthier for the country and it,s inhabitants with so many differnt idealogy. ( specially the women and the gays). I am gay myself and I live with an iranian.This is a new subject on this site. If you have any opinion about it you can always send me an e-mail. Greeting to all the freethinker iranian. Anandh

Anandh Thakoer <m.a.jnoorbakhsh(AT)>

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I love your site and appreciate the un-bias dissemination of news....I am marrying a Persian-American this April and I am on a personal quest to learn as much as I can about Iran as I can.

Jeremy P. Daniel <jpdaniel(AT)>

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Keep up the good work.

M. Yadollahi-Farsani <y.farsani(AT)>

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All fair-minded Israelis(contradiction in terms!!)should feel ashamed of their countrys' sub-humane treatment of Arabs and disregard for reason, justice and peace. They shout loud enough for wrongs committed against them in the past but stay silent when their people routinely torture, imprison without a fair trial and destroy the houses of familys' of "suspects" every hour of every day. 


Since IraNetty advertise this site on soc.culture.iranian so much I had to come and make a visit. My Muslim brothers and sisters, may Allah to be with all of you. Do not trust this pervert IraNetty. Visit my website and Allah willing, I will find a beautiful Persian girl. Arab

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Hi all, firstly I’d like to thank u all for this cool web site. Then I’d like to say that its time to let go on that pessimistic view towards the Iran’s reform program. I know that there is a lot of obstruction, but at the end of the day, any change is good! Life ain’t that bad in Iran, I went there in 1986 (I was 10 yrs old then) and returned to the UK in 97, the country had changed a lot for the better. Hopefully with political and social reform, we would be a leading country. As for the Mullahs, well, with political reform we could calm them down too. I believe in the peoples choice, if people want mullahs, well so be it, and if they don’t its their choice! And I’m pretty sure that things are changing (hopefully).----- If u don’t agree with me or even if u do, just email me, maybe I’m just too optimistic!!!!!

Daniel Bassiri <daniel.bassiri(AT)>

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Those who hide behind "piety" also hide sinester flaws in thier character. Look at the leaders of IR who are corrupt, morally bankrupt, power hungary, blood thirsty and downright meglomaniacs. The problem with the muslim world is that there is not one single nation that is democraticly run and yet every elitist regime talks about international inclusion of ideas and cultures.In islamic Iran they "the mullahs" have destroyed tens of millions of lives in twenty years. Ironicly yesterday's embassy hostage takers, interior minister (enforcing execution orders), Evin prison investigators are now liberals pleading for democracy. 


bonn, germany - 

I'm always interested in news from Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. It's good to have some news from independent sources. I've also a request. I'm looking for Iraqi opposition press in Iran if there is one. Could you please help me with that? Thank you in advance.

Michael Wille <roycekhalil(AT)>

Keep on running this site, a lot of people read it.


I read your news almost once a week and I love them. Tank you guys for inform the Iranian socity abroad. 


vejle, denmark - 

This is an end of religion page, take a look if your interested. no harm intended.

Christopher DarkLight <darklight79(AT)>

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You are giving one sided propaganda we need true stories not american point of view. Good luck, and please if possible can you give me in formation or in other words the email address of Imam Ali Khamenai. 

Arham Raza Haidri <onebaadshah(AT)>

London, England - 

Hassan Azar <hazar(AT)>

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