TEHRAN 3RD SEP. (IPS) The Islamic Republic drifted more towards internal anarchy and chaos with the Judiciary and Security powers continuing arbitrary arrest and detention of dissidents of all walk, from politicians fighting for a secular regime to clerics opposed to the leader, the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i.

As Mrs Ashraf Montazeri, the daughter of the grand ayatollah Hosseinali Montazeri pleaded for the release of her husband, it was announced in Tehran that the authorities have arrested a political dissident and condemned to 20 months of imprisonment the son of a senior ayatollah MP.

In an open letter to all senior clerics, human rights organisations, Iranian and world's leading personalities, Mrs Montazeri appeals for the release of her 60 years-old husband, hojatoleslam Hadi Hashemi, arrested 3 months ago and kept in solitary confinement without being charged.

For his part, Mr. Majid Davani, the overseas representative of the Organisation of Union for Democracy In Iran (OUDI) announced that his brother, Pirouz, 47, had been "abducted" on 28th August by the Information (Intelligence) Ministry's plain cloth agents and taken to an undisclosed destination.

OUDI is one of the very few political parties which has entered into an alliance with the Iranian Nation Party of Mr Dariush Foruhar and the Party of Iranian Toilers to fight for a secular, democratic, parliamentary regime.

At the same time, Tehran newspapers revealed Tuesday that hojatoleslam Mohammad Hasan Movahedi Savoji, the son of the ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Savoji, an MP from Tehran had been condemned.

The younger Movahedi Savoji is a pro-Montazeri activist who was arrested after he strongly protested to the humiliating conditions imposed by the authorities on the grand ayatollah Montazeri.

The whereabouts of hojatoleslam Mohsen Sa'idzadeh, another dissident cleric arrested two months ago remains unknown and all attempts by his lawyer, Mrs Shirin Ebadi to enter in contact with him had been rejected by the Special Clerical Tribunal.

Mr Sa'idzadeh, described as the Iranian Calvin, from the famous French clergyman Jean Calvin who initiated reforms in Christianity, was arrested after, in an article, he compared some of the decisions taken by the Iranian clerical authorities to those of the neighbouring Taleban, noting that all is based on the "hadith", or the sayings attributed to the prophet Mohammad.

"Our last information is that Mr. Pirouz Davani, the General Secretarey of the OUDI had left his house in Tehran on the morning of 28th of August to be immediately abducted by plain cloth agents. Since then, we have no information concerning his whereabouts", Mr Majid Davani told the IPS in a telephone interview from Koln, Germany.

In her letter, Mrs Montazeri says the authorities refuse her husband necessary medication and health care. "He is old, he is sick, he needs care and medical attention, but the authorities adamantly refuse" she told the Persian Service of the BBC.

She said since her husband was arrested 3 months ago in Esfahan and transferred to Tehran, she was allowed to visit him two times only, the last one going more than a month a half ago.

Mrs Montazeri confirmed that Mr Khameneh'i personally had ordered the Information Ministry to place her father, the grand ayatollah Montazeri under house arrest nine months ago and arrest her husband.

Mr. Montazeri, a former Heir to the Islamic Republic before falling in disgrace by the ayatollah Khomeiny in 1989, was beaten up, his office and residence raided by the police after he openly criticised the ayatollah Khameneh'i for mismanagement, misconduct, illegal meddling in the government's responsibilities and acting and behaving as existing kings.

Hojatoleslam Hadi Hashemi's brother, Mehdi, was executed 12 years ago on orders of the grand ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeiny, charged with plots and rebellion against the Islamic Republic.

Mrs Montazeri said since that event, her husband had retired from all political activities, conducting scientific research activities of her father.

"Security machine and the Judiciary acts on their own. So does the Special Clerical Tribunal, the Revolutionary Guards and the Law Enforcement Forces, exactly as if there was no government, no Interior Ministry, no president. They act in all impunity and separately of each other, arresting anyone who open his mouth against the leader, taking their orders from Mr Khameneh'i", commented Mr Davani.

He said his brother had been jailed several times before and tortured, never charged. The last time, he had been condemned to 3 years of imprisonment and flogging, but was kept more than 4 years.

In her interview with the BBC, Mrs Montazeri compared the jail conditions of her father and husband under the former regime and present one and noted with some regrets that while under the Shah, her father was treated with all respect due to his religious rank, the authorities of the Islamic Republic behave with utmost brutality and vulgarity with his father, forgetting the fact that he had been one of the pillar of the present regime. ENDS ARRESTS CONTINUE 399819